Sharon Maguire Quotes

  1. It’s great to have loads of Marvel movies, but the movies that reflect our lives – that’s why I came to the movies, and that’s what I love. I want to see stories about my life being reflected back at me, and there’s not that many of those anymore. It’s a real shame.
  2. I loved ‘Sex in the City’ – my God, I watched every one.
  3. ‘Bridget Jones’ is meant to be a funny night out, but with emotional truth. I wanted to make it a classic that you can pick up in 10 years and not cringe over.
  4. I’m not part of a middle-class establishment. I’m working class, and I grew up in a council house.
  5. There is something about having babies in your 40s that is unique in both a humiliating and amazing way.
  6. Your little Obama voice: ‘Yes you can.’ Listen to your inner Obama-voice.

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