Sarfaraz Ahmed Quotes

  1. Every match against India is important.
  2. Whether you play England, either you play West Indies or Australia, you have to take wicket if you stop any team.
  3. Moin Bhai has played a significant role in my career and I am thankful to him for where I am today.
  4. I shout and scream at my players – everything is right in front of you.
  5. When a bowler bowls with the crowd support behind him, it naturally raises one’s morale.
  6. I think it’s good to be unpredictable.
  7. If I deviate from my nature, it’s possible that my game will be affected.
  8. It is easy to claim that we will score 450 or 500 runs but to achieve this target an entire process is required.
  9. When you were playing cricket non-stop without a break, relentlessly, then these breaks really help you.
  10. Younis is someone I greatly admired and it was a real pleasure to have played alongside him for a long time. His work ethics are something we always cherished. There is no better example of professionalism than him. His determination and dedication are known to all of us and it is no surprise that he is Pakistan’s most prolific Test run-getter.
  11. It is disappointing to see cricket being targeted after the Pulwama incident.
  12. Everyone’s target is to improve Pakistan’s cricket.
  13. The educated youth are the future of Pakistan and they will make us proud in the future too.
  14. As a captain, I don’t have long-term targets in my mind as it is better to go with short targets.
  15. To be appointed as captain of the team of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017, which includes some of the finest and most attractive cricketers of this generation, is the perfect icing on the cake.
  16. Pakistani people love cricket, they love to support and they love the players.
  17. It is important to let go the past.
  18. One does make mistakes and the best thing for any individual is to learn from those shortcomings.
  19. When you are captain in any format, it definitely brings a lot of pressure on you and this is why its a big responsibility.
  20. When you are captain you basically think differently – more about the team than yourself.
  21. Social media and media are not in our control. They are so big that you cannot stop them.
  22. It will be our effort to make Pakistan the number one team in all formats of the game.
  23. My nature cannot be changed.
  24. Look, when we go as favourites, then it’s a problem, but if we go as underdogs then other teams feel the danger, so I think being underdogs is good for us and eases the pressure.
  25. Momentum is very important.
  26. Our fans are emotional and these same people lift us when we win. But if they feel sad on a defeat we also feel the same way. We feel it much more because we are playing for Pakistan.
  27. It would be difficult to replace Misbah and Younis.
  28. Show your intent and it’s not about playing all your shots, like Fakhar Zaman, only Fakhar does that.
  29. When superstars play it is easier to guide them during a match because they don’t need much guidance; they already know how to cope with high-pressure situations.
  30. Shadab Khan and Fakhar Zaman have played domestic cricket but PSL gave them an identity.
  31. I just don’t think cricket should be targeted for political gains.
  32. Winning and losing is part of the game and it’s not that we are the first team to have lost a match; previous teams also have faced defeats.
  33. The more you play Test cricket, you get to mature as Test player.
  34. Any player in our cricket team has reached here because of the prayers of his mother.
  35. I am honoured to be appointed Test captain.
  36. Test captaincy is a challenge but things will get easier with time.
  37. When you lose, a lot of things that should stay in the dressing room get leaked.
  38. If we want to progress as a nation then we must strengthen our youth.
  39. I have always enjoyed playing cricket in every format and tried to produce my best and bring the best out of the national team.
  40. The players are benefiting a lot from the PSL. You saw the young players in the PSL who are now in the senior team. They are learning from the international players who play with them in the league.
  41. Pakistan has always supported other countries by touring.
  42. People acknowledge you and applaud and it makes you more passionate about the game. It gives you proper recognition and if you perform well its increases your respect by a huge margin.
  43. Sometimes too much criticism is unwarranted.
  44. You need your senior players in pressure situations to guide the team.
  45. The tour of South Africa is a tough one and if you start thinking like this before it then it is not helpful for anyone.
  46. I don’t recall Pakistan ever mixing sports with politics.
  47. Sports should just be taken as sports.
  48. It’s not in our hands to control what people say about us.
  49. There is no truth to the claim people who play under Shoaib bhai don’t want to play under me.
  50. The batting coach does his job. He tells them the basic faults and helps them improve their technique. But if the batsman is in form then he has to carry that form.
  51. In overcast conditions where you bat first, we have to try and not lose early wickets.
  52. Being professional cricketers, we have to adjust to different playing conditions and perform well in all circumstances.
  53. Criticise us on our cricket but don’t get abusive with us.
  54. I learnt to be fearless.
  55. In modern-day cricket, the role of the first three to four batsmen has become very crucial.
  56. While criticising, one must not abuse.
  57. All professional teams put the past behind and look forward.
  58. We need to keep improving all the time.
  59. I don’t have enough words to praise Fakhar Zaman, Hasan Ali and Shadab Khan.
  60. Test cricket is a different format, you have to adjust to five-day cricket.
  61. It has been an honour to lead Pakistan at the highest level.
  62. Absolutely, Dhoni inspires me. He does it for wicket-keeping and batting both. He is a great keeper. I idolise him. The way he finishes an innings I would like to do the same for Pakistan too.

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