Raashi Khanna Quotes

  1. I didn’t overcome my shyness. I am still shy.
  2. I don’t like being put into a category.
  3. What more can an actor ask for than being surrounded by scripts to choose from?
  4. Apart from work, I really have no time for myself. I am literally living out of a suitcase. But I love my life!
  5. ‘Jai Lava Kusa’ is my best look onscreen.
  6. My journey of working in Telugu filmdom has helped me grow as an actor and person.
  7. I love wearing heels but don’t wear it too often because I am comfortable about my height. And for me, comfort comes first.
  8. I will try to bring variety in my roles.
  9. Learning Telugu was scary.
  10. I struggled a bit with Malayalam, but it was easier speaking Tamil; it is closer to Telugu.
  11. ‘Bengal Tiger’ is huge film for me, and I had a blast working with both Ravi Teja and Tamannaah.
  12. I had been living out of a suitcase in hotels, and that was getting to me, so I bought a new house in Hyderabad. I wanted the comfort and warmth of my own home when I return from hectic shootings.
  13. Doing comedy is very challenging, as I am a shy person in real life.
  14. I have sung some songs in Telugu and Malayalam. And I want to sing in Tamil, too.
  15. I experiment, but I am extremely mindful of the things I wear. The key is to accept your body type and pick cuts and styles that flatter your frame.
  16. The coffee in Araku is the best I have had so far.
  17. I’d say an ideal wardrobe should have a mix of high-fashion gowns, clothes that spell ‘boho chic,’ and at least a few things that are playful.
  18. ‘Jai Lava Kusa’ will see a very new me. From my styling to the way I look, everything is very fresh.
  19. I don’t have any acting or theatre background.
  20. I would love to work with everyone, but I am not desperate. Things will happen eventually.
  21. Coming from the Malayalam sets, when I went to Telugu, people told me that I wasn’t acting and that it felt dead. It was very subtle in Malayalam, while it is slightly dramatic in Telugu. It is quite fascinating to understand what each industry expects of you and work according to that.
  22. Having started with Bollywood and then moving to Telugu industry, I feel that it is not possible to survive without talent in any industry.
  23. No matter what strategies you make, if you don’t get the right script, everything is going to go down.
  24. Customs and traditions followed in North and South India are different. But the underlying sentiments are the same.
  25. You evolve with each and every film you do. In every film that I did, I learnt something or the other, and I am constantly learning and hopefully becoming better.
  26. I am really excited to act with a powerhouse of talent like Vijay Deverakonda.
  27. Whatever the language, I will make the best of the opportunities coming my way.
  28. I eat properly and work out a lot.
  29. For an actor to grow, she needs to play roles that put her out of her comfort zone.
  30. I’m happy doing good projects.
  31. I wish to continue to essay roles that will help me find my place in the audience’s hearts.
  32. I avoid junk food and love vegetables, salads, and fruits.
  33. After being signed for ‘Madras Cafe,’ I joined Jogi Singh’s acting classes, where I learned the basic nuances.
  34. I am a family person and also very emotional by nature.
  35. Ravi Teja means extraordinary energy.
  36. It was a surprise for my family when I told them that I was offered ‘Madras Cafe.’ My family was initially worried because I have got no film background.
  37. I think for a heroine to do comedy and action and also be glamorous is a big thing. That’s why ‘Supreme’ will be very close to my heart.
  38. After completing my studies, I got into advertising.
  39. I just believe in working hard, and whatever comes my way, I try and give it my best.
  40. As for the future, you can never predict it, so I don’t even think about it.
  41. I feel eating healthy is more important than working out in the gym.
  42. I don’t really get star struck.
  43. If you prove yourself as an actor, you will land good roles.
  44. I’m not doing an item number in any film.
  45. Failure never goes to my heart, and success never goes to my head.
  46. As much as I love to do commercial films, a touching romantic film like Mani Ratnam’s ‘Geethanjali’ will satiate my creative appetite.
  47. I don’t want people to define me. That’s the best way for an actor to grow.
  48. I have always wanted to sing at some point in my life. In fact, when I was shooting for ‘Oohalu Gusagusalaade,’ I would randomly start singing on the sets, and I even earned a nickname ‘Radio’ on that film.
  49. Be it commercial or offbeat, I want to establish myself as an actress.
  50. I am not a trained singer, but I always sing from my heart.
  51. Be it the team or script, everything about ‘Imaikkaa Nodigal’ is special to me. The script is nothing like what I have done before.
  52. Even if I wish to work with somebody, they should be willing to cast me first.
  53. My Hyderabad home is an extension to my family’s Delhi residence.
  54. I honestly believe that you can change your destiny by working hard.
  55. It’s good to work with a writer-director.
  56. I hope and wish that it’s a Telugu boy for me. I have fallen completely in love with Telugu weddings and the rituals.
  57. I am conscious of making choices that balance the performance and commercial aspects. It’s easy to get stereotyped in this industry.
  58. I am inspired by the work done by Vidya Balan and Priyanka Chopra. They are both versatile and extremely talented actors.
  59. I do try to look at scripts and keep an eye out for challenging roles.
  60. It’s not right to say that only girls get emotional while watching a movie. I have seen so many men connecting with a movie so much that they get emotional.
  61. If you want to deliver as an actor, you need to know the language. If you don’t know what you are mouthing, how will you perform? For me, it is important to know the language.
  62. I am a family person. I thank my parents for their upbringing.
  63. Praise is good. Some people over-praise, though. Genuine appreciation is rare to come by.
  64. Sometimes, I do zumba and a lot of yoga.
  65. I am a geek. I am always in books.
  66. I had been comfortable with the simple ‘girl next door’ look for a long time. But then, I really wanted to get out of that zone and experiment with my style.
  67. As much as I like being part of commercial films that give me visibility with a wide audience, and love being the glamourous girl, at the end of the day, I am an actor, and nothing can be more satisfying than being appreciated for my craft.
  68. I have no complaints except for the fact that I get very little time with my family. However, the happiness they feel every time they see me doing well compensates for everything.
  69. The role I was waiting for came in the form of Varsha in ‘Tholi Prema.’
  70. Tamannaah is not just pretty on the outside but from within too. She’s extremely friendly and grounded. We had mutual admiration for each other and bonded so well. I think I found a sister in her.
  71. I completely understand how temporary fame is, and I keep my sanity at all times.
  72. Radha Krishna Sir, the director of ‘Jil,’ had seen ‘Madras Cafe’ and liked my acting in it. He wanted a performer and so got me on board.
  73. My debut film, ‘Madras Cafe,’ is a political thriller in which John Abraham plays an army officer. My character’s name is Ruby Singh, and I play John’s wife, with all the strappings of an army man’s wife.
  74. Whenever I get a chance, I try spending as much time as possible with my family.
  75. Competition exists everywhere.
  76. I won’t be satisfied with only commercial roles.
  77. Acting was not on my radar ever, but after shooting my first film, I have realised that this is my calling.
  78. I think it’s very important to grow as a person from the experiences you encounter in life.
  79. I did not choose acting as a career.
  80. I wasn’t sure if I would survive in the film industry in the beginning. So, I gave myself six months to see if things fall in place, and luckily, soon after I moved to Mumbai, I began getting modelling and acting offers.
  81. One thing I love about Kollywood is that, here, filmmakers are more experimental, and the audience is welcoming of it, too.
  82. I don’t party much, but I am open to parties.
  83. Initially, when you start working out, it takes at least six months for the results to show.
  84. As for body-shaming, there will always be people who will love chubby people and those who will dislike them.
  85. I was really looking forward to the release of ‘Villain.’ I put in a lot of hard work, and I am glad people are noticing basic things – like how I synced perfectly with the Malayalam dialogues or that I came across as a Malayalam girl – makes me feel wonderful.
  86. I learnt to keep my acting subtle.
  87. It’s always exciting to be part of films where you matter and add value.
  88. When a person is juggling a lot of emotions in a single day, it can take a toll.
  89. I always respect Dil Raju garu.
  90. After completing my honours in English, I remember getting a photograph clicked at a promotional booth put up by Vaseline in a mall. I was just having some fun with my friends, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I will be on the cover of ‘Femina.’
  91. I am a complete sucker for family time.
  92. I really want to do roles that have some substance, and I hope writers give us that importance. I can’t alone stand up and demand roles like that. It’s a collective thing. Writers have to believe in heroines and understand that there’s more to a woman than just her curves. It’s not that they can’t do it. They just choose not to.
  93. Everyone has their own journey. I am very grateful for where I am.
  94. I would like to do a Tamil film.
  95. I have always been fascinated by Kollywood because of the interesting scripts and genres that they come up with.
  96. There is nothing like getting a performance-oriented role.
  97. I was a part of my school choir and used to participate in several singing competitions back then.
  98. I don’t think I was bubbly in ‘Oohalu Gusagusalade.’ It was a real character.
  99. I understand that, being born with a certain face, people want to see me in certain roles. But one needs to break that image by doing different kinds of films.
  100. I have always taken it very easy, believed in myself. Whatever I bring to the table, I put my heart and soul into it.

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