Salim Kumar Quotes

  1. I believe acting also has a retirement phase. Unfortunately, no one in the industry is ready to accept that.
  2. Like any other actor, I also look for good scripts and want to portray some memorable characters on screen.
  3. I accept a character purely based on its merits and not on any other criteria.
  4. I have heard stories of how the Malayali jury members trying to play down actors from our own state, stating various reasons.
  5. I have done some serious roles earlier and there have been some brilliant comedy roles in my career as well.
  6. Usually, people think that award movies are hard to break.
  7. We are tagged as comedians, villains, etc. but those are just character traits of a role and there is no need for differentiation.
  8. Though direction was always on my mind, scripting was accidental.
  9. I am a son, husband and father of two children. I have to take care of their needs and concerns.
  10. Till a person is proven guilty, no one should attack him or her.
  11. I had always wanted to don the director’s hat and was waiting for the right time.
  12. Only a devotee can understand another one.
  13. An award should be earned based on an actor’s ability and not be just given as a present.
  14. I was not active in films for three years owing to some treatments I was undergoing.
  15. Cinema was my passion and I am sure that if you are talented, nobody can sideline you because you are just a comedian.
  16. I don’t want to limit myself as an actor alone.
  17. Cinema was always my passion and dream.
  18. We have seen many instances where Malayali actors missed out on the awards when some of the jury members were from the state.
  19. I am glad to say that I used to read a lot right from a young age.
  20. Mimicry artistes and comedians are supposed to incorporate incidents around him in his acts in a satirical way. For that, he should be well aware about the things happening around him.
  21. Though there is lot of struggle, nothing deterred my ambition to get into the film industry.

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