Scott Garrett Quotes

  1. Dealing with immigration should originate in Congress. The president should not act unilaterally.
  2. When the banks grow to or when these financial institutions grow to such a size that they can’t sustain themselves, or what have you, they have problems, economic problems, or financial problems, they shouldn’t be able to look back to you and I, the taxpayer, to be bailed out.
  3. If we want the banks to lend – and we all do – if we want the economy to expand – and we all do – do you really want to start confining the banks in their ability to make profits in order to generate more capital to lend out to the people?
  4. I stand with everyone who is sick of hearing about Washington cutting insider deals to their friends in business, politicians failing on their promises to fight increases in government spending, and more costly and complicated rules from Washington that make everyone’s lives harder.
  5. As the United States Congress considers military intervention in Syria, per President Obama’s request, I think it’s important to be very honest about what we are considering.
  6. I am profoundly concerned with the current treatment and status of Madoff fraud victims.
  7. A dramatic spending increase to fund the SEC and the CFTC, as envisioned by the authors of the Dodd-Frank legislation, would further the mindset that our nation’s problems can be solved with more spending, not more efficiency.
  8. Unfortunately, since its passage in 1973, the War Powers Resolution has been stripped of its original purpose and has instead served as a temporary, de facto authorization for the executive branch to use military force whenever it deems it necessary.
  9. On the Sandy bill, I did the best I could on waste, fraud and abuse, and then when the final bill comes, you don’t say, ‘Hell, no’ because you didn’t get everything you want in there.
  10. We have the idea of saying that put limitations on bailouts, so that the bailouts don’t occur in the future, so that we don’t have to do the – look to see AIG situations or Bear Stearns situations or the Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, which is probably going to be more money spent on those two institutions than the Congress spent on the TARP program.
  11. Dodd-Frank is a direct cause of the economic struggles millions of Americans continue to face today. The law provides so much regulation that it is a burden on the economy.
  12. I cannot ignore the will of my constituents by supporting a bill that allows President Obama’s executive amnesty plan to continue unchecked.
  13. It’s time to return our education policy back to local communities.
  14. I trust the individual over the bureaucracy.
  15. All the experts agree Medicare is going to go broke.
  16. It is one thing to oppose a bill and say, ‘Well, I’m smarter than the other side and have more wisdom than they do,’ but it is another thing to oppose a law because it violates the very principles upon which this country was founded.
  17. My view is that we should not be taxing at the Federal level for the things that New Jersey can do for itself.
  18. Saving for the future shouldn’t be a privilege for the wealthy.
  19. Somebody made the point with regard to President Obama that, because he tried to do so much so fast, so extreme on health care, on energy, just run down the list, he went to… the fringe elements of his party to satisfy their demands.
  20. If you discourage saving and investment, that means you’re walking in the opposite direction of job creation. You’re discouraging good job creation and job growth.
  21. Given that the president has not yet demonstrated why military action is in our best interest, given that the administration will not be constrained to keep boots off the ground, and given that there is no clear end-game, I am against the president’s resolution to go to war in Syria.
  22. The actions of hedge fund managers in exercising their fiduciary responsibilities to their investors is not the reason why Chrysler is in jeopardy.
  23. If it doesn’t have a full delay or defund of Obamacare, I know I and many others will not be able to support whatever the leadership proposes.
  24. The House Freedom Caucus has the same agenda today as it did yesterday, and that is to try to address the needs of each of our constituents, address the concerns the voters have been saying they have for a long time.
  25. I said I support anyone’s right to run for public office and will support those people who support positions that’s in the Republican platform.
  26. People bug you all the time. Sometimes, it’s a good bug, when they say you’re doing a good job. When it’s not a good bug, it’s even worse.
  27. If it’s conservative to say we need to help the middle class, then I’m a conservative.
  28. The use of military force against a sovereign nation is an act of war. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution explicitly grants Congress the sole power to declare war.
  29. It doesn’t matter whether I’m in Hackensack or Hackettstown, the response from the people is the same: They are concerned about jobs, the economy.
  30. My priority is ensuring Iran never gets a nuclear weapon.
  31. While we were there, we saw first-hand the senseless violence and destruction from terrorist groups that have repeatedly called for the end of Israel. These kinds of attacks are an unfortunate part of everyday life for the Israeli people.
  32. The main issue is huge government spending, and my record has been trying to make sure the federal government lives within its means. I guess that’s really what separates where Republicans have been from the Democrats.
  33. Every challenger has come forward and said he’s going to challenge me and win because I’m out of touch with the constituents. We run a race, the election comes, and the majority of voters disagree with them.
  34. Our government depends upon the rule of law.
  35. I support anyone who supports what’s in the Republican platform, which includes support for traditional marriage.
  36. America is going to be destroyed by Obamacare, so whatever deal is put together must at least reschedule the implementation of Obamacare.
  37. I never defended the Bush administration’s spending.
  38. The way it’s supposed to work is you pass a bill out of the House, you pass a bill out of the Senate, you go to conference on it, and you iron out the differences.
  39. When the former Fed chairman was in, Alan Greenspan was in, there was a saying back in those days that you called the ‘Greenspan put.’ Any time the treasury secretary – for the Fed chairman – said something, the market saw that as good news, and it took off.
  40. President Obama is in violation of Section 3 of Article II of the Constitution by refusing to enforce the employer mandate provisions of Obamacare. The executive branch, which has no constitutional authority to write or rewrite law at whim, has usurped the exclusive legislative power of Congress.
  41. They always like to put labels on me.
  42. The Export-Import Bank’s long legacy of crony capitalism has hurt the livelihoods and businesses of many Americans who don’t get special treatment from this misguided government program.
  43. Like all of my colleagues, I believe financial reform is necessary now.
  44. We do know the welfare system, starting in the ’60s, basically encouraged the dissolution of marriage, encouraged families to separate in order to get the benefits.
  45. When I went to school, it was radical just to be involved in anything.
  46. Elections have consequences.
  47. New Jersey residents deserve to have their tax dollars spent on transportation and infrastructure projects right here in the Garden State instead of being wasted in Washington.
  48. If you raise taxes on something, you discourage that activity.
  49. Missile strikes – or any other such action – against a sovereign nation is an act of war.
  50. It’s time to start putting actually the students first and not anyone else.
  51. I often criticized what President Bush did, but President Obama is Bush’s spending on steroids.
  52. My colleagues and I met with Prime Minister Netanyahu and other Israeli military and security officials to discuss our votes against the terrible Iran deal and to reaffirm our commitment to our longstanding alliance.
  53. There will always be waste, fraud, and abuse. That’s just life.
  54. The American public is rightfully asking, ‘Hey, all those funds are coming out of my pocket, so I want to know where they’re going.’
  55. Things I’ve been talking about for a long time as systemic problems, the American public has also begun to see something needs to be done down here.
  56. Taxes are just too high – that’s obviously a priority.
  57. You can point fingers on both sides. But only one side ever tried to fix the problem, and that is the Republican side.
  58. I’m literally running up and down stairs all day long. If a constituent comes in to see me, I go downstairs. If a law client comes in, I run up to see him.

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