Sheamus Quotes

  1. I grew up playing games like ‘War Zone’ and the old ‘Smackdown,’ so I’m very excited to see myself in a game.
  2. I would love to face the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase. He is one of my favorites of all time.
  3. After four years of experience – and especially after the match with Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 27 for the U.S. title that ended up being a dark match – you’ve got to realize that patience is a huge key in this game.
  4. I got great opportunities on ‘SmackDown’ – myself and Daniel Bryan, we reinvented ourselves; we got steam behind us again on that show.
  5. Doing different things is great. It’s always good to change things up. If you do the same thing over and over, it can get boring.
  6. When I first came in, I won a world championship pretty fast. Then I worked with John Morrison and Daniel Bryan, became King of the Ring, went back to ‘SmackDown,’ became the world champion again, won the Rumble, did a lot of things, went away after an injury.
  7. As for personality, without a doubt, my favorite of all time is Macho Man Randy Savage.
  8. I’ve gotten punched in the face before by Cena. His hands are like rocks.
  9. We need to make the bullies aware of what they’re doing, why it’s wrong, and the effects it has on the kids who they are doing it to. You can see the light bulbs going off in these kids’ heads when I say this. I try to put them in the situation of those being bullied. It just makes them aware.
  10. I never had a concussion playing rugby.
  11. The wheel goes round and round and comes back, and opportunities are given again. You just have to remember that.
  12. If you talk about natural ability, I think Apollo’s probably the most naturally gifted athlete of the new era.
  13. My ma is from County Clare, so she’s a Munster fan, so she keeps sending me Munster jerseys all the time, trying to convert me to Munster.
  14. I just couldn’t believe I’d made my debut in WWE. It’s what I’d always wanted to do.
  15. When I was a kid, I always had the red hair, the white skin, and freckles. Back then, I wanted to look like everybody else, but now I realize that being different is definitely a major help.
  16. I’d love to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I would love nothing more.
  17. A size 13 boot to the face has done wonders for my winning streak!
  18. I want to give Irish kids something to be proud of back home. I want to bring out a stronger image of Ireland instead of ‘Irish Spring’ and ‘Lucky Charms’ and all that rubbish.
  19. It’s always good for people to like you, but as long as people react to you coming out, whether they are booing you or cheering you, it’s great.
  20. I used to work for Symantec AV: I worked as their in-house IT technician, and then I worked as specialized AV support, and then I worked for Hartford Life IT, in Dublin and London. I worked in IT from ’99 through to 2007.
  21. It’s really fun doing the ‘Celtic Warrior Workouts,’ as it just gives the fans a chance to see how we train.
  22. I’m not happy until I’m going forward and accomplishing goals.
  23. You know the way it is: sometimes Americans think of us as their backward little cousin. It’s the whole shamrock, potatoes, famine, leprechaun thing, all that drunken paddies rubbish.
  24. The Rock has come back; he’s been cool with me, and I have nothing against him at all. He’s achieved everything in WWE, and of course, he’s achieved everything in Hollywood. It’s a huge success story.
  25. Gaelic football is a very Irish sport, which I played.
  26. I’ve walked out in front of Madison Square Garden to 20,000 people, which is amazing, as I can remember working in the O2 arena in Dublin as security for wrestling events.
  27. I’d love to become Intercontinental Champion.
  28. I’m a history buff, so I’ve been reading lots of books on Irish and American history.
  29. With a gimmick, there isn’t much substance. If you play to the crowd too much, it can go bad.
  30. I feel I’ve proved myself a lot more, showed my ability, showed what I can do.
  31. One fella who has really impressed me is Big E Langston.
  32. There was a time when people were like, ‘Oh my God, Sheamus’ character is boring.’ Well, when you’re just in wrestling matches all the time, and you’re not doing character stuff, then it can be a bit monotonous.
  33. Would I take Conor McGregor? No, he’s a lot shorter than me. I don’t think we’d be allowed fight – a heavyweight and a lightweight.
  34. I’m grand once I keep winning trophies. That’s all that counts.
  35. I try to enter every match or every event with the same attitude, because to me, they’re all as important as each other, and you’re only as good as your last fight.
  36. Wrestling, for me, was always something I wanted to do, and it, working in IT, was just a way to get financially looked after; I went and wrestled on the side because you don’t make any money when you’re starting off, and you don’t have any name value.
  37. It’s really a dream come true being a WWE Superstar and being in ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.’ These are just larger-than-life franchises and great to be a part of.
  38. My WWE career has been amazing. It took a lot of time for me to get here, and you never stop paying your dues.
  39. I feel like, since tagging with Cesaro, I’ve let my guard down.
  40. I’m very professional. I always want to do the best job that I can.
  41. As for character, there is no doubt that the greatest of all time is The Undertaker, right? Look at all the time he has spent in the business and everything he has achieved. He is one of the greatest in history, and I will remember him forever.
  42. I have a PlayStation 3, and I love the ‘God of War’ games because the fellow’s got probably as white skin as I have.
  43. When you start out somewhere, you’ve got to get your feet wet. You got to find your place.
  44. When I look back at my career, I was always trying to be this particular ‘Celtic Warrior’ character.
  45. You watch some of the stuff Cesaro does in the ring; with his size, the way he moves around the ring, the moves he hits, the way he picks up guys twice his size. It’s just a different level.
  46. I’m an Irishman who came up from a small little country, followed his dream, and now I hold the title.
  47. When I first won my WWE Championship, I just got to TV – I believe I was there five months. Everything just happened so fast; it was like a whirlwind.
  48. I just want to sink my teeth into something good; maybe something with Finn Balor would be great. We had some matches in the U.K.
  49. I try not to think small minded.
  50. I was determined to make my name in the wrestling world no matter what sacrifices I had to make.
  51. I’m always ready to go back on the road.
  52. Being the U.S. champion is a big deal for me. Knowing that my ancestors built this country, it’s kind of like, the Irish were treated badly in this country for a long time, with a lot of tacky Irish stereotypes, so to me, it’s kind of like a bragging right.
  53. Obviously, ‘FIFA Football’ was a big game for me.
  54. If you go back to the ’80s, I didn’t really know much about the characters. I knew what they did in the ring. I knew Hogan went off and spouted lots of crazy promos, and Ultimate Warrior did the same. They really were just characters.
  55. Even before I got to WWE, I studied Triple H. He was one of my favorite superstars; his wrestling was ruthless, and I think a lot of his style you can see in me a little bit.
  56. Us Irish are kind of like that: we’re hard grafters. We like to prove everybody wrong.
  57. It’s always good to change and keep things fresh, whether it’s a hairstyle or wardrobe.
  58. I’m a whiskey drinker, but Cesaro is a coffee drinker.
  59. I’ve been trying to learn Spanish, but it has been hard for me. It’s a slow process, but I’m trying.
  60. The Celts were harder than anyone else, tougher, and rugged. We battered everybody.
  61. When I became a part of Be a STAR and now with Do Something coming together with WWE, we have a much further range and bigger reach to get the message of anti-bullying and the effects of bullying out there.
  62. Who wouldn’t want to be involved in a movie?
  63. I’m either doing a show or in the gym or studying WWE videos or eating. I have to eat a lot.
  64. A lot of guys have played college football and were in the NFL, but for me, it made my transition a lot easier, and people say I’m one of the toughest guys in WWE. I have rugby to thank for that.
  65. It’s the most important prize in WWE, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. You’ll do anything and everything to keep it and to get it, and that includes putting your body on the line and doing whatever it takes.
  66. The fact that I’m even in a video game blows me away, but ‘WWE 12’ is even more special to me because they have a whole storyline around Sheamus in the game. It’s really, really cool.
  67. Every time I get into the ring, my perspective is that the other guy is standing between me and a victory.
  68. To get in the ring with guys I haven’t been in the ring with before – some fresh match-ups and exciting match-ups. That’s really what I’m looking for.
  69. When I was growing up as a kid, it was always, ‘Oh, you’re being bullied. Well, toughen up. Get some tough skin and deal with it.’ That’s how we were told to deal with it, and it’s not that simple.
  70. You look back at the Attitude Era and the level of entertainment we put in the ring now. The Attitude Era doesn’t even come close. I’m not afraid to say that, either.
  71. The League of Nations could’ve been something really, really big… it wasn’t. A lot of guys were frustrated about it in a way.
  72. I actually had a ‘Wrestlemania’ game for the Omega back in the day.
  73. You can never be happy; you can never be satisfied with what you have. You always need to have that want to achieve more, and I definitely want that success.
  74. My family watches all the time. They actually love the WWE. They don’t just follow my matches: they watch it all.
  75. As long as you are enjoying your wrestling and enjoying what you are doing, that’s all that really matters.
  76. The bullies don’t realize the effects they’re having on the kids who are being bullied. They aren’t in that situation themselves and are just looking for an audience.
  77. The thing about me and Cesaro is that we both have strong individual personalities.
  78. I have been in the spotlight, and I have been out of it.
  79. Any important series like ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘The Walking Dead’ base their product around the characters and their background.
  80. The record books aren’t going to lie. They aren’t going to say I sold out. They aren’t going to say anything.
  81. Triple H was a big help to me.
  82. Wikipedia’s funny. Some of the stuff on there – I go there occasionally – it’s unbelievable the amount of stuff that people will write on there.
  83. Tagging with Cesaro, I’ve just had fun. I don’t think about promos; I don’t think about backstage scenes. I just go out there and be me.
  84. I remember hearing the name… ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – what the hell is that?’ But I was hit by the bug as well. I used to watch the cartoon every morning before I went to school, played the video game at the arcades, and was a big fan of the comics.
  85. I didn’t want to be one of these superstars that just come and then just disappear.
  86. No one has more charisma than me in WWE.
  87. I do have six anchors put in my labrum; I tore it in half, so it was pretty major surgery.
  88. The thing about the ‘Raw’ after Wrestlemania, the thing is they are the real hardcore, hardcore fans. It’s not your typical WWE audience.
  89. The New York crowd is definitely one to voice their opinion. They can be very loud and boisterous.
  90. Roman’s a great guy and has the respect of everybody in the locker room. He’s got a lot of stick from the Internet Wrestling Community, but he is literally one of the hardest workers.
  91. I’d love to play Venom. I’m a huge ‘Spider-Man’ fan, and Venom was the character that drew me into the comics.
  92. ‘I have always been. I will always be. Come with me.’ It’s kind of the Celtic vibe. I am saying I will never change; I will always be the same. Follow me. This is what I stand for.
  93. With the Celtic Warrior thing, I wanted to convey a positive sense of Ireland.
  94. I like that I can stand out from the crowd.
  95. I think what Brendan Rodgers did was right; I thought it was successful. He was able to show that he was able to change several players, prove to everybody in the team that no-one’s guaranteed a spot, rest a lot of key players, and at the same time walk away with a very reputable result.
  96. I’ve been playing video games since the Commodore 64 when I was about 5 years old.
  97. I just want to go out there and have fun and entertain the crowd!
  98. I became more aggressive, more dedicated, more intense – taking it match by match, night by night – to literally crawl and scratch my way back to the top.
  99. The funny thing was, with IT, I was never really a tech type of person: I was better with people, good at dealing with people. I had technical experience; I knew the nitty gritty. I could never be a programmer or anything, but I knew my way around.
  100. I eat a huge breakfast every morning. I do a lot of work at the gym, a lot of power-lifting, a lot of cardio, and I study wrestling tapes.

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