Lil Dicky Quotes

  1. In my heart, I believe I’m a top flight comedian and a top flight rapper.
  2. I grew up when Chris Brown was, like, an icon. He was my ringtone when I was in high school.
  3. My whole initial goal was to be a comedian, so it’s not like I chose to do a TV show out of nowhere. It’s kind of always been goal to do a TV show.
  4. I grew up upper middle class.
  5. Obviously, my aspirations are to be considered one of the best. Like, anyone rapping should have that mindset.
  6. Working at the ad agency showed me just how possible things were from a production standpoint.
  7. I wanted to explain that just because I’m rapping in this funny way doesn’t mean that I’m not worthy of actually being evaluated as a rapper.
  8. Growing up, the one thing I noticed was that everyone seemed to laugh at my jokes wherever I went.
  9. Like, I haven’t even tried a cherry before, because I’m such a picky eater, and I behave like a 9-year-old.
  10. I’m pretty self-aware, and I am an embarrassingly flawed human being in a ton of ways.
  11. I think my TV show is gonna be my big thing, so I’m pretty focused on that, and I think doing that will lead to all of the other opportunities I want, to jump to movies and other stuff, but it starts with that.
  12. I was a business major at the University of Richmond, and after I graduated, I took a job at a corporate ad agency. I had comedic dreams, but I also had a realistic look at what I had to do when I left school: maybe I’m funny, but maybe I’m one of a hundred thousand funny people, you know?
  13. I’m not ever going to stop rapping. I love rap.
  14. Finally, the day came where I put stuff online for the first time ever. The Lil Dicky video got a million views the first day. It was one of the best days of my life. It was the day I learned I was who I thought I was. It was a fantastic I-told-you-so moment.
  15. I would say that I don’t make music quickly; like, my process has been very slow, and my bar is very high, and I don’t really rush to make music just to get something out there.
  16. Deep down, I always had a belief I would get on the charts.
  17. I knew I could rap a little bit, which is not the most unique way for being funny. The more I did it, the better I got at rapping, and then I fell in love with the craft of it, and the possibility that I was a good rapper was very intriguing.
  18. I think everybody has their own inner rap spirit animal.
  19. The thing is, I was never really a comedian – a comedian would scoff at the notion of me as a comedian because I’ve never done anything, really. I’ve always just been some guy who’s funny.
  20. I love rap, and part of hip-hop culture is being excessive and absurd, and I can’t be excessive and absurd without sounding corny. So I have to do it in a very truthful, weird way.
  21. Lil Wayne was one of my favorite rappers.
  22. Snoop Dogg and T-Pain, to me, are like legends so it’s like, any time you get to work with a legend like that, it’s cool.
  23. I always dreamed of being an entertainer. So, my whole life to some extent, or from the age that I can remember onwards, I knew I was going to have to make some sort of attempt at being noticed for being funny.
  24. It’s hard to form actual legitimate relationships.
  25. The way you respect hip-hop is by being true to yourself.
  26. If we’re evaluating cool to the way other rappers appear to be cool, then I’m not cool at all.
  27. I always have to poop right before I do a concert. I don’t feel nervous, but I think that must be my body reacting.
  28. Deep down, I want to be a big rapper. I want people to love what I’m doing.
  29. I’ve been working a lot with Benny Blanco; he’s a producer. And I’ve been working with Diplo and a bunch of other people. Detail, Charlie Handsome. A variety of people.
  30. A part of me wants to rely less and less on comedic visuals and make more substantial standalone music. And get a sitcom on TV where I can let my comedy do the talking there.
  31. Rapping works like a sport… the more you do it, the better you get at it.
  32. I’ve always been totally enamored by hip-hop. I wouldn’t say I liked it exclusively growing up. It was, like, that and alt-rock. But I always preferred it. It set a tone for everything I wanted to do in life.
  33. I think, between me and Chris Brown, if you combined our games, you’d get, like, a real Division I basketball player.
  34. Being funny is my biggest differentiator, and I think I’d be a fool not to use that, and there’s nothing I enjoy personally more than making a human being laugh. But then, I also think I have a serious side to me.
  35. Love is a fickle thing. But I still believe in it.
  36. I’m not a big festivalgoer as in, like, a citizen.
  37. It is crazy how people can’t understand the concept of comedy and music. It’s like they have to be mutually exclusive.
  38. If I apply myself to rap, I’m gonna be the best rapper alive. If I apply myself to comedy, I’m going to be the funniest guy alive.
  39. I don’t necessarily think that when I graduated college, I had a plan to work at an ad agency. I had a plan in terms of getting the best job I could, like, just whatever normal job.
  40. It’s not that I’m playing a rapper. I definitely feel like I’m a legitimate rapper. I just think that, who I am, there’s more to me than just being a rapper.
  41. I will be in a position where I can afford the Bugatti, but I most certainly won’t be buying it.
  42. I can’t really rap the way rappers rap; I drive a 2002 Toyota Avalon.
  43. I feel like the Philadelphia sports teams are really good at having my back.
  44. You hear a lot of rap songs about spending money. I thought, wouldn’t it be funny to make a song about saving money because it’s ironic, but beyond irony, I genuinely have pride in saving money.
  45. LeBron James – I’m such a big basketball fan, and to be in his body for a day and be able to just dunk at will, have that level of court awareness and size, oh my goodness, that would be a treat.
  46. I really don’t spend my money that much unless I’m reinvesting in my business.
  47. I care most about what rappers think about me as a rapper, and I’ve gotten a lot of praise. I think rappers understand I’m a really good rapper, and that means more to me than a random person, you know, ’cause they know what goes into making rap music.
  48. I think people just have to realize that music grows, and hip-hop evolves. I mean, everything evolves.
  49. My fears are never about failure – it’s about extreme success.
  50. ‘Ex-Boyfriend’ is a really funny story that is that much funnier when you have visuals attached to it as opposed to just hearing it. I couldn’t let a song like that go un-videoed.
  51. People see a ‘South Park’ episode, and there’s racially insensitive jokes – nobody bats an eye because they’re expecting that in that context. In hip-hop, they don’t expect that kind of thing because it’s a white person in a predominantly black world.
  52. I don’t think any artist has really relied on music videos the way I do. It’s almost like my radio.
  53. One time, I performed ‘Save Dat Money’ with Justin Bieber. I was at his album release party, and he was like, ‘Do you want to do the song?’ I was also on a date, so the date met Justin Bieber, and I couldn’t have looked cooler.
  54. I’m a relatively cheap person who, to me, it’s not cool to overspend; it’s cool to get a great deal.
  55. By putting this music out, I think I genuinely eliminated 80 percent of the previous jobs I was qualified for.
  56. I have never been more physically tired than after that first song of my first concert.
  57. Usually, I think of the song, and then the video plays out in my head as I’m writing the song. I started rapping to become a comedian, so I’m certainly thinking about the visual component of things beyond just the music most of the time.
  58. My favorite part of festival season is probably the disposable income at hand for me… I get booked for more, and I make more money.
  59. Money doesn’t drive me in the slightest.
  60. I always wanted to be a comedian.
  61. I have Kanye’s ego to some extent.
  62. Sometimes I want to be completely outlandish and funny, but sometimes I feel the need to prove myself as a rapper.
  63. I was lucky enough to be in the studio with Drake and Kanye before I put ‘Freaky Friday’ out. I showed them the video before I put it out.
  64. I don’t spend a ton of time interacting, but I feel like I probably do more than most rappers/artists. I just find it interesting to be able to communicate with fans. It’s cool.
  65. I remember, in fifth grade, doing a report on the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin as a rap. It was just an easy way to get an A back then because everyone was turning in boring stuff.
  66. I spent two years making music in San Francisco for my first mixtape. Initially, I was not at all doing this to be a professional rapper, a touring rapper. I didn’t think I had that talent level in me.
  67. There just hasn’t been a voice for that normal dude when it comes to rap.
  68. Personally, I feel like I’m trying to redefine what a really good rapper can be like. Like, I think it’s not often where a good rapper can be making funny music.
  69. As a public figure, I’m always interested in being part of brands that I actually enjoy. So, I would never do something with somebody I don’t believe in, a product I don’t believe in. There are so many products out there that I love that I’d chomp at the bit to be a part of their campaign.
  70. Because I feel like I can do so many different things, and people like my music for different reasons, I don’t feel pigeonholed. I think people are always going to appreciate whatever direction I take.
  71. It’s impressive to the girl that I’m texting that I have my own emojis. It adds to my charm as a man seeking love.

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