Shefali Zariwala Quotes

  1. Things like dressing, postures and gestures are under the artiste’s control. If I’m performing, my safety is primarily my responsibilityso I shouldn’t end up doing anything that would infuriate the audience.
  2. I will definitely give myself a second chance. Either arranged or love, I will definitely marry again.
  3. We have to be responsible towards the environment when we celebrate our festivals.
  4. Nature has a way of giving back. And we can never go against it.
  5. There is no such word as item girl in the dictionary. People have created this word and I don’t believe that I am an item girl.
  6. In days to come I would love to doing some more reality shows but the saas-bahu type daily soaps are a strict no for me as I hate serials based on kitchen politics.
  7. I believe every actor is trying to create an identity for himself or herself. My first song did that for me. There can be no other ‘Kaanta laga’ girl… ever. And I love that.
  8. I can’t understand why culture cops try and impose their brand of morality on others.
  9. My life has been nothing short of a fairy tale.
  10. I know what I want from life and how to get it. That doesn’t mean I’ll go to any limits to get that. If I get it great, if I don’t, it’s still fine.
  11. To cope with today’s competition, you need to do whatever you want but with passion, confidence and attitude to match.
  12. When ‘Baby Come Naa’ was offered to me, I found the script so mind-blowing that I had to gather the courage to perform or it would have been completely my loss.
  13. Reality shows are a lot of fun, especially dance reality shows.
  14. The more professionally successful you are, the more emotionally insecure you will be.
  15. Getting into the glamour industry was not an option for me. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get to this point. My family is not at all related to this industry.
  16. No tummy showing, no cleavage, no leg show – those were the rules laid down by my folks! But yeah, I am the original thong girl in India.
  17. I am very moohphat and can never be diplomatic or politically correct.
  18. When ‘Kaanta Laga’ was offered to me, I was in college, doing my engineering course. I did the shooting of the song for some pocket money. I never imagined it to become such a huge hit.
  19. I am only an artist.
  20. I don’t feel that my marriage has anything to do with my career. It never hampers anyone’s career in the film industry.
  21. My family is a conservative one. They don’t want me to join films and I also go by their wishes.
  22. It is very important to be vocal about what you feel about a certain issue.
  23. There are so many actresses who struggle for years to get where I am. It’s luck that’s worked for me more than hard work.
  24. I am in love with dance and my parents accept that gracefully.
  25. I love my food and wine; I have tried my hand at being a chef and failed miserably.
  26. I don’t think I have the manipulation gene in me.
  27. Marrying early was a very big mistake. Everyone warned me but I felt I was in love and ignored their advice. I had to pay the price for my silly mistake when I had to compromise on my career.
  28. I have danced to ‘Kaanta Lagaa’ at sangeet ceremonies and weddings. Weddings are happy occasions and I like being part of their happiness.
  29. A stage show’s popularity depends on its organisers and the public, but primarily on the performer.
  30. Sidharth Shukla is very manipulative.
  31. I am somebody who is very lucky. ‘Kaanta Laga’ just fell into my lap and even ‘Baby Come Naa.’
  32. Dancing has always been my comfort zone.
  33. Ganpati festivities bring a lot of joy to us but the rituals can cause a lot of harm to the marine life. For my family, only eco-friendly Ganpati completes this festival of joy in the true sense.
  34. Well, I am bold and very opinionated.
  35. I now believe in love at first sight. Especially after it’s happened to me.
  36. My parents never leave me alone.
  37. I’m more popular than most others, including filmstars.
  38. I always wanted to be a pilot, though somewhere down the line switched to computers.
  39. The typecasting always happens but I am a very positive person.
  40. Nothing can come in the way of my studies. That’s top priority.
  41. Not everybody is successful. I consider myself lucky to have achieved so much in so short a time.
  42. I practised for some two months for the ‘Kaanta Laaga’ video. I gave my best to the song and the success is well-deserved.
  43. Had ‘Kaanta Laga’ been a song sans video or if the video just had youngsters dancing in a discotheque, the audiences wouldn’t have been interested in watching it. But it had a very unique theme.
  44. I am a very straight forward, no-nonsense woman.
  45. My first Valentine gift was a cute little pup gifted to me by my family, which I had always wished for.
  46. Initially I used to find it very awkward when people used to turn back and stare, but now I am used to it and love all the attention.
  47. I am an engineer and belong to a family of engineers and Cas.
  48. I was so happy in my comfort zone which was dancing. But after a point, you feel the need to grow, otherwise everything becomes boring. Naturally, the next step for me was acting.
  49. People are crazy about seeing a celebrity in person.
  50. My favourite is spicy cocktails with chillies.
  51. Whatever I have been able to achieve in all these years is good for me and I feel God has been kind to me. Having said that I have been part of the limelight all these years but my fans and viewers don’t know my real side. With ‘Bigg Boss’ they will get to know who Shefali Zariwala actually is.
  52. I am privileged to be a part of ‘Tere Bin.’
  53. I am a logical person and can handle situations calmly.
  54. Many believe children complete a marriage, and I like kids, too.
  55. When I tell people I’m a model, studying for my engineering, they are impressed.

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