Saqib Saleem Quotes

  1. Huma has made her mark in the industry with films like ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ and ‘Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana.’ I am happy for what she has achieved today because we belong to a non-film background.
  2. Not many people know this about me, but my first passion in life was cricket.
  3. Now that I am an actor (if you can call me that) I still watch movies with the same childlike enthusiasm.
  4. People need to differentiate me from my roles.
  5. I am not a morning person at all.
  6. It is always great to come back to your own college.
  7. Beckham is the best styled person in the world.
  8. The goal in my life is to grow and become better than before.
  9. I am a cricket lover and wanted to be a cricketer.
  10. I was fortunate to work with the biggest names of the industry; I would like to continue this journey of discovering myself as an actor and keep experimenting.
  11. I am a movie buff – I even claim I am a Hindi film encyclopedia post 1988(only because that was the year I was born in… haha).
  12. I came to Mumbai because I was in love with a girl.
  13. In any field, people want to work with those who they know and trust. It’s the same in the Hindi film industry.
  14. I learn from everybody on a film set.
  15. I am damn happy for Huma. I think ‘Kaala’ will be a game changer for her, it is one of the nicest script.
  16. I am an actor so I have to do my work and going beyond societal norms.
  17. I had watched ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ and wanted to be a part of Gupte’s kind of cinema. As an actor, I am hungry for diverse roles and my sole aim is to learn as much I can from him.
  18. I want to do films that provide entertainment, but are also content-driven.
  19. In ‘Race 3,’ the only person I was scared of working with was Anil Kapoor.
  20. I want to surprise people with my work every time.
  21. Thank you Sachin Tendulkar. For teaching me and a million others how to be humble, how to keep fighting and above all how to be consistent in life. In whatever he does he is and always will be the man apart from my father who taught me about life. I love you.
  22. I would love to play a negative guy, play the villain. It is always interesting to have shades to your character.
  23. Sometimes, people don’t make the kind of films you want to do.
  24. I don’t feel secure as an actor. I want to do more films and get accepted by masses.
  25. If you screw up five films straight, then you’re done. It’s a business, the producer invests money and you need to make sure his money is recovered and in the process you give out the best film.
  26. I am a kid who grew up watching mainstream Hindi films like ‘Sholay,’ ‘Satte Pe Satta’ and ‘Mr India.’
  27. I don’t think it’s right to define films as commercial or art house. What’s important is that a film evokes a certain emotion when it’s being watched.
  28. As an actor you have to deliver what the director wants.
  29. I was a sportsman and played cricket all my life.
  30. There are people who like my work. So there are exciting things coming up to me, but it’s slow of course.
  31. While I was in college, I was intrigued by modelling and also won the best model award in my college.
  32. A brother can give his sister lots of love.
  33. I feel as an actor it is very essential to develop new hobbies at least once every two to three months, so that you are pretty well acquainted with all the new things around you.
  34. One needs to have a comfort level with the director.
  35. If my films don’t do well, nobody is going to give me films.
  36. I and Virat have played cricket when we were youngsters back in Delhi. We were about 12 then. He had that spark in him and we knew he would play for India one day. He was a very good player then too.
  37. Just because something is not happening to you doesn’t mean that it never will.
  38. A lot of people ask me, if I aspire to do films in Hollywood. If I get a chance, I would love to. But I feel that I owe it to my upbringing and the cinema I grew up on, to achieve something first in our film industry, and then venture out.
  39. I come from a family where two wheelers were not allowed. No seriously not even a tiny cycle around the compound.
  40. I am an accidental actor.
  41. Whatever I have achieved in the industry is something I consider to be amazing.
  42. Things happen overnight for some people, not everyone.
  43. When kids my age were crying over girls, my first heartbreak was not because of some silly school time crush but because I lost out on playing for Delhi’s Under 14 team, even after I was selected in the playing eleven.
  44. For ‘Rangbaaz,’ I had put on weight to play the gangster and for ’83,’ I had to lose all that weight.
  45. I want to get mobbed and want people to see me as the guy who they can’t get enough of.
  46. I was a bully while growing up.
  47. I started getting modelling assignments and that’s how I became interested in acting. But my father, who last watched Dilip Kumar’s ‘ Devdas,’ wanted me to do MBA. I didn’t listen to him and gave my audition for Yash Raj films’ ‘Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge’ and got selected for it.
  48. I am just enjoying the attention I am getting. It has been very overwhelming.
  49. I come from an orthodox Muslim family.
  50. It’s so hard saying goodbye… it’s hard saying good bye to all the things that one has held dear for weeks, months, sometimes years.
  51. Whenever I am dating somebody, I want her to take care of me like my mother.
  52. Be patient and always keep persevering.
  53. It becomes important to do the right films, than do 10 films in a year. You may do it once, but it’ll never happen again.
  54. Our lives are slowly but surely becoming connected to each other.
  55. There is no better institute than Hindu College.
  56. I know whoever I’ll work with, will open up different avenues for me, be it Imtiaz Ali or Rajkumar Hirani, the list is endless, the amount of talent we have in our country in terms of directors is insane.
  57. As a newcomer in the industry, it was my dream to work with Karan Johar.
  58. Before ‘Race 3,’ I had not done a role which required me to do action.
  59. It was hard saying goodbye to that oblivion they call childhood.
  60. I want to do different kind of roles that people don’t want to do.
  61. People end up seeing actors hanging around with somebody and they link them together.
  62. To find a good script is very important, because the chances and opportunities I would be getting will be very far and few.
  63. I am a very big fan of Aamir Khan. He has a great filmography. I also want to do films like him.
  64. I love how my mom loves everyone unconditionally.
  65. I have always maintained that music videos and web series are opportunities for actors and technicians, who haven’t been able to do films together, to collaborate and make something exciting.
  66. After watching ‘Stanley ka Dabba,’ I just told myself that the one guy I have to work with is Amol Gupte. The reason being, his films are very simple and they create such a magical world around.
  67. I take time with my films and I want to work on every script properly before I move on to something else.
  68. The point is movies can teach a lot without preaching.
  69. One of the defining moments in my life was when I had the privilege to speak to him over the phone. I couldn’t say anything – I was tongue tied. I just cried out of sheer happiness. That day I made a promise to myself; One day I will play for Sachin’s team- I’ll play for team India.
  70. When I have to do an emotional scene, I sometimes feel drained right before doing it.
  71. It is an absolute delight to work with Ranveer. He is a thorough professional and at the same time, he is such a cool guy.
  72. I’ve been very lucky to debut with Yashraj films, then being directed by Karan Johar and now Amol Gupte.
  73. Ever since I became an actor, I wanted my film to release on Eid.
  74. It’s soo freaking hard studying all night for your exams when you know there is no hope of clearing the dreaded Hindi paper.
  75. I can’t do too many films.
  76. Though I have been a sportsperson all my life, movies have always been an essential part of my life.
  77. The traffic is getting worse everyday and thus making people do things they ideally wouldn’t do and you can’t blame them as sitting in their cars getting baked in the sun for at least a couple of hours everyday would turn anyone delirious.
  78. In my first film, I kissed a girl and nobody said anything on that. Now in my third film, I kissed a guy and the media has made a hue and cry about it.
  79. We cannot stay enveloped in our own reality and turn a blind eye to the plight of others.
  80. Doing action gives you a different high altogether.
  81. I was doing a couple of films which got shelved a week before the shooting was supposed to start.
  82. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work with path-breaking directors like Karan Johar and now Amole Gupte, so early in my career.
  83. I am not content at all. I am a very greedy actor, I just want to keep exploring myself.
  84. Besides acting, I have tons of plans but there is time for it.
  85. With the advent of technology the world has surely become a smaller place.
  86. I want the whole country to love me and I have no qualms in admitting it.
  87. I need to crack the Mumbai traffic code – if I leave early, under the assumption that there will be traffic, I get completely clear roads and reach an hour before my meeting, and then because I can’t find parking I end up having to walk anyway.
  88. The actor’s journey to learn should never stop.
  89. Had I not been an actor, I would have been counting cash at my father’s restaurant or supervising activities in the kitchen. I did it for a year when I was in college. I put on 10 kgs and then it hit me that I couldn’t do that anymore.
  90. Acting is very subjective and one can’t be deterred by what people think of your work.
  91. I can never be on time anywhere.
  92. Ram is the best reel father. My mother was happy as she follows ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’ and enjoys Ram’s performance.
  93. It’s difficult to keep your eyes moist free and your head clear when the girl you really really liked chooses to go on a date with your best friend.
  94. Whenever people see me on screen, I want them to feel that I am making an effort and pushing the envelope.
  95. Well, I would want ‘Race 3’ to change the course of my career, but whether that will happen is something which we will know only when the film releases.
  96. I don’t want to be stuck to any specific genre.
  97. Kabir sir is an extremely planned director. He knows how his film is going to look like and knows exactly what edits are to be made in the film. Thus, it helps the actor a lot when they work with somebody who is so planned.
  98. The definition of love keeps evolving.
  99. It is a way to express yourself. Fashion has to be individual and I like to express my fashion the way I style myself.
  100. There is time for everything in life.

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