Rhea Ripley Quotes

  1. To think how far I’ve come from wrestling in little Adelaide, South Australia, to now having Triple H say nice words about me and putting me over everyone is wild.
  2. Being in the Rumble means that people are watching you.
  3. The person you see in the ring is me in a mosh pit, pretty much. I am that character, I don’t even like calling it a character. It’s just me.
  4. I read a lot of things on Twitter, and I see a lot of things about Shayna and about me. I absolutely hate it when they rag on her and say she’s boring. She’s a heel, she’s not supposed to be exciting. She’s not supposed to make you like her.
  5. It’s funny ’cause the Rhea Ripley that everyone sees, I’ve looked into that personality so many times before, just at home, in concerts, in mosh pits.
  6. It’s great to see wrestling expand and get the attention it deserves. It’s such a great, great sport.
  7. I love Hot Topic, it’s like my No. 1 store.
  8. If I can be the one to dethrone Shayna Baszler you will be seeing a very cocky Rhea Ripley.
  9. I had a tryout in Australia when I was 17 years old. The WWE contacted my trainers and asked who would be a few names that they would put forward for a tryout. My name was thrown in there, which I had only been wrestling for a year, and so I sent them back all my information after they emailed me and I was super excited.
  10. At the end of the day, Black Lives Matter and we all know this and I get when people say all lives matter, I understand.
  11. There is always something coming up and I honestly want to be in NXT for a long long time.
  12. I went to Japan for three months and I learned a lot about strong style over there.
  13. How many people in the women’s division can say they wrestled Robert Stone? Just me. To me that’s cool. It doesn’t always matter if you’re in the title picture, you just gotta make the best of what you’re given and it was fun for me.
  14. Everyone has seen the serious side of myself and sometimes I need to take a chill pill and have a good laugh. That’s who I am as a person.
  15. Don’t be mean to people because of their skin colour, because of what they love, because of who they love, because of what they want to do.
  16. Me being me, I feed off the crowd a lot.
  17. Being the first-ever NXT U.K. women’s champion was just an absolute honor and privilege in itself.
  18. Social media can be very negative at times.
  19. I’m confident in Rhea, but not in Demi Bennett.
  20. At the second Mae Young Classic, I came out sporting my new look, everything that I wanted to do. I had the new aggression that I knew I always had, because I’ve always been, like, a brutal child.
  21. I always give credit to Scotty 2 Hotty. He is an amazing teacher. I was in his class for, I want to say three months and I learned so much and he helped me grow, not only as a performer, but as a person. He was always there for me.
  22. I grew up wanting to be a professional wrestler, and that’s exactly what I’m going to keep doing.
  23. I don’t care how young I am, I’m going to work until I’m at the top.
  24. I don’t like screwing up in any way possible.
  25. There’s still a lot of people who don’t like me, but they are now overshadowed by the people who do like me.
  26. I am a nice human, but I’ve also got Italian in my family. My mom’s side is Italian and my mom is a very scary human being. I get a lot of that intensity and snap straight into it from her. She’s legit terrifying. Lovely girl. Lovely mother but when she gets angry, she’s absolutely terrifying. She’s a damn monster.
  27. It’s insane to have people recognize me for my work and get behind me.
  28. Nothing but respect for Io Shirai. We respect each other, we really do.
  29. Training with only girls is good and beneficial because we work with each other and there is no intergender in WWE.
  30. I’m trying to put forward that everyone should be comfortable in their own skin and they should be happy being themselves.
  31. When I went to NXT U.K. and I was part of the women’s championship tournament, I saw all of those people and I was absolutely floored. I had never wrestled in front of that many people before.
  32. The tattoos on my legs started because they didn’t let me get tattoos on my upper body at work. They would never clear me for anything.
  33. My dad is just chill.
  34. The momentum that I had before winning the NXT Women’s Championship was incredible. I was doing absolutely everything and anything.
  35. I just wish that people were kinder.
  36. I would love to be able to compete against Raquel Gonzalez. She debuted on NXT TakeOver: Portland helping Dakota Kai defeat Tegan Nox and I would definitely like to stand toe-to-toe with her at an NXT TakeOver event.
  37. Especially being a punk and all that, I love my look and I don’t care if someone doesn’t like it.
  38. I feel like I have so much more to do here. Whether that’s singles matches or whatever, I love NXT and I love being a part of it.
  39. Going into work and seeing Shawn Michaels – someone I watched growing up – how many people can say that? That they get to see people like Shawn Michaels at work and that they get to learn off Shawn Michaels. To me that’s insane.
  40. We’re not the characters that we portray online, and even if we are, we’re a 10-time version of ourselves. That’s still not us. Most of the things we do, we wouldn’t do in person.
  41. I always knew that I was destined for something big in this world.
  42. At the first Mae Young Classic, I was just trying to make everyone happy, I was just trying to do my job and I was listening to too many people at once.
  43. If I want to be Vegeta, let me be Vegeta.
  44. I’m always learning in wrestling. It’s something that you never stop learning in.
  45. I watch too many crime shows – it’s ridiculous.
  46. I worked hard every single day to become the NXT Women’s Champion, and first of all to be the first-ever person to be from NXT to defend a championship from here at WrestleMania is absolutely insane.
  47. My work ethic is don’t stop until you reach the top pretty much and I put in dedication every single day of my life, I’m glad it’s paying off.
  48. If I can be the champion of NXT I don’t even know how to put it into words. It would be so humbling and appreciative, but also I would prove to everyone why I should be NXT Women’s Champion.
  49. I’d rather be real in the ring then someone who is trying to play a character.
  50. I just love tattoos, I don’t know why! I’ve always loved them.
  51. I want to make history.
  52. I want to do all the pay-per-views and wrestle everyone.
  53. Having people like Triple H and Shawn Michaels at the performance center, it’s just insane.
  54. I’ve always wanted to have a match where I get to use weapons and I never got that back home.
  55. I could try to be the most tattooed person ever, but I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen.
  56. To be honest, I have a lot of mental demons in life and wrestling has definitely helped me out with that.
  57. Music does help me a lot with my character, with the fact that I have to have a really good theme song, something that I can get into while I’m walking down the ramp. It puts me into that mindset that I’m going into a mosh pit.
  58. At home, I think the largest crowd I ever wrestled was in front of 500 people.
  59. I love The Miz! I absolutely love him. He’s so snarky and that’s who I want to be. I want to have cool comebacks and get people to listen to me and be invested in me. Even CM Punk – when he spoke, everyone listened.
  60. I want to see how far I can get in my career and just keep pushing myself to the limit every time and do my best pretty much.
  61. Sometimes you need a confidence boost in anything you do and it’s nice to get that from someone like Triple H.
  62. I don’t think I can ever outgrow NXT.
  63. Rhea is a goddess name.
  64. Everyone is their own individual and if you’re not happy with that then you really gotta think about yourself.
  65. I would love to step into the ring with Mercedes. I stepped into the ring with her in Australia when I was 17 years old. To be able to step into a WWE ring with her would be incredible.
  66. I feel like I have really bad body dysmorphia.
  67. I wanna make my family proud, I wanna make Australia proud, all of that.
  68. I want to see how far I can get, how many history making things I can put my name under.
  69. My dream since being a little girl is to be the most tattooed human ever.
  70. If I didn’t work for WWE, I feel like I would just delete Twitter! It’s just so poisonous, it’s horrible. It’s a horrible place and I don’t really want to be on it, but I have to for work.
  71. Because I talk too fast and I start stuffing up my words, I start mumbling and stuttering. I just have to remember to slow down.
  72. To be knowing that I’m going to WrestleMania 36 to face Charlotte Flair and put my NXT championship on the line is just absolutely insane.
  73. It makes me so happy to make everyone proud.
  74. It’s such a big step to move to a completely different country with pretty much no one.
  75. To be able to be the first person from NXT to defend their NXT Championship at WrestleMania is awesome and I love making history.
  76. I look up to so many powerful women who succeeded before me and I’m here doing my thing to inspire women who will come after me.
  77. To become the first-ever NXT U.K. Women’s Champion, it’s a part of history.
  78. I am a nice person. I’ll put that out there.
  79. If the championship has to be defended, the championship has to be defended.
  80. I think training with guys is a big thing that everyone needs to do.
  81. I guess glory just means, like, knowing that I did my best and I got as far as I could.
  82. I’ve always been vocal in my matches, and I’ve always made a lot of noises, a lot of random noises.
  83. I feel like everyone that is in this profession deals with bullying in social media and it’s sad. It’s a lot of people thinking we don’t see it, because we get a lot of things on social media, but at the end of the day, we see these things.
  84. Aww man, growing up listening to the sort of music that I listen to, there were a lot of times in class – mostly art class – where I’d sit in there and unknowingly headbang to the music and sing along to it. My friends would record it and send it to me, like, ‘Ugh, of course.’
  85. I get stuff every single day whether that be comments on my Instagram photos, or tweets about a tweet that I put out. Just tweets that they make in general to just pick on me, make me feel bad about myself, belittle me or anything. It’s not good.
  86. I remember the first time I went on live TV I had to cut a promo, and I spoke about this on Lillian Garcia’s podcast Chasing Glory, but I’m not very good at public speaking.
  87. Growing up in Australia I always had the long, beachy hair, that was just who I was.
  88. Growing up in South Australia, you didn’t really hear about wrestling much. It was mostly on the weekends at stupid hours in the morning when I was playing sport.
  89. I would definitely love to step into the ring with Ronda Rousey.
  90. I like being me and portraying myself in a certain way that makes me feel comfortable and confident.
  91. I’m proud of where NXT has come and all the girls and what they are accomplishing and how they have changed for the better.
  92. Things in life change very frequently… things get thrown at you all the time. You just have to be ready for anything in this business – that’s wrestling. It’s just life, really.
  93. Guilty pleasure – I love Falling in Reverse. Ronnie Radke is just amazing.
  94. Triple H is someone I’ve looked up to since I was a little girl.
  95. I have fans there for me and I’m legitimately working the job I dreamt about since being a child and I have to remember that sometimes.
  96. At the end of the day we’re humans. Treat others how you want to be treated or just be quiet.
  97. With the first Mae Young Classic, I was very young. I was 20.
  98. Starting at 16 in Australia at Riot City Wrestling, I learned a lot about myself and wrestling in general.
  99. I feel like once my career is all done and dusted, and I’ve done everything I could have possibly done, then that’s my glory. Then I can live, and have a normal life, and go have kids. I love wrestling, but when that day comes, I’m going back home and I’m starting a family.
  100. My whole life I’ve had people telling me that I look like a man, I’m not feminine, I’m too masculine, all that stuff.

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