Luis Suarez Quotes

  1. It was very hard for me as a kid to get through as a footballer in Uruguay.
  2. It’s important for the team not to be relying on one player.
  3. When I say, ‘I’m sorry,’ it’s because I regret something.
  4. All I can say is that I have arrived with the desire to be a success at Barca, that I am hungry to win titles.
  5. On the field, sometimes passion overwhelms you, and you do things you regret afterward.
  6. I’ve scored many goals that I’ve liked, but I think the best memory I have is the one against Korea in the 2010 World Cup.
  7. I normally try to be tranquil on the pitch.
  8. I have been hit from all sides, and I’m only human. They have ended up talking about the way I look, and it hurts. I have a family, and they suffer, too. It has gone over the limit, and I am tired of it. I have a wife and child, too, and I am not prepared to go on putting up with it English journalists.
  9. Injuries are not only a physical question, which is the most important thing, of course, but also a question of your mind. If you’re thinking: ‘I’m not going to make it’, ‘I can’t cope’, ‘it hurts’, ‘it’s never going to get better’, then it won’t.
  10. I much prefer being told off by Brendan Rodgers than by my wife. Brendan is more careful than my wife with what he says.
  11. My parents separated when I was nine, but my father was always around, and he still follows me now. He is always sending me messages.
  12. A forward always has to help the team, either with assists or goals.
  13. On the pitch, I argue, I shout, I talk rubbish and generally do anything I can to get ahead.
  14. I think all the bad things I have been through are in the past. I believe I am on the right path now, dealing with the people who can help me, the right kind of people.
  15. When I was a kid, there were some people around me who were a bad influence. When I met my girlfriend Sofia, who is now my wife, I think it all changed. She was very important for me, because she steered me back on to the path I wanted to be on.
  16. I am obviously a striker who likes to score a lot of goals and have done that in every team I have been with.
  17. I wanted my children to be able to see me play at the World Cup.
  18. I’m an emotional person, and I externalise my feelings a lot with some things, but I’m strong with others.
  19. I think Liverpool have a long history with many great players. I hope one day to be up there with those great players. I’ll try my best to write some history here.
  20. Every player feels differently about playing football. We are all different people. I am the type who wants to win all the time. I hate to lose.
  21. I always want more. I always want my team to perform to their best.
  22. I want to change the bad boy image that has stuck for a bit because I don’t think I am at all how I have been portrayed. I would like that to change because it’s awful to hear and read what is said of you.
  23. Put ‘Luis Suarez’ into an Internet search engine, and up comes the word ‘racist.’ It’s a stain that is there for ever. And it is one that I feel I do not deserve.
  24. Sometimes English football takes pride in having the lowest yellow-card count in Europe, but of course it will have if you can take someone’s leg off and still not be booked.
  25. I never imagined playing in El Clasico. I used to watch the games and look at photos, and I used to say how incredible to play in it was.
  26. My wife says that if people reach conclusions as to what I am like based on what they see from me on the pitch they would say I am a guy who is always annoyed, always in a bad mood, they’d say what must it be like to live with me. There are two of me, two different people.
  27. Nobody in England knows the real Luis Suarez.
  28. At clubs like Liverpool, great players come and go.
  29. It is always a bit hypocritical when a defender who spends the whole game kicking you complains of being kicked.
  30. After my 10-match ban in 2013 for biting Branislav Ivanovic, I had questioned the double standards and how the fact that no one actually gets hurt is never taken into consideration.
  31. It’s especially important for my little girl to see her papa at work.
  32. Every player would love to get to the absolute top, and Real Madrid is it.
  33. When I was a kid, I got sent off for head-butting a referee: I ran 50m to argue a decision, I was shown a red card, and I head-butted him. I’m really not proud of that.
  34. I still sleep soundly every night. I’m not worried about everything people say.
  35. My first season at Liverpool had good moments but also bad ones. We played three tournaments and we played two finals, and that was good.
  36. I understand why biting is seen so badly.
  37. I need to be playing in the Champions League.
  38. I’ve been booed in Holland and in Uruguay – as a professional footballer, you need to have thick skin and just get used to it.
  39. Coaches have told me I can help the team much more if I don’t talk, if I don’t moan.
  40. Barcelona are always a candidate to win the Champions League.
  41. Every soccer player can be on the edge, at the limit, be the bad guy. We have to get used to it. Sometimes I am one of those.
  42. It disturbs me that Liverpool are not in the Champions League and fighting for the Premier League.
  43. People ask, ‘How can you let a defeat hurt you so much?’ But it comes back to the effort you have put into your career as a youngster.
  44. There are people who criticise me, and that’s normal because of the way I am on the pitch. I get angry, I get tense.
  45. I don’t read the papers or watch TV.
  46. When I was playing for Nacional in Montevideo, the players who lived outside the city would be given money by the club to get there and back on the bus.
  47. There are only three million people in Uruguay, but there is such hunger for glory: you’ll do anything to make it; you have that extra desire to run, to suffer. I can’t explain our success, but I think that’s a reason.
  48. I’m my own severest critic, and I realize when I make mistakes.
  49. Of course I don’t like the fact that my wife goes to the supermarket and there are photographers. But I realise that the press attention is the same wherever you go.
  50. I have always preferred to keep things to myself rather than sharing them with anyone, but I am learning that if you let it go, you feel better for it. Don’t keep it all bottled up inside; don’t take it all on alone.
  51. If you win while scoring goals, then you leave happy, but the most important thing is always the team. I do not think just of me.
  52. I think the people who really know who Luis is are the people who are by my side, who have always been by my side.
  53. Everyone has different ways of defending themselves.
  54. If you score 20 goals one season, then you have to promise yourself that in the following season you will get 25.
  55. Every forward is selfish, and any forward who tells you he is not selfish is a liar.
  56. I have a very strange way of playing football.
  57. My record shows that I’m not the kind of player who wants to change clubs every season, and I would have no problem playing in England for many more years.
  58. I will give my soul every game.
  59. Away from the pitch, I’m a very calm person. I maybe have the odd cross word with my wife, like any relationship, but that’s it.
  60. If you don’t speak Spanish, then don’t accuse me of insulting you in that language, let alone insulting you ten times.
  61. Of course I would like to play with Cristiano Ronaldo – he is a great player.
  62. I have to put my career first.
  63. Liverpool will always be special for me: my daughter was born here.
  64. I’m not going to another club to hurt Liverpool.
  65. I want to do things right. I really, really do.
  66. When you feel you’ve done something wrong, you should apologise for it.
  67. When I was a kid, I had to fight for everything.
  68. I was asked a question: ‘Would I want to play for Madrid?’ It’s like anyone asked if they want to change jobs and move to a bigger company.
  69. I’ve been obsessed by football since I was young.
  70. Obviously, being a forward, I would like to score more goals. But while the team does well, there is no problem.
  71. I had a really hard time growing up; we were a large family, and we didn’t have much money at home.
  72. The only thing I want is the respect of the fans of Liverpool and the fans of the national team of Uruguay.
  73. ‘Negro’ can refer to anyone with dark hair as well as dark skin, and I’ve been used to the word being used in Spanish in this way all my life.
  74. I’m used to being the main goal scorer, but I also always like to help.

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