Sabrina Claudio Quotes

  1. There’s such a stigma against females and them speaking their mind and them being confident and stubborn that it’s almost like it becomes a fear that we don’t want anybody to think of us in a specific way.
  2. The visual for ‘Holding The Gun’ is a love story. It’s about a ride or die and unapologetic type of love and a kind of loyalty that only comes once in a lifetime.
  3. I did ‘Oh Holy Night,’ which is one that I grew up listening to because I was in choir in high school and we would do Christmas concerts and competitions every year.
  4. No Rain, No Flowers’ is an inside look into my journey of healing and growth.
  5. I get most of my influences from specific genres. I listen to a lot of R&B music, obviously. But, jazz, and bossa nova music, too.
  6. What am I afraid of as an artist? I guess I was scared before of just not being heard. But I’m too loud now.
  7. Holding The Gun’ symbolizes loyalty and an everlasting type of love.
  8. The only time I write with someone else is with one of my friends but I write everything myself.
  9. Becoming an artist and finding my way, I did kind of veer off into different genres and none of them ever fit.
  10. On ‘About Time’ there were about three times I had a co-writer with me. The rest of them was me, I wrote them myself.
  11. When I first started writing, when I was 15, I would go to work with people and they would tell me my lyrics were too mature for my age!
  12. I went through a gothic phase at one point. All black: black lipstick, purple lipstick. It was very weird, and then I went through a phase where I wore shoes with no less than a three-inch platform.
  13. I’m an extremely introverted and isolated writer, but I was starting to feel exhausted and as if my writing was becoming redundant. As much as it was a silly fear of mine, I began opening myself up to other writers and it was the best decision I could’ve made for my art.
  14. Those two words, ‘Truth Is,’ symbolize everything this album is about.
  15. I wrote ‘Truth Is’ with Julia Michaels during our first time working together. The song is about emotions we often think of but are afraid to voice – the feelings we try to convince ourselves we don’t actually feel.
  16. The main part of living in Miami is that you have to learn how to dance salsa.
  17. I’m really happy doing normal things.
  18. Everything that I do, it just has the sultry vibe behind it.
  19. By letting go of my fears and concerns, I’ve gained so much happiness and freedom. With that freedom I’ve also gained confidence.
  20. I’m not a bug person, but something about butterflies I can handle because they’re kind of cute.
  21. There was a lot of disappointment and rejection that came really early in my life, until I had to change my mindset and become even stronger.
  22. I work on my own music every day. I’m pretty much always working on it so it’s like, after I get out the studio, I just want silence.
  23. There’s such a theme when it comes to Christmas, and we’re so used to hearing that theme over and over in different ways with the classic Christmas songs.
  24. I’m not a fashion person, but I would describe my style as very neutral. I love a good silk slip.
  25. I’ve always had a maturity within my writing.
  26. Flowers are just a natural thing in my life. I gravitate towards them so much, just in every video that I do, every visual, for some reason, flowers are incorporated.
  27. I’m growing as a woman and I’m able to write about things that I wanted to write about when I was younger.
  28. Before moving to L.A., I was working with a lot of people who were manipulating me, where they either wanted to put things out immediately or didn’t – I was on everybody else’s time frame. But once I was on my own, I was like, ‘You know what? I’m going to do this right and take my time, and I’ll put things out only when I’m ready.’
  29. I like to put people in their feelings.
  30. I’m usually most inspired when I finish performing and traveling.
  31. I do write my own stuff.
  32. I’m not the happiest when it comes to my music.
  33. I feel like L.A. is my actual home.
  34. Going from Miami to L.A., it’s such a different scene. In L.A., it’s always dressing to impress. Miami is not, unless you go to South Beach.
  35. I started making original music during my YouTube process. And as a young female, dealing with a lot of male producers who were older and had more so-called experience, they would discourage me, telling me that what I was doing – and even my vision – was never going to work. And that lasted quite a long time.
  36. Rain symbolizes darkness but also represents an essential part of rebirth.
  37. I love the type of music that comes out of Miami, but it’s not the artist that I want to be.
  38. I’m still learning about myself, my body and my mind, but I’m not afraid to tell my story.
  39. I’m Cuban and Puerto Rican and Miami is very Cuban oriented. Growing up around the music – all of the salsa and meringue influenced me as an artist. I find myself gravitating to latin influences, sounds.
  40. I think that R&B is something that people need to hear.
  41. When it comes to creation, I am open. However, I am extremely picky when it comes to who I create with.
  42. Everything is tough when you’re just starting out in this industry, because there’s a lot of shady people out there. So finding the right people is the toughest thing.

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