Sanjay Gandhi Quotes

  1. If everyone simply ignores the caste system, it will go away overnight.
  2. I consider politics very boring.
  3. What strikes me as most significant is that young people everywhere in India are anxious to do something. But I have also felt they are not quite clear in their mind as to what they should do.
  4. We have to convince our youth that the nation does not need the white-collared class only. We have to find work for the rural young people in the village itself and stop the exodus to the cities.
  5. I advocate family planning, but I have never stood for forcible sterilisation.
  6. One can see the professionals and intellectuals talking to their rural brethren with an amused and condescending smile. They forget that but for the toiling rural masses, all their professional training and erudition would collapse like a castle of cards.
  7. I understand that many young men and women are coming forward to join Youth Congress. I am not surprised. It is only natural. The vast majority of our youth is sober and idealistic. It looks forward to an era of disciplined, planned, constructive activity.
  8. For the last 20 years, political parties have had a one-way relationship with youth – of exploiting them for political gains and denying them their dues.
  9. The future generation is not going to judge India just on the basis of one election. There are greater things by which the country is judged. The future generation is going to want a strong economy.
  10. Anything that is not good for the poor people of India is not the policy of the Congress Party.

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