Rasika Dugal Quotes

  1. I am a serial class taker. I take classes for anything and everything!
  2. I’ve been fortunate with the kind of work I’ve done, in terms of quality. But a lot of work didn’t get the kind of release and attention that it deserved. And, I feel little let down by our distribution system.
  3. In Bombay, people usually tend to cast you in roles that you’ve played before. Even though they may consider you to be a talented actor, they just think it’s ‘safer’ to have you play the same kind of roles over and over again.
  4. It was been an absolute joy being in ‘The Vagina Monologues’ for so many years. I think the play is truly special.
  5. Memories come out only when you spend time with a person.
  6. I feel it’s important to familiarize yourself with the world that the character inhabits.
  7. When you disagree with somebody else, they often tend to get very defensive. But that doesn’t stop me from doing the kind of work that I want to do.
  8. You can’t understand a character intellectually, you have to become one with its emotional core.
  9. Very often when we talk about war, conflict or terrorism, we talk about it very politically. We forget that there are people involved.
  10. My general idea about my work is that it’s more about the work than the things that come with it. I am constantly striving to improve on that and find new things to do there. That journey itself is so interesting is because there’s so much to do that there’s no room for doubt there.
  11. The thing about comedy is that you don’t have to play funny.
  12. Because I feel as actors we are required to be vulnerable, it is a part of our job. So the space that you are being vulnerable in should respect that, otherwise it is not worth it.
  13. The best option that you can have as an actor is pure instinct and you should be able to protect your instinct. Information can either cloud your instinct or aid it.
  14. But honestly, much of the work that I have done has had some impact on me. It’s something that I have realised only later. I also find it amusing that the memories of actors are so consciously constructed around what happened to that piece of work, in terms of audience reception or box-office results.
  15. I like a sensitive script, interesting and respectful directors and co-actors, producers who understand the creative needs of a project. A happy unit in which everyone collaborates to try and make something compelling.
  16. It is very difficult to make something like slice-of-life interesting. I don’t think many people have done the slice-of-life dramas as good as TVF has done it.
  17. I just got an opportunity to do that with a film called ‘Lootcase’, and it’s an opportunity that I am really grateful for.
  18. If the story is insensitive to a person and is not nuanced enough, that’s a story I don’t want to be a part of. Otherwise there is no other character that I don’t want to play.
  19. Over-articulation kills the character because it becomes one thing and that is not how it happens in life and it is not beautiful to watch on screen either.
  20. Nothing is more important to me than the work itself. If I feel I am getting swayed too much, I take a step back… My focus is also on the performance.
  21. The biggest quality of good actors is that they know how to respect their co-actors, whether they are as big a name as them or not.
  22. Film is my favourite without a doubt. I am a film romantic and I love the grandeur of cinema. Dark theatres and big screens are my first love.
  23. So, I do not work towards fame but if it happens to me, I won’t say no.
  24. I don’t have much foresight, and I think that’s an asset for an actor.
  25. With digital space, the content has become accessible for the audience. So, they feel more connected to you as you are more accessible to them. The kind of adulation actors get today is very different from the kind of adulation you had for a star which came from aspiration rather than relatability.
  26. Salaam Bombay’ and ‘Monsoon Wedding’ are the two Mira Nair films I go back to.
  27. Naseer Sir taught me while I was a student at the Film and Television Institute of India. Anything I know about acting is thanks to him.
  28. In acting, I’ve found my soulmate.
  29. A well-written character is one where you don’t know in which direction it’s going; the character could spring a surprise any moment.
  30. In fact, it is more interesting to play someone whose politics is not in sync with my own politics because then I have to understand a different kind of mind and that becomes more interesting as an actor.
  31. Whenever I work on a role, I always allow it to subconsciously take me to a place that is magical and unexpected, rather than consciously driving it to a place.
  32. As a society, we need to create an environment that encourages women to make the choices that are available to them and encourages them to speak their mind.
  33. I am enjoying the abundance and variety of work on the web.
  34. Sometimes you read the script and you feel that this is a challenging role but at times you feel that this one was written for me.
  35. Filmmaking, it has been my first love.
  36. Talking about your work all the time and to open up, you have to do all that. I have begun to find my fun in that as well.
  37. I couldn’t be happier with my career.
  38. I like people who are particular about what they want.
  39. If you are true at telling the story, it will get a good audience, and the required numbers.
  40. As an actor, it is my job to prepare for the role I am playing.
  41. ‘Slice of life’ is not a genre I had experimented with much, and it’s quite difficult.
  42. It is nice to have a lot of people watch your work but I really have thought of it as not the goal of my career but a bonus in my career.
  43. No matter what situation you are in, if you need help, you should be able to ask for it.
  44. I think we’re still struggling to find a way of depicting women that doesn’t objectify them.
  45. The problem is never the audience, it has always been the distribution. The digital space is proof that the audience is quite accepting.
  46. Infidelity is a fairly common occurrence in society but very often not spoken about.
  47. The way you get to explore a city when you are on shoot is so different from when you are there as a tourist.
  48. A good working relationship between an actor and the director is very important. It takes a while to build a comfort zone because filmmaking is a long process so it is important to connect with people you work with.
  49. But having said that, becoming an actor was the best decision I ever made. With its ups and downs and its craziness, nothing makes me happier in life.
  50. There are very few parts, and very few scripts, that acknowledge women as sexual beings, or simply just recognise that women have desires.
  51. My family moved from Rangoon to Rawalpindi during World War II. My father was born in Lahore in 1946. Those were difficult times.
  52. I have been offered roles in mainstream films which have not been interesting to me. They have been too insignificant.
  53. Of course, I’m open to all kinds of genres. In my head, there are no demarcations.
  54. But, as an actor, the role that I enjoyed, in terms of really understanding and appreciating this profession, was Anoop Singh’s ‘Qissa’.
  55. The kind of scripts I have read for web shows have been outstanding.
  56. Women often get ignored from main narrative, especially in films.
  57. There is room and time for multiple tracks to flesh out in the web space. I enjoy this format.
  58. I really enjoy watching animation films and I have always been curious about how such well-established actors in Hollywood lend their voices to animation films.
  59. I think we still have a long way to go in understanding that feminist and femininity are not opposites.
  60. It is exciting to see the different genres that audiences want to watch. The response to a show like ‘Mirzapur’ last year and to Delhi Crime earlier this year was so encouraging and a proof that good content is the new formula.
  61. There’s a difference between being a star and an actor. If you feed off from being in the public eye, this is the unfortunate flipside to it.
  62. In the digital space, writers and directors get time to build and establish a character.
  63. Our family get-togethers are about the stories such as my uncle who walked across the Indo-Burma border, or a woman who gave birth in a ship carrying refugees etc.
  64. I like to watch actors while they are acting, how they hold their attention when so many people around are there to distract them. It’s difficult.
  65. I have also done a web show called ‘Delhi Police’. It is about the investigation around the Nirbhaya case. It is also very path-breaking and interesting.
  66. I want to do roles that are important for the story and not there for ornamental value or to just aid another character in the film which is often a ‘friend’s role’ in mainstream films.

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