Eoin Morgan Quotes

  1. I’m a guy of strong principles and I think people respect that.
  2. People complain about too much T20. But the only recognised T20 in Europe is the Blast so if we are going to grow the game outside the U.K. it has to be everywhere.
  3. You have to be adaptable. I don’t think you can go into a game with any fixed plan.
  4. I don’t seek the limelight.
  5. To be mentioned as a Test captain was a big surprise.
  6. Bangladesh are a good side. I think people underestimate them.
  7. When you lead, you have to lead from the front.
  8. In the 2015 World Cup, there was a drastic change in the move towards higher scores. Scores moved from 300 to 330 on average and that meant you had to change everyone’s default mode.
  9. You won’t see me searching out red carpets or TV cameras. I’m more comfortable sitting back and letting others enjoy the spotlight.
  10. I never dreamed I would captain England in a home World Cup.
  11. One of the important things as a captain or coach is knowing what’s going on around you, and knowing the right thing to say at the right time.
  12. I had to believe in myself from quite a young age. And I had to grow up pretty early.
  13. I am a big ‘Finding Nemo’ fan.
  14. As captain, you take a little bit more on board than probably just being a player.
  15. When it comes to the changing room, belief is a huge thing. It’s one of the strongest attributes I have ever had and it has stayed with me from the very beginning.
  16. For me Test cricket is the ultimate.
  17. Coming to Middlesex, there was one coach in particular who backed me. But outside of that, it’s a pretty lonely place.
  18. After every major tournament or challenge, I’ll always sit down and say ‘how does the future look? How does the next six months, year, four years look?’
  19. The English are laidback, comfortable socially, and getting along is easy.
  20. Being adventurous and open to something different is something I’d encourage captains to do.
  21. Faith is important, even if you’re not religious. You need to have beliefs in people or things.
  22. The way New Zealand played at the 2015 World Cup changed cricket. The way they went about it epitomised the way they are as a nation.
  23. I will support Ireland at rugby, but when England and Ireland are playing, I sit on the fence.
  24. When a bowler comes on you want to put him under pressure. He might not allow you to do that but find a way.
  25. When I was 11 I had to umpire a game. I got hit in the head and got knocked out. The ball was hit straight back, hit the bail and knocked my head.
  26. I probably played as much hurling as anybody up to the age of about 12, but apart from that I haven’t played a lot.
  27. It’s very rare that you get a chance to play in a Test and that’s what makes it so special and prestigious.
  28. I’d never allow myself to imagine winning the World Cup. Cynical me!
  29. I’ve enjoyed the captaincy when I’ve done it at Middlesex and with England.
  30. I always try to stay methodical and logical with everything I do, playing cricket and making decisions.
  31. I tend to stay quite level. I make better decisions when I am level and I also take in good information when I am level, so it’s important for me to stay in that head space.
  32. To play in a Super Over at the end of a draining day takes a huge amount of effort.
  33. Trust obviously develops when you reinforce what you say you’re going to do by actions.
  34. You can’t lead a team and commit to something if you’re constantly worried about your back falling out.
  35. I enjoy my life.
  36. I was helped by the fact that my dad is a cricket fanatic and that my three brothers and two sisters all played. It’s just part of our family.
  37. When I first started playing international cricket, people around me started telling me what was being said. And you’re never as good as anybody says you are. I try to stay quite logical about things.
  38. To be the best you have to win trophies.
  39. I don’t make an effort to advance my own profile, everything revolves around the team.
  40. London has become a real home.
  41. Different parts of Ireland have different alliances, because you have little pockets where counties are good at hurling, and different counties are good at football.
  42. As a captain, you sit on the sidelines and it’s evident the best place to bat is up front.
  43. Supporters pay a lot of money, they do. And sport is beautiful in many ways, because it attracts people from far and wide.

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