Moa Kikuchi Quotes

  1. Once when we performed at a festival there were between 50, 000 and 60, 000 people in the audience we were so shocked. It was crazy.
  2. It’s such a thrill seeing fans wearing our T-shirts.
  3. We saw Bring Me The Horizon, they’re really amazing and we had so much of a fun time.
  4. I’m just so grateful to be a part of BABYMETAL because without this opportunity, I wouldn’t have had a deeper connection to music!
  5. I believe the enthusiasm to BABYMETAL is universal.
  6. It’s brilliant being in Babymetal.
  7. I was told that karate has a courtesy: ‘Start with a bow and end with a bow.’ This is something important we value in our lives, because we never forget courtesy and a feeling of gratitude wherever we go.
  8. We love chocolate.
  9. I guess the British audience accepted us for being refreshing and interesting.
  10. No matter what country, the love our fans have is absolutely amazing and we are so lucky to have so much support from them.
  11. We are creatures of the earth and live on this planet through the powers of the sun and moon and through all facets of nature so I want our odyssey to the ‘Metal Galaxy’ to be one that we constantly appreciate how much we are able to travel the world through the power of music.
  12. When we went to Judas Priest backstage, Mr. Rob Halford told us that they were waiting to see us. We’ve met Mr. Kirk Hammett of Metallica several times, and he is extremely kind to us. No one gives us mean looks, and we are so happy that Babymetal is welcomed warmly.
  13. The way people receive our music is different and some people may say that our music is not metal. But I feel that those reviews allow us to challenge ourselves and gives us an opportunity to grow even more.
  14. I believe Babymetal’s music can transcend everything from national boundaries, genders and ages.
  15. We’ve always wanted to aim to be the only one and hopefully one day we’ll be able to create this new genre called Babymetal.
  16. I hope everyone can appreciate the wonderful aspects of metal music.
  17. We believe that many people who already like metal and those who like other genres will be accepting to this new type of metal.
  18. I think it’s not only Babymetal’s sound but also the fact that we dance to metal that represents a new way of expressing this genre of music.
  19. To be able to tour different countries and see our fans is always a valuable moment and we try our best to return the love!
  20. Being involved with BABYMETAL has allowed me to acquire more chances to really become involved with music. As a result, I find myself noticing each individual instrument the band plays and I feel that I have found a new way of enjoying music on a deeper level.
  21. I like feeling one with the audience, making the whole venue feel like one, it makes me happy.
  22. Metallica is a big, huge influence and inspiration. That’s who Babymetal aspires to become some day.
  23. We would like to continue to spread metal to everyone.
  24. We love Bring Me The Horizon and I respect the band and their music.
  25. When I first became involved in Babymetal, I honestly hadn’t known what metal music was about so everything was new to me.
  26. I really enjoy listening to Japanese pop aka J-Pop and I also like listening to anime songs as well. Both of these types of music are unique to Japanese culture and listening to these types of music gets me going.
  27. I hope that we’re creating something that fans will look forward to for every new performance.
  28. Every performance is always new, because it just depends on who is summoned by the Fox God.
  29. I would like to teach Metallica our dance moves, just because we’ve learned so much from them about metal.
  30. We want to collaborate with Bring Me The Horizon.
  31. I feel that Babymetal, it’s one of my duties to pass down to future generations just how amazing metal music is, and hopefully they can put their own spin on what metal music is to them.
  32. I hope our fans are able to experience that they are also on an odyssey to the ‘Metal Galaxy’ with us. We’ve incorporated different types of music into this album and we hope that fans are able to feel our determination to a new departure.

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