Louis Dejoy Quotes

  1. I never liked the trucking business. I did not intend to spend time in the trucking business. I was a professional, I wore a suit everyday. I was going into law school, or Wall Street or to get my MBA. That’s where my head was at.
  2. We’ve learned that, especially through the pandemic, the American people want to use the mail to ship packages.
  3. I used to be a pretty decent athlete when I was young. I would like to really focus on getting back into shape.
  4. I’m not out to capture the whole market. We’re out to fill our network. We’re out to get more packages on our carriers, get more packages in our trucks. We’re talking additional pieces per delivery.
  5. I have never spoken to the president about the Postal Service, other than to congratulate me when I accepted the position.
  6. I’m not chasing mail volume down because I’m going where we see growth. That’s what we need to do.
  7. Transitions don’t always go smoothly; you need a recovery process.
  8. I think the Postal Service has missed an opportunity to position itself to get a bigger share of the package market and has been facing the declining mail market, driving up cost and not being able to achieve the service standards that it’s put in place.
  9. My parents both had eighth-grade educations. My mother had five kids by the time she was 23, and my father was a truck driver.
  10. My first profession was public accounting; I became a CPA. I was three years into public accounting – great profession, great skill set, but I didn’t want to do it forever.
  11. I think the American people should be able to vote by mail.

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