Radhika Pandit Quotes

  1. When people come offering you quality work, I think that is a result of the sheer hardwork and dedication I have had towards my profession.
  2. Yash was a great friend, a fabulous boyfriend, and is an even better husband.
  3. ‘Adhoori’ and ‘Sagar’ took a long time to complete.
  4. Every year we go to Shirali, which is between Murudeshwar and Bhatkal. We have our roots there. The most special part of the trip is visiting the Shri Chitrapur Math.
  5. If you look at Indian cinema, it has always been about the ‘hero.’ So it is not just a characteristic of the Kannada film industry in particular. But one of the reasons to explain the ‘hero-centrism’ in our industry could be the fact that the audience here really enjoys the action sequences and the ‘punch’ dialogues.
  6. I’ve been charging what I deserve. I believe I am worth every penny of it, and if filmmakers think so, too, they will pay me.
  7. Yes, I faced camera for the first time for ’18th Cross.’ It was a great experience for me to be part of a film after working in some television serials.
  8. I never did films for the sake of money alone or for any favour or obligation.
  9. I am not a gym person, and I keep myself fit by just being active and eating my meals in moderation. I can’t stand going to the gym and running aimlessly on a treadmill; it’s boring and monotonous.
  10. I drink a lot of milk.
  11. I have always chosen to portray roles which inspired me and mostly that I enjoy it in the first place.
  12. I don’t work out as often as I would like to, so a water sipper is technically not an essential item. But I make up for the lack of exercise by drinking a lot of water.
  13. I know my responsibilities as an actor and am aware that it is equally important to promote my films as to act in them.
  14. People like movies made by the Ramu Enterprises banner because they get to see a film with rich production values.
  15. The role that I played in ‘Gaana Bajaana’ was that of a tomboyish girl who identified with the guys. There was nothing feminine about her.
  16. I love to ,and an alarm clock will ensure that I wake up and leave work on time.
  17. It’s very flattering to be praised for each of your efforts.
  18. What I’d look for are roles in which the heroine’s character has substance rather than just glamour.
  19. I grew up listening to this adage that hard work never fails. It is very true of ‘Adhoori.’
  20. ‘Hudugaru’ is a remake of the Tamil film ‘Nadodigal.’ The film is about what happens when relationships between friends or lovers is taken casually. The film will appeal to youngsters and families alike.
  21. Before joining the industry, my impression of Kannada films was red and yellow outfits, hilarious sets, and dance movements. But I’m glad I’m wrong.
  22. ‘Alemaari’ is an experimental cinema of sorts. If audiences don’t understand it, the film will fall flat.
  23. I’m quite feminine.
  24. I see romance as a state of mind. I may find it in a candlelit dinner or by walking in the rain.
  25. I do not know how I developed the interest for baking. If I am not shooting, I head back home and start baking my favourite cakes and cookies.
  26. If you look at my career graph, I have always chosen roles that are performance-oriented.
  27. I honestly do not see any difference sharing the screen with Yash post our engagement. We started our career together, and it has been a wonderful experience working with him as a co-actor.
  28. Dubbing is an important part of acting, and I feel complete only when it’s my voice that is heard. Having essayed the character, I know the kinds of emotions that are required for each scene.
  29. I want to improve with every film, including being better groomed.
  30. It’s nice that people are keen to work with me.
  31. I like to do one film at a time. But sometimes, when projects get delayed for reasons beyond my control, I juggle more than one.
  32. Working with senior and star actors is always a positive and more satisfactory experience, but I have always stressed upon the quality of the script.
  33. Instead of signing 10 films a year, I’d rather do a couple of films where I can give my best performance and am appreciated by audiences.
  34. As I studied in a girls’ school and a girls’ college, I am comfortable in the space where other girls are involved. If you see ‘Moggina Manasu,’ which was my first release, there were four of us girls sharing screen space.
  35. There is pressure from day one when you start your career.
  36. Yash has always been straight forward in his approach and is very open and candid in his opinions. I guess this is why most people approach him for advice.
  37. It’s a rather cute love story, like the title suggests, and is a out and out commercial. Given the title ‘Ramachari,’ we have a lot to live up to.
  38. I don’t have a dream role as such, but given a chance, I would want to play a historic role.
  39. While I don’t claim that I feel no pressure, I have strived to take up only those scripts that appeal to me. I’ve been lucky that the ones I chose were also liked by audiences.
  40. When he proposed to me, Yash said one of the nicest things ever. He spoke of a vision in which he saw himself, his wife, and a stroller, with a baby, on a scenic beach. And the lady in his vision was me. That sealed the deal for me.
  41. I will continue to work with newbies as long as the script and the director are good.
  42. For me, work is worship, and it is not just the number of movies I make but the quality which matters most, irrespective of how they eventually fare at the box office.
  43. I have to maintain my stardom.
  44. After the success of ‘Krishnan Love Story,’ I have decided to work only on good films.
  45. If my role requires a certain kind of dialect, which I think I am not confident enough to do, I’d prefer a dubbing artist then. There shouldn’t be a selfish motive, and it’s always better to have a certain understanding between the director/producer and the actress.
  46. I’d like my man to protect me.
  47. As an actor, I love challenges.
  48. For an actor, personal and professional life are two different things, and marriage is something which happens in everyone’s life, and it is the same with an actor, too.
  49. Regardless of where the offer comes from, I’ll choose characters that are inspiring and challenging.
  50. Its nice when your admirers address you in an exclusive manner.
  51. I knew that I always wanted to work even after I got married.
  52. I believe that your personal life does not have anything to do with your professional life.
  53. I have never considered doing action films.
  54. I don’t believe in dieting. I don’t think I can ever be on a diet.
  55. An award, to me, means a bonus. It’s not that an actor works for an award. I don’t work for an award. But, when you get an award, it is encouraging and inspiring and reminds you that you need to do well.
  56. Neither me or Yash interfere in each other’s work. This has been the case even before marriage when we shared about our works as friends.
  57. All of us are in search of something or the other, be it dreams or success.
  58. All the projects that I am part of get delayed for reasons beyond my control!
  59. The first time I ever attended a Varamahalakshmi puje was when I was introduced by Yash to his family and kind of made it official that we are in a relationship.
  60. Getting the right script that will work at the BO and relate to the audience is what matters. You also need a great director to bring the script to the screen in a form you envisioned it to be.
  61. For me, the small joys of life make me happy.
  62. I was in my final year in college when I acted in ‘Nanda Gokula.’
  63. I loved my work, and it was a conscious decision to give my best all the time.
  64. I used to love the idea of being in love, even though I hadn’t been in love before.
  65. Romance doesn’t have to be portrayed physically. I love being part of romantic films, but I wouldn’t venture into something I’m not comfortable with.
  66. ‘Gaana Bajana’ gave me an opportunity to experiment with my looks. I played a tomboy in that film, a role that I hadn’t essayed before. I have no regrets for having done the film.
  67. It’s always nice to work with repeat actors.
  68. I am just lucky to be blessed with a good metabolism.
  69. I’ve always striven to ensure that I work on one film at a time.
  70. For me, summer holidays, vacations, New Year, and any trip away from Bengaluru meant going to Goa. My mother is from there.
  71. If you analyze my career graph, you will see that I’m slow at choosing projects.
  72. I did not know that I was being called the ‘Sandalwood Princess.’ It definitely feels good, but more than such titles, it is their love and affection behind such titles that makes me happy.
  73. I used to represent Mount Carmel College in cultural activities, and a friend in the team told me to try my hand at acting.
  74. In ‘Drama,’ I play a flirtatious girl who uses her femininity to get things done.
  75. Fitness, for me doesn’t mean a bikini body or a size zero. I just strive to be and feel healthy.
  76. I have always managed my professional and personal life to the best of my abilities.
  77. Every actor evolves over a period of time.
  78. Unlike most expectant moms, I haven’t had cravings to eat anything fancy. But on one day, I felt like eating kulfi. In the next hour, every possible flavour of kulfi in all shapes and sizes were laid out in front of me.
  79. A good performance from me – no matter what kind of film it is, or who I’m acting with – will help me get better offers.
  80. I’m the romantic sort and would like to watch films that I can relate to.
  81. I am not a very ambitious person.
  82. For ‘Zoom,’ as the script demanded it, I opted for a shorter hair-style, as I play the character of a modern girl who is self-made.

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