Samantha Fox Quotes

  1. I kept thinking I was always going to meet the right man, but I never did. Kept waiting for this knight in shining armour. ‘When’s he coming? He’s taking a long time, isn’t he?’
  2. I wanted to get a taste of what it would feel like to be a mum. I’ve always had a strong maternal instinct and ideally I would love one of my own.
  3. As a kid, I dreamed of being a pop star, a glamorous woman and traveling the world. And I’ve done that all my life.
  4. All my life, it’s been the same with men. Being a woman who is famous and adored by men is very hard for any boyfriend to handle. All my boyfriends end up insecure.
  5. When I was a model, everybody was scrutinising me and I felt I had to go to the gym because my figure had to be fantastic. Now that I’m a singer, I’ve got a different kind of body – it’s more athletic.
  6. At 20, I didn’t know what suited me. I had terrible fashion sense and awful make-up.
  7. When somebody wants me to sign an old picture, it’s like looking at another person.
  8. I still consider myself a working-class girl and would send my kids to public school.
  9. It wouldn’t be fair to drag a child round the world, touring.
  10. I consider myself sexy. But the sexy image doesn’t bother me, and I don’t think it detracts from my singing.
  11. I’ve got ten pairs of trainers. That’s one for every day of the week.
  12. I still keep my accent.
  13. The simple things in life make me very happy.
  14. I don’t have a problem with my image; it’s other people who do.
  15. I am very domesticated. I find I really enjoy it.
  16. You can’t be taught to be brainy. You’ve either got it or you don’t.
  17. I always wanted it, the fame. When it come, I didn’t want to let it go.
  18. Gay guys love women who are tough, who are survivors. They always call me a diva. And I am a survivor; I’ve pulled through everything and I’ve not become bitter about it.
  19. I’m an outgoing girl, and I can’t help the way I look.
  20. It’s different cultures that make the world go ’round at the end of the day.
  21. I can’t beleive I’m here to tell the tale, this was my first brush with death, and God must have been looking after us and obviously, it wasn’t our time.
  22. Listen, it’s very easy not to be ripped off, you know. Get yourself a lawyer.

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