Sasha Pivovarova Quotes

  1. Fashion shoots put an enormous strain on my skin and hair. So when I’m away from the cameras, I don’t wear make-up, and I moisturise my skin with Aquasource by Biotherm.
  2. I am not afraid to experiment – sometimes going beyond what is traditionally beautiful is what makes a great picture.
  3. I have learned to be as strong and confident as the women I represent in photographs.
  4. If I knew the joy a child brings, I’d have become a mom earlier.
  5. I like to look after my body and my mind at the same time.
  6. I just walk how I walk. But I am also really inspired by the physical drama in silent films from the beginning of the 20th century – it’s ice cold and unreachable, like the stare of a sniper! I guess this look is something new that I brought into the world of fashion: a dark and dramatic, 19th century Russian literature and drama inspired look.
  7. It feels really strange when I walk by newsstands and I don’t see any magazines with me in it!
  8. Kids are our future.
  9. I don’t use a hairdryer when it’s not necessary; I try to look after my fragile hair.
  10. I love to do kung fu – it gives me energy.
  11. As a child, I always thought about big screen and even played in a amateur theatrical studio.
  12. My wardrobe is really colorful, and since hats are my favorite accessory, I have a big collection of them.
  13. Pampering my skin with moisturiser is very important, but so is drawing. I like sport, but I have to be really interested in it.
  14. I would do more film roles if I am invited.
  15. Creative process gives me the most freedom because I can do anything I want on a piece of blank media.
  16. My favorite area in Brooklyn is Williamsburg.
  17. For Russian food, I like the Zhiguli restaurant.
  18. I never thought my first role in a film would be a grandmother.
  19. As much as I love to portray a character, I also love portraying a more natural, elegant persona – particularly when I get to enjoy the sunshine in comfy, elegant clothes.
  20. I have these large pieces of recycled brown paper stretched on my apartment wall and when I am not doing anything fashion-related, I’m drawing on it, playing with colour spectrums.
  21. My beauty secret is really three secrets: get eight hours of sleep, eat natural/organic food, and exercise regularly.
  22. I pay a lot of attention to composition in my art, and I will often shift myself or change a pose according to the golden triangle rule of photography composition.
  23. When I am not working as a model, I spend time with my family or working on my art projects in my studio.
  24. My favorite places in Moscow are the Pushkin Museum of Fine Art – it has a wonderful collection of Impressionists – the Justo club, and Sandyni Bath, which is the oldest bath house in Moscow.
  25. My personal style is very eclectic. I like graphic shapes and multiple layers.

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