Samantha Akkineni Quotes

  1. I have put a date as to when I want my baby… The date has been fixed. Like, as if that’s going to happen according to the date we have fixed. But Chay seems to be certain that it will happen on the assigned date.
  2. People often ask me why I don’t take up more heroine-oriented roles. My question is, ‘Where are these roles?’ I really appreciate actresses who sign only films with meaty roles. However, there aren’t too many of them. The industry is simply male-dominated.
  3. I am my biggest critic. Even in films where people said they liked me, I have disliked myself.
  4. I will come to know when my time’s up, and when it is, I will exit gracefully. I will not hang around till I am kicked out.
  5. Only the film industry can make you an overnight success. Unlike other jobs where you have to work your way up, here you can reach dizzying heights of fame instantly.
  6. I think people are able to relate to my appearance. They think of me as the girl next door.
  7. In the film industry, you are fictitious, just like the characters you play. It has a lot do with a perception about you, and not necessarily you. You are successful because people like that image of you on screen.
  8. A lot of new girls are arriving every day – let them do the glamour roles! I am done with ultra glam outfits and five song routines – hereafter, I want to do meatier roles, now that I’ve acted with all the biggies.
  9. Allu Arjun is one of the most stylish actors. We should take care of our looks when acting with him because he wears the best of costumes, and if we don’t take care, we would look like a housemaid beside him.
  10. Of course, I will continue acting. I just need to dispel the Telugu and Tamil cinema’s insecurities about married actresses. I don’t know about others. But I am not going anywhere after marriage.
  11. I love acting, but I’m not too crazy about money or fame. They don’t drive me.
  12. I just want my films to work. The hit or flop verdict really affects me. I seriously analyse what went wrong if a film turns out to be a dud!
  13. I never look at how many songs I have or how many girls are there in a movie. If I like my character, I play it.
  14. There’s a thin line between catering to the masses and making a fool of yourself; I try to walk that line.
  15. I have the greatest respect for working mothers.
  16. I haven’t signed as many films as I’d like to because there are no good roles, as disheartening as it is to say.
  17. I am done with the cliched heroine roles. I can’t go to work without a challenge. I want to do films that drive me, films in which I am a part of the main plot.
  18. I have always wanted to work with Lingusamy, as he is a master of commercial cinema. I have always admired his etching of female characters.
  19. I vent my anger in the gym, and it calms me down.
  20. There are thousands of good-looking women out there. Longevity for a heroine doesn’t come only with good looks: talent matters.
  21. I’m blessed to have a person like Naga Chaitanya in my life. He’s a gem of everything.
  22. I know many actresses who started big but were sent packing, as they couldn’t sustain the momentum. I am in this for the long haul.
  23. I have always had huge respect for comedians/comediennes. It’s because comedy is very hard to portray.
  24. For all adults who haven’t had a very rosy childhood, the first thing they will tell you is that they want to give their child everything that they did not have. That’s something that has stuck with me.
  25. Chay and I have a very normal approach to things, from writing our provision list to deciding the menu for dinner to seeing if everything is there at home.

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