Rachel Lambert Mellon Quotes

  1. I always design a landscape with fixed horizons whether it be mountains or a stone wall around a 20-foot-square plot.
  2. I’m nearly blind. I can hardly see. But I’m taking some herbs. Something quacky.
  3. Nothing should be noticed.
  4. I don’t know what I’ve done that has made people so interested in me, more than anyone else.
  5. I was sitting alone in a grim mood – furious that the press attacked Senator Edwards on the price of a haircut. But it inspired me – from now on, all haircuts, etc., that are necessary and important for his campaign – please send the bills to me… It is a way to help our friend without government restrictions.
  6. One of the first gardens I did outside the family was for the designer Hattie Carnegie. I was 23 then, and I went to her salon, but could not afford any of her dresses myself, though I loved them. Miss Carnegie suggested I do a garden in exchange for a coat and dress, and so I designed and planted a garden for her.
  7. Part of creating is understanding that there is always more to do; nothing is ever completely finished.
  8. Wild flowers grow where they will.
  9. The sky is a free asset in design, and nothing unnecessary should be planted that takes away the sky.
  10. As a child, I had lived many years in Southampton and sang in the choir of the Dune Church.
  11. You know I’m weak on good looks.

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