Ryan Hurd Quotes

  1. Music hits everyone differently every single day.
  2. When you’re a songwriter, you don’t have control over which songs get heard and which ones don’t.
  3. It might seem difficult to separate my artist and my writing career, but for me, it’s just music.
  4. I think one thing I’ve always focused on is getting better instead of getting somewhere.
  5. I love coffee because it’s the ritual of my morning. I’m very much a morning person.
  6. The first song I ever had recorded by another artist was a song called ‘Surefire Feeling’ by Jake Owen.
  7. Whenever you put out music, you’re just rolling the dice, and the nice thing with Spotify is they’re willing to roll them with you.
  8. My birthday is in November, so I think I’m a Scorpio? I’m not even sure!
  9. I love writing songs for other people, and it’s an honor when someone records your songs.
  10. Authentic rock and roll is a sound that I’ve always been drawn to with bands like Brand New and Jimmy Eat World.
  11. Some people in the public eye are hardline, like, ‘We don’t share anything about ourselves.’ And that’s fine.
  12. I have a horrible habit of buying merch tees. I go on people’s websites and look at all their merch because I’m interested in it, because we sell merch, too. And then, I always end up buying something.
  13. That’s a lonely place when you think that nobody wants to work with you, but in reality, what it is is they’re just wanting to see you get good enough to get a publishing deal or to be a professional songwriter.
  14. I’m not just looking for hits.
  15. I got a sociology degree and then had an opportunity to go to graduate school. But I said no, because I wanted to give songwriting a shot.
  16. I have three man crushes: Kit Harington, Ryan Gosling, and Alexander Skarsgard.
  17. You never think your song’s gonna be on the radio. Until it is.
  18. Certain songs mean a lot to you, and they don’t really resonate with anybody else, and the ones you don’t necessarily love are the ones that become really meaningful to a lot of other people.
  19. I came to Nashville to go to Belmont. I went to school to be a student.
  20. I love having my voice on my songs now, but it also means a lot to hear that another artist likes your song enough to cut it and put it on their album. It’s a special kind of compliment.
  21. It’s very validating to have people who do what you do react to a song in a cool way.

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