Luke Campbell Quotes

  1. I’m strong mentally and I’m confident I can beat anyone out there.
  2. No one can ever doubt my heart.
  3. Everybody is on their own path.
  4. That’s the problem in life nowadays – too many people look at what they haven’t got. I just think: ‘I’ve got a beautiful wife, family, good friends, beautiful home. I don’t need anything. I won’t change nothing.’
  5. I treat everyone the same when I speak to them, I am never rude or nasty.
  6. It is important to spend every second possible with my family.
  7. I strive to be the best day in, day out.
  8. I have had a close-knit group of friends since I was a kid; they are my friends.
  9. I want to be the best.
  10. I’m very proud to be from Hull.
  11. I have always had my mum and wife worry about me and ask about retiring – but it was different hearing it from my son.
  12. Ricky Hatton stands out; he was known for being a good body puncher.
  13. All I want is to be a world champion and I will take on anyone to achieve that.
  14. As a pro, I’ve been lucky enough to have been in front of big crowds every time I’ve boxed.
  15. Keeping well groomed is a big part of my routine.
  16. I’m a southpaw and a counter-puncher. I tend to box on the back foot and catch my opponents when they come forward.
  17. Losing is very painful for me.
  18. I just try to be myself in interviews, you do get a lot of people that change, put a front on to try and be something they’re not.
  19. If I’m training in the heat, I need electrolytes.
  20. I was born with a flat nose, that’s not because of boxing.
  21. I always do my training session first thing in the morning. After that, I’ll take four eggs for breakfast, along with spinach and avocado.
  22. You have to make a lot of sacrifices to succeed.
  23. People look at other people’s lives and think, ‘I want that,’ but when you actually look at your own life, I wouldn’t change a single thing.
  24. No, I’m staying at lightweight until I win a world title and once I’ve won a world title we’ll see, maybe I’ll move up, maybe I’ll stay and defend it.
  25. I love a challenge.
  26. When I do something, I want to be the best at it.
  27. All these expectations on me exist because of me in the first place.
  28. I don’t want to be in an easy division, I don’t want to be a champion that no one knows.
  29. Am I really one of those who has to go to everyone else’s back garden to get a fight? I believe I’m bigger than that really.
  30. It’s not like you are going to see a new me already against Gary Sykes, but you will see a lot more of what I’m capable of.
  31. Why would I want to be fighting someone no one has heard of for the world title?
  32. I have always said the Olympics was a great grounding for me, to have that pressure on top of me, the whole nation watching you in my own country.
  33. I watched Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 1 in America. I was in Miami at the time. We went out to watch it and it was a great fight. I thought Tyson Fury won the fight. I thought he was very unlucky not to get the decision.
  34. I left school at 16, with GCSEs, and went boxing full-time.
  35. I’ve got a good chin, trust me.
  36. I was close to my dad.
  37. I was diagnosed with dyslexia – I struggled a lot in school and didn’t enjoy it. I’m not great when it comes to sitting in a classroom – I’m much more about doing things. Boxing massively helped with that frustration and anger.
  38. For the majority of my amateur boxing career, I was the underdog weirdly enough and that served me well.
  39. I have never wanted to take an easy route.
  40. I played in the school football team, as a striker, and in year 7 and 8 I was one of the leading goalscorers.
  41. It would be a tough fight for either Scott Quigg and Carl Frampton against Rigondeaux. He’s too good for his own good though and that’s why he’s been avoided.
  42. The thing with thoughts is that they are exactly that – they aren’t facts.
  43. Losing has changed my whole persona about fighting.
  44. Every champion was once a challenger.
  45. My Grandad boxed.
  46. I appreciate all my supporters, I’ve had massive support.
  47. For a late snack, I’ll throw some mixed nuts into greek-style yoghurt.
  48. My family, my city, everyone has been so supportive.
  49. I was that hyperactive when I was growing up, I rarely sat still to watch sport. I was always out there ‘doing.’
  50. There came a time in my life where I just wanted to go out there and get myself a job somewhere. Boxing was all I had in my life for so long and there just came a point where the whole thing just became a bit too much for me.
  51. If you treat me nice, I will treat you nice.
  52. I sometimes train twice a day, so usually save my carbs for the evening.
  53. Fighting away from home doesn’t bother me.
  54. I’ve got really good footwork and fast hands myself. I can set traps too.
  55. I’ve never been one to chat about others without actually beating them. I don’t get it, personally.
  56. Rigondeaux is one of the guys since I first started boxing that I’ve looked up to and I was at the same weight as him for a while as an amateur, so to train alongside him was amazing.
  57. When you turn professional with the amount of medals that I’ve won, then you have to assume that big things are expected of you and I’ve always tried my best to live with that.
  58. I’ve got a very smart wife who invests our money so well.
  59. I’m in a tough division and I want to show I’m the best in it.
  60. I enjoy fighting in the States.
  61. I listen to a lot of Calvin Harris and the latest chart music.
  62. It’s my dream to be a world champion and I will become a world champion.
  63. I’m a family man.
  64. Not only can I box and be skilful, I guess people know how tough I am now as well.
  65. People can expect a career-best performance from me against Fortuna.
  66. Wilder has taken the hardest fights, out of any heavyweight in the world. He’s fought the most difficult fighters, in my opinion.
  67. There are always improvements to make, no boxer in the world does everything right.
  68. I always had faith in myself, otherwise I wouldn’t be in the sport.
  69. At one point I was looking to get out, didn’t want to box any more.
  70. Talent is nothing without dedication and discipline, and dedication and discipline is a talent in itself.
  71. I’m learning all the time.
  72. I played Rugby League at school but once I got to the age of 14, I had to make a choice and decided to stick with boxing.
  73. I tried to go to college; I just picked a trade, did a plumbing test – and failed. And then I thought, ‘I may as well look at things I have a passion for and enjoy.’ And I went forward with my boxing.
  74. It’s really, really painful for me to actually say the words out loud: ‘I got beat.’
  75. Fortuna is tricky, he’s a southpaw like me. But you’ve got to adapt to whatever is in front of you.
  76. He’s certainly got the power, Fury. He hurt Wilder in the first fight. But he’s never really been that guy to go for the big knockouts. He showboats, he’s got good movement, he’s quick – but he’s not the type to go and bang someone out.
  77. If ever you’ve been hit by a body shot, you know it’s a sickener.
  78. I just can’t wait until we beat this coronavirus so the world can get on as normal and I can get back to boxing and doing what I do best.
  79. I’ve done a lot of rounds with Teofimo Lopez, sparring in Miami – so I know about him.
  80. I would love to go and do something in schools with boxing, where they have their own competition in school with other schools involved, like you’d play other schools at football. I think it would be great, to get boxing inside the schools.
  81. I’m always like this after fights – I can’t sleep, I’m only getting a couple of hours a night for three or four days then all of a sudden I’m wiped out for a full night where I don’t even move.
  82. I don’t believe losing my unbeaten record has delayed me in my ambitions. I believe it was just a hard lesson learned and that’s it.
  83. I like reading autobiographies and magazines like Boxing News and Men’s Health, especially when away for tournaments.
  84. I am quite shy really, but I always try to make time to talk to people and have pictures taken.
  85. We are human beings, you need to mentally switch off now and again to refresh your body and mind. But I never just lie on the couch in my downtime, I still keep my body in good shape.
  86. It doesn’t matter what people’s opinions are because it is all about what happens in the ring.
  87. I want to fight among the elite and beat fighters in the elite.
  88. Kings of Leon are good but I like anything from Rihanna to Frank Sinatra.
  89. I’ve never had it easy in boxing, from day one, never. I’ve never asked for an easy run.
  90. I always rated Luis Ortiz as one of the best heavyweights.
  91. It’s a different kind of grief when you lose a parent.
  92. Hooking up with Jorge Rubio after losing to Mendy has changed me. I’m working on my skills all the time.
  93. For me, you really need those pre-fight nerves to help you focus and switch on. The most important thing is to keep control of those feelings.
  94. I always had that get-up-and-go to work for myself – I never wanted a nine-to-five job.
  95. A lot of my family and friends have seen how disciplined I’ve been and they are just so proud of me. I’m happy I could make them proud of me.
  96. Everybody starts off in the same place going into sport; you don’t go into any sport being good at it.
  97. I feel like I was wandering around like a lost chicken for the first two years of my career.
  98. There are world champions out there that no one has heard of. I don’t want to be one of those guys.
  99. I don’t get things gifted to me.

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