Ryan Mason Quotes

  1. I look at some kids and they head the ball with the top of the head and their technique is all wrong, therefore the pressure that it’s putting on the brain is a lot more.
  2. I’m quite a positive person anyway and I realize the benefits of not trying to look at the negatives on things.
  3. It’s difficult but I’m respecting my body – what I can do I’m doing, and what I can’t do I’m not.
  4. I loved football, that’s all I knew.
  5. I’d be lying if I said certain comments don’t affect you. We’re human beings. I had to zone out of it and had to take myself off social media as a player because I didn’t want to see it.
  6. I can confirm that following specialist medical advice I am having to retire from playing professional football.
  7. Harry Kane is one of the most professional guys I’ve ever seen or come across in my life.
  8. I don’t think kids should be heading real balls.
  9. My whole life, I’ve been preparing for moments and you can only know how you’re going to react once you’re in them.
  10. My main priority was to get my health back. I had my family around me and my partner had just had a baby. It put into perspective some of the things that were most important.
  11. I spent so long at Spurs that it’s my club. If I was to become a good coach then that would be by DNA with the way they play and the way they go about things.
  12. I don’t think repetitive heading at a young age is doing the kids any good, that’s for sure.
  13. We want to play nice football but there are times in games and situations where you can’t do that, and you have to come together and be solid.
  14. When I was in the youth team, I didn’t really see a path into the first team initially because there were managers who didn’t really want to promote youth, they’d rather go out and buy someone.
  15. In England there’s a philosophy that it’s better to be bigger and stronger. I was in the gym doing bench-presses which had no relevance and it wasn’t helping me on the pitch. It was extra weight I didn’t need and I couldn’t carry. A lot of injuries came through that.
  16. I don’t have to coach. Football is a very rewarding game at the highest level. I’m doing it because I have a passion.
  17. I understand there is a lot of pressure on managers to get instant results, but English players know the league, and for them to be given the opportunity and the time as well, there is plenty of talent out there.
  18. I think City are probably four or five years ahead of us, they’ve had a manager for such a long time, worked a certain way for such a long time. Going forward, my idea and I’m sure everyone’s idea of Tottenham is to be brave and try and dominate games like they do.
  19. There are no guarantees in football.
  20. What separates the good players from the greats people remember is consistency.
  21. I don’t really like singling out players but it’s hard not to.
  22. I’d never tell a player not to back his team-mate because it’s part of being together.
  23. It was a big impact. I fractured the skull and it shattered into quite a few pieces. The plates I’ve had inserted will be there permanently, along with the screws.
  24. There were times when I just couldn’t be around noise, and people talking in the same room would have been too much for me.
  25. There’s always another press conference, another training session and more videos to watch.
  26. I want to be positive. I want to be happy. I want to work hard and enjoy the moment and have experiences to look back on when I’m older.
  27. I think from day one, recovering, it is just try to be as positive as you can.
  28. That’s important as players, we have to be happy to perform to our best.
  29. I respect the fans, they’re the heart and soul of the football club and their opinion matters, it really does.
  30. It’s important that we have the right mentality because it’s not easy to win games in the Premier League.
  31. I want to score more than 10 goals and help the team to win games.
  32. I think every season in pre-season you go into it and everyone is saying, ‘they’ll be strong next season,’ but you never know.
  33. I can’t speak highly enough of Petr Cech. He’s set the standards of what it is to be a proper man and a gentleman.
  34. Of course no player wants to end their career with regrets. I don’t think any human being likes having regrets either.
  35. I always said to myself that when I stopped playing I would go back and coach at Tottenham.
  36. I think when you lose a cup final, it’s disappointing.
  37. There are not many managers in the Premier League willing to put homegrown players in and trust them.
  38. Football, for a lot of people, is everything they have in life.
  39. It’s not easy to win every game.
  40. Maybe bring in sponge balls to learn the technique and gain that experience of actually challenging for a header.
  41. Every match I watch will be bittersweet. It will always hurt, I’ll always miss competing. That’s what I’ve done my whole life and that burning desire is not just going to leave me.
  42. Dortmund are a top European side.
  43. I’ve always felt a massive connection with the fans. I’ve always felt loved.
  44. I’m so lucky to be alive. That’s always in the back of my mind.
  45. I’ve enjoyed learning, I’m still learning, and I’ll always be learning like any coach or any player. It’s important you are still open to learning.
  46. I watch football every day of my life and I’ve always watched football every day of my life.
  47. Obviously it’s my job, a coach’s job to start giving the players a platform and start preparing, start planning.
  48. Tottenham were great with me.
  49. I was in hospital for eight days and when I came home I probably slept for 18 to 20 hours a day for the first four or five weeks. Breakfast would tire me out. Just getting up to sit at the table would be exhausting. I couldn’t physically do anything.
  50. When you’re very close to having your life taken away from you, it would be strange if that didn’t have an effect on you.
  51. When you’re at a club that’s stable and everyone is enjoying it, it’s very hard to consider leaving.
  52. Representing my country is an honor that nobody can ever take away from me and something that I am so proud to have achieved.
  53. The teams who win things are those who, when the going gets tough, pull together, put their foot in, win tackles and second balls.
  54. I was a luxury player. Having been pampered at Tottenham for so long, I went into League One and had to graft and learn the ugly side of the game. I grew as a player.
  55. It’s important to bring young players through if they’re good enough.
  56. We live in a world with men wanting to be brave. Not many will stand up and say, ‘I don’t feel right here.’
  57. You just have to be ready in the moment, and you have to live in the moment.
  58. It’s very difficult in the Premier League to win three, four, five games in a row.
  59. It’s a scary moment when you’re on a football pitch and realize that your life is in danger – it was a one in a million kind of thing.
  60. There were a few clubs in the Championship and I spoke to some managers, but I wanted to play for Tottenham. There was always that doubt that if I left I’d end up regretting it, and I would have definitely regretted it.
  61. I am and always will be eternally grateful for the incredible network of people around me who have helped me to recover from what was a life-threatening injury in January 2017.
  62. All the moments I’ve had in the last 10, 15 years as a player have maybe shaped me to where I am today. But the way I live my life, the way I think I want to be positive, happy, to have experiences that I can look back on.
  63. Obviously I’ve had some injuries and it’s kept me out of the team for quite a long time and it’s always difficult to have long spells on the sidelines and then try to get back into the team.
  64. It has been difficult because I am physically there. But when it is something so sensitive, with your brain and your skull, it does probably make it a little bit easier to accept you are not going to play again, because it could be life-threatening. So that has definitely made it easier.
  65. I’m a Tottenham player and am determined to go back into pre-season as fit as possible with the aim of impressing the gaffer to try and establish myself in the team.
  66. There’s always speculation around the best players.
  67. A trophy is always welcome, especially after many years without one.
  68. I think my thoughts were of pure fear in those seconds after the collision. A clash of heads is pretty common in football but the sheer impact of it was worrying, because it was in this temple area. It seems to be a softer part of the head. I remember being on the ground. It really did feel like a bomb had exploded in my head. It was so painful.
  69. No matter how hard it got, I’ve always been fortunate enough, thinking I’m actually lucky to be here.’ I always took that mindset.
  70. To have had the honor of captaining the team fills me with immense pride.
  71. Sometimes you have a clash of heads and it feels a bit sore, but I remember the impact was huge. I was touching my head and it felt like it was pouring with blood, but I remember looking and there was nothing on my hand. For me that was a sign it was probably quite serious.
  72. The most important thing for me is the connection between fans, players and everyone involved in the football club.
  73. Even after I retired I’d get messages about my injury and certain things, and you almost think it’s another message and I’ll just ignore it, but these things shouldn’t be acceptable. They aren’t acceptable but they just seem to be ok to happen.
  74. I have had difficult moments, I had a great network of people around me. But I feel there are people here who genuinely care about me as a human being.
  75. I feel content knowing that I dedicated my life to be able to play football at the highest level, hard work really does pay off!
  76. When the brain gets an injury, the body just instinctively responds and it almost shuts everything else down.
  77. Retiring was very tough, it’s tough at the best of times. Nothing can prepare you for it.
  78. There’s plenty of points to play for in the Premier League.
  79. Between 18 and 21, a lot of people said I needed to put on weight.
  80. My opinion may be different to many, but I think Oliver Skipp is an incredible talent and one of the most professional guys I have come across in the academy.
  81. If you have got a seven- or eight-year-old heading a solid ball, and his brain and his bone in his skull isn’t fully developed, then that could potentially be doing damage.
  82. For me it’s pretty simple to diagnose concussion on a football pitch. If there’s any doubt about it, then in my eyes, they should take the player off the pitch.
  83. It wouldn’t surprise me in 10 to 15 years if heading wasn’t involved in the game. The research and the momentum it’s getting, I think it’s probably going to open up a lot more stuff that becomes quite shocking.
  84. That’s all hypothetical – if we win, if we do this.’ I’ve said all along my only focus is on the next game, I’m really not silly enough to starting thinking ahead of certain situations.
  85. I worked with Mauricio Pochettino and even as a player, he had certain mannerisms and his body language. There was so much to learn from.
  86. Ultimately the specialists that I’ve seen and spoken to, if you do get a whack on the head and there’s a small sort of concussion, and then you go and get another whack on the head within minutes, then that’s when the damage can be done. And I think that’s where we can potentially protect the players a lot more.
  87. In terms of management, I love what I am doing, it’s incredible, I love representing the club and having the honor and responsibility of helping a set of players get football results because there is nothing better.
  88. I can’t speak on transfer value and people’s stock and all that. In football things change so quickly.
  89. Of course I’m a Tottenham man.
  90. When you’ve played reserve team football in front of 50 people, then you play at White Hart Lane with five or six of the same lads – it’s hard to describe what that feels like.
  91. I want us to be brave and aggressive and play like Tottenham Hotspur.
  92. Tottenham has always been a massive club and we’re getting the mix right.
  93. It’s football and anyone involved knows that you have to be prepared.

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