Scarlett Bordeaux Quotes

  1. I can’t work in a cubicle in an office.
  2. I can never see myself working a nine-to-five.
  3. I always hope my stuff does well and I see myself as someone who works very hard and I can see my own value.
  4. If I want to wrestle, I should be able to wrestle. If I want to be sexy, I should be allowed to be sexy. If I want to come out wearing a potato sack, I should be allowed to do that too.
  5. I’m a theater major.
  6. Every woman – we like being called pretty. We like being called sexy.
  7. I’ve never had a ton of money.
  8. I’m going for the Knockouts Championship.
  9. Appearing at TNA for the first time was extremely important to me due to the high visibility.
  10. It makes me feel powerful – being sexy. That’s for me, its not for everybody.
  11. I was never a sit-in-the-audience-type person. Even as a little kid, when I saw a band performing at a restaurant, I would ask them if I could sing a song.
  12. Ring of Honor has become a place I call a second home. The locker room is really my second family, they support me and I couldn’t do it without them.
  13. I’m a broadway girl, so anytime someone would sing my entrance music, that was probably my absolute favorite thing.
  14. My very first show that I went to was 2009, so that was the end of my senior year of high school, that was my first introduction to professional wrestling at all.
  15. I think it’s amazing that I finally have this platform with Impact Wrestling to showcase what I feel like I’ve been doing, what I’ve been capable of for so many years.
  16. I trained at a conservatory as a mezzo-soprano and was a musical theater major in college so I had a theater background.
  17. Performing has always been my passion.
  18. I accidentally met Don Callis in Japan. I was at New Japan and I was with mutual friends, and I met Don on accident and started telling him some of my ideas. We started talking and he basically at dinner was saying, ‘Hey, we should give you a job.’
  19. I wasn’t allowed to watch it as a little kid but I went with some friends who were some big independent wrestling fans and I saw it, I fell in love with it. Very quickly, I asked if I could help set up the ring, set up chairs, just be around it.

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