Simon Mignolet Quotes

  1. When you are in a good frame of mind then the performance is going to be better.
  2. Liverpool stands for unity, Liverpool stands for ‘all together.’
  3. As a goalkeeper, you are only remembered for your last game.
  4. Sometimes in England, people look down at the Europa League, but being from the continent, I’ve always realised what an important competition it is.
  5. To be the first Belgian to play for Liverpool is a big thing.
  6. Especially for the goalkeeper, you have to feel the confidence of every staff member and the team.
  7. You know when you play a good game and you know when you play a bad game.
  8. Well, the only pressure is what you put yourself under.
  9. I am my own biggest critic.
  10. You have to look at yourself and make sure you give your best in training and in your performances. That is what I will keep doing.
  11. Nobody’s perfect and nobody is without mistakes. The only thing you have to make sure of is you keep improving.
  12. Hairbond is a high quality product that I have been using for quite some time now and I am very happy to represent Hairbond product range in the future as their brand ambassador.
  13. Competition can only make you as an individual better and let you perform better, it can only be a positive thing.
  14. It is not in my character to not give 100 percent.
  15. We take each game as it comes and just focus on the objective. All we can do is our best.
  16. When I was younger I would play in front of crowds as small as 500 in the second division in Belgium, so I know what that’s like. It might be easier in terms of pressure, but believe me, I would always prefer to be at a packed Anfield playing against Manchester United. That’s why you want to become a footballer.
  17. In the Premier League you need creative players to open games up.
  18. You always look for certain things you can do better and what went wrong.
  19. We are all football players and we are here to do our best. You want to work hard in training and we will see what happens at a weekend.
  20. You always try to take the positives and negatives out of the game.
  21. If you are fighting at the top in the Premier League then you cannot do that with a dodgy goalkeeper. It is not possible.
  22. I have always said that a striker scores a goal but not every goal is scored by a striker. A goalkeeper can make a mistake which is a goal, but every goal still goes past him and you have to accept that.
  23. I am not a character who gets carried away with good or bad performances and I won’t get carried away by bigger or lesser critics. It’s the same when you get praise. You can’t get carried away with that.
  24. I’m really pleased to have signed with Activate Management and am really looking forward to exploring my commercial opportunities with them around the world.
  25. Not all things always go your way and you have to accept that. That’s what you are going to get as a footballer.
  26. At a club like Liverpool, it is normal there is going to be competition for every single place.
  27. There are always people you can turn to for help and advice. Former coaches, people I used to play with in Belgium and in England. It is good to have people you can look to for support, but in the end you are out on the pitch on your own and you have to come through it for yourself.
  28. The biggest challenge is the fight you have on your own.
  29. When you play at home in the Europa League, you want to win the game.
  30. I just try to do the things I’m asked to do.
  31. You want to play in the big games, you want to play for a big club and to play with pressure.
  32. The only thing I can do is show on the pitch what I’m capable of.
  33. It’s only natural that players will want to show a new manager what he can do.
  34. The only thing I can do is work hard.
  35. It is always better to have a good unit than being reliant on one or two players.
  36. The goalkeeper position is not an easy one. You can only speak about it if you are a goalkeeper yourself.
  37. I understand how people who don’t play stop doing their work. That is why I push myself every day.
  38. Momentum is an amazing thing when it is working in your favour.
  39. If you come away with a 1-1 result, that’s obviously a disappointing feeling. You start to look at what you could have done better.
  40. The mental aspect of being a goalkeeper is very important so you have to go into the game with full concentration and confidence. That is a big part of your game and the Premier League is the most demanding league for any goalkeeper.
  41. I think Eden has the qualities and talent to play in England. On his day, he can make the difference for his team.
  42. You always want to progress.
  43. When you are 30 years old, you want to play football.
  44. You have just got to make sure you do your job in the best possible way.
  45. Yes, obviously goalkeepers do the same training sessions and know about things – they are the only ones who can speak about being a goalkeeper because they have done the job and experienced it and know what it is like to make an error and be criticised.
  46. When I started playing, my parents told me to go to university. They just said choose wisely and find something you can combine with training.
  47. Every single game you play you learn as a keeper and become a better keeper.
  48. Whether I play or not, nothing will change my preparation.
  49. Whether I’m No.2 or No.3 doesn’t matter. Playing time is the most important thing.
  50. You score goals as a team and you concede them as a team.
  51. If you concede a goal, it can be up to seven or eight mistakes leading up to it but, obviously, as a goalkeeper you have to accept it has gone past you.
  52. I just try to do my job.
  53. Unfortunately, it’s a part of football that you have to accept the decision of the manager when you’re not playing, no matter how difficult it might be.
  54. I just try to stay as focused as I always am, relax and make sure I can help the team out whenever I can.
  55. I don’t like sitting on the bench because I get more nervous there than when I am playing!
  56. I don’t agree that there are big teams and small teams in the Premier League. There are just a lot of good teams.
  57. You get a good win, you take extra confidence into the next game and it shows in the result. You end up with a snowball effect. You are in a rhythm where everything is going well. But, if you start losing games, one thing can lead to another in a bad way and, if you begin to believe nothing is going for you, it can be dangerous.
  58. Every game is mentally and physically tough but we get through it and it makes you stronger.
  59. I always try to stay quiet and calm.
  60. Everyone deals with criticism in a different way. Some guys read it, some guys don’t really listen to it, some guys try to stay away from it, some guys get angry about it.
  61. A lot of people who were studying with me turned out to be journalists or worked in big institutions.
  62. A goalkeeper’s biggest attribute is to bounce back. If you have support from fans, backroom staff and team-mates to play the next game, it is easy.
  63. When you’re by yourself you have to sort out everything like the shopping and looking after the house.
  64. I am not the sort of person who will wake up and go and buy myself a Ferrari.
  65. Every time you concede a goal, you don’t have to put a hammer to your head.
  66. As a goalkeeper if you concede two goals at the end of the game you never can be happy.
  67. I always prepare myself in the same manner and when the opportunity comes along you have to grasp it.
  68. Every day in training, we will try to work to keep improving the things we can do and maintaining the levels we’re at.
  69. I’ve said all along I don’t want to be a number two goalkeeper.
  70. I will never give up fighting firstly because that’s not in my character, to just give up.
  71. I am used to the competition for places.
  72. It’s never nice to sit on the bench. Everybody knows it is not what you want as a professional footballer but it’s about responding and coming back.
  73. There seemed to be a feeling that switching from the Belgian league to the Premier League was too big a step and therefore too big a risk. It needed a few players to prove otherwise then it paved the way for others.
  74. To score 30 league goals in a season is amazing.
  75. I can only do my best, work hard, be positive and confident and I believe in myself. That is the only thing I can do.
  76. Organising the defence is something that is very important and I try to do my best every single day in training to make sure the lads get the information they need.
  77. I don’t have to prove anything.
  78. I turned goalkeeper. My father had been one and we had a goal in the back garden. He’d taught me a bit about it so I thought I’d give it a go. I didn’t really know whether it was going to be a good choice or a bad one but I joined a small local team as a keeper and it turned out to be a really good decision.
  79. I’ve always been clear: I want to play.
  80. I always want to play. But it is about making sure you stay ready.
  81. I just play my game the best I can and if the team needs my help I’ll try to do it.
  82. I have to keep doing my job every single week in, week out.
  83. I will always support the team and the club. That’s why I am a Liverpool player and I am grateful for the support I get from the fans. It’s always nice to see and hear they are behind you.
  84. As a goalkeeper, you learn from the guys you work with.
  85. Especially as a goalkeeper, when you are closed down, you have to make a decision in a split second, and sometimes it is better to make the wrong one rather than wait and see what’s happening.
  86. Sometimes you learn more when you get beat 4-0 than in games you won.
  87. After every game I analyse my performance with the goalkeeping coach in a very critical manner. There is certain criticism you will take on board and other things that do not affect you. You cannot look too far into that because it can destruct you in a certain way.
  88. When you play for Liverpool Football Club, who have won so many trophies both domestically and on the continent, you always have to believe that you can go all the way.
  89. You just have to learn to live with the criticism even if it is unfair. It is a fact of life.
  90. It’s always important to respond after a defeat.
  91. I don’t think anyone on the planet doesn’t get angry!
  92. I can’t say to the gaffer ‘well I haven’t played for three months, I’m not ready!’ That doesn’t work. I have to work as I would, or even harder probably in training so that if anything happens I am 100 per cent ready to come in.
  93. You want to play, you don’t want to be on the bench, I’m no different to anyone else in that regard.
  94. I have always tended to over-think things and that had come into my game. That’s good in certain moments but not when you have to make a quick decision.
  95. If you are objective enough to say: ‘I could have done this, this and that’s,’ all the other critics and all the other voices are really not important and don’t exist anymore.
  96. There is no point making ourselves nervous before a match.
  97. The European nights at Anfield are brilliant.
  98. Everyone remembers the shot you couldn’t stop.
  99. I don’t want to be a number two, that’s clear. I want to play.
  100. Playing in front of a crowd is something you learn. You accept it and then you start to relish it.

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