Brandi Cyrus Quotes

  1. I’m crazy about skin care.
  2. My design style is really a reflection of my fashion style, which is what I started in, working in fashion.
  3. Just feeling a little rock and roll makes me feel like me.
  4. I’ve had my fair share of relationships, including some long distance ones.
  5. For some reason, people love to hate a Cyrus. I don’t know what it is, but I remember when I was a kid, and my dad was at the height of his success, all people wanted to do was make fun of me for it.
  6. I like soft, natural brown shades for makeup with a bold lip if I want something glam.
  7. I don’t get to go to the beach often, so when I’m in Miami I usually spent the majority of my time by the ocean.
  8. Miley is crazy, and a lot of the things she does are things that should not make any sense to be in houses. And a lot of times when you first hear what she’s going to do, we’re like, ‘Oh gosh.’ And then you see it, and you’re like ‘Wow, that is really, really cool.’
  9. I like to be comfortable.
  10. I don’t know why people like to tear others down to make themselves feel better.
  11. I like to have bright, clean skin so that I can wear minimal makeup.
  12. I like to be friends with funny guys, but I don’t want to date a funny guy.
  13. I love music so much.
  14. For me, exes, they’re like family… They’re always gonna be like family.
  15. I have a really intense night routine. I use Rodan + Fields – and I love their anti-aging line. I use the face mask, retinol, moisturizer… the whole nine yards. I also rely on a really gentle cleanser and keep an eye gel around at all times.
  16. The VMAs have always been a moment where each celebrity tries to outdo the other in making the biggest moment.
  17. I grew up in a world where music was a way of life, and I’m part of a family that in some facet or another, every single one of us has continued to live in that world.
  18. Something I really respect about Miley is that she really does truly know what’s important and what matters.
  19. Relationships are hard.
  20. I’m very athletic and I’ve ridden horses my whole life.
  21. I like quiet guys.
  22. I’ve always been a one guy type of gal and I’ve always been very long-term relationships.
  23. I’m such an eclectic mix of things, but I definitely have an edgy style.
  24. We have had the exact same meal for Thanksgiving and Christmas since I can ever remember, and it’s so simple. It’s just turkey and mashed potatoes and green beans and stuffing. Just the basics, but it’s so good.
  25. To make the most of a Christmas track, you have to plan months and months in advance to release it or really do anything with.
  26. Everything else is so inconsistent but your family is who’s there and that’s what matters.
  27. I try to drink a good 3 or 4 liters of water a day and that makes such a big difference in my skin.
  28. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two times a year that usually my whole family gets together.
  29. For me, I’ve always loved style, because I’ve always loved dressing different and being unique and maybe wearing stuff no one else would wear, and I feel like that really carries over into my same taste in interior design.
  30. I just think it’s so nice that naturally all my siblings and my father and I have our own taste in music.
  31. I started seeing a lot of girl DJs spinning at the fashion events I always attend, and I thought it looked super fun, so one day I just decided to learn!
  32. I’m a big believer in keeping a certain balance between the whirlwind that life can feel like sometimes, and slowing down and doing things that really make me feel alive.
  33. I’m not your typical preppy put-together girl that wears high heels or whatever. I love unique pieces.
  34. Things change every day with everybody.
  35. I love sheet masks.
  36. Even though music is a huge part of my life, it doesn’t make up the whole picture.
  37. Getting married feels normal.
  38. I think that Miley is getting a chance to be who she really is, after years of having to be a fictional character on TV.
  39. Ever since I can remember, the idea of ‘style’ has been really intriguing to me, and I’ve always made a point to wear clothes that make me stand out and represent my personality.

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