Smriti Mandhana Quotes

  1. I am in a frame where I want to enjoy cricket. Of course, I think about my game: how I got out, what I could have done better. But that I think for half-an-hour and that’s enough.
  2. I was not keen on fitness before injury and now I am very keen on fitness.
  3. My brother keeps texting me about the latest Audi and BMWs that have come. He keeps suggesting I buy one of them. He does share the specifications.
  4. In the last two World Cups, I realised that when you put a lot of pressure on yourself, it does not work.
  5. More than my dream it was my family’s dream that I play for India and they always supported me.
  6. I have not compromised in the last seven years on my preparations, be it a small series or a World Cup. I know that there is a World Cup, but I want to go out and play my game.
  7. I chose cricket as my career when I was 15 or 16 when I scored a century for Maharashtra.
  8. I am a big movie buff. So, I make sure I watch two-three movies a week, not many because I don’t want to get addicted.
  9. I hate comparisons, just as I hated being compared to my brother and vice-versa.
  10. When the team is doing well, individual performances don’t count.
  11. I am fortunate that I come from a family that never distinguished between a boy and a girl. I had the freedom to chose my entire life and have been supported throughout by my family.
  12. We need to understand that the revenue which we get is through men’s cricket.
  13. Every time you are on a tour you miss Indian food.
  14. You never know what your best is. I can’t limit myself to a 60 and say it is my best. If I can chase any total and if I win matches for India, then only it would be my best.
  15. I have been a huge fan of Sangakkara Sir, since I started watching cricket on the TV.
  16. I slowly began to develop an interest in the game. I owe my success to my family. Had it not been for my father and my brother, I would not have been so closely associated with cricket.
  17. I used to feel like not scoring runs is the worst thing in life but I started thinking: ‘No, at least I’m getting to go out on the field wearing the Indian jersey.’ Not many get to do that. I am lucky. Now, if I get runs or don’t get runs, I’m just going out there trying to enjoy my cricket.
  18. I would suggest one to book a cab or take a bus from Birmingham and visit the coastline in Cornwall. Located in the southern part of the country, Cornwall has a coastline of over 400 miles.
  19. Responsibility makes a player better. I was made the captain of Maharashtra senior team when I was 16 or 17. I know how to take the team forward. I had been through the responsibilities.
  20. If you get out back-to-back in T20s, it proves costly.
  21. There are some days on which we have smart running sessions, which I like. A smart run is to practice running between wickets, so we run the length of the pitch. But runs that are 35-40 minutes long, I find tough.
  22. Failure teaches you a lot more than success.
  23. I felt I have gifted my wicket. So more than technique, I need to work on my shot selection, I need to decide which ball to be hit, I was going for every shot.
  24. Fearless doesn’t mean careless. There is a thin line between fearless and careless. I think we need to play fearless.
  25. As a cricketer you just can’t sit at one place and do nothing.
  26. I used to think, ‘Everything’s okay, or will be. I’ll go on with this stance.’ But after the World Cup, I was open to everything: if someone suggested a change in my technique I felt could work for me, I was willing to give it a try.
  27. I don’t think that I’ve scored these many runs or I’ve achieved these things, because I believe it is something that doesn’t help me. Whenever I go out to bat, it’s a fresh start.
  28. I’m mostly a quiet person by nature and don’t like letting my emotions come out on the field.
  29. I followed in my brother’s footsteps. I used to wake up at 5 a.m, and wait for him to complete his cricket practice just so I could play the 10-15 balls pitched to me at the end.
  30. First I wanted number seven since my roll number in school was seven. But, someone was already wearing jersey number seven. Then a BCCI manager said I should take 18 since my birthday is on 18 July. At that time, I didn’t know that Virat Kohli also wears number 18.
  31. I am not too much into Netflix and Amazon because spending quality time with family is more valuable.
  32. My batting mentality is to see the ball and hit it. I don’t know what bowlers see while batting.
  33. It gets frustrating when my male counterparts are questioned about their game or performance, whereas I am fielding questions on gender stereotypes and my ability to stay committed to the game on account of my gender.
  34. Every time I enter the field, it’s like, ‘Smriti, you have to score.’ And I love that responsibility.
  35. Whenever I go out to bat, my only responsibility is to look at the scoreboard and think what India needs from me at this moment.
  36. If you look at our domestic scores in T20s, it is generally around 110-120. I think we all need to go back, step up our domestic circuit, take those scores to 140-150. If that is happening then all the batters will come with the same mindset of playing a fearless brand of cricket.
  37. When I am in my India jersey, I don’t want to be looking glamorous.
  38. It was nice to receive the ICC woman’s cricketer of the year award because when Jhulan Goswami won the award I was very young.
  39. As a kid, you always dream to play at Lord’s. Unfortunately, we missed playing at Lord’s in 2014 as the match was washed out.
  40. My dad used to travel for a long distance from our house for work. I wanted to gift him an automatic car, so that he does not have much stress. I was able to buy it and I was very happy.
  41. Whenever we have some time to ourselves I prefer to go back to my room and hit the bed. Even while travelling on a bus, I put on my sleeping hood and take a nap.
  42. On the ground, I am a professional cricketer – I don’t need to wear lipstick. If I want to look good, I know when to wear make-up. I do not accept it being put on my face when I am wearing the India kit.
  43. I love long drives. But for me Sangli to Mumbai is a trip that I do every month at least when I am home. I think every 15 to 20 days, I come.
  44. My dad and brother, are my favourite people to go for with on long drives. The Sangli roads are quite empty and perfect for long drives.
  45. I love sleeping, I can sleep for 15 hours a day.
  46. There is a huge gap between international and domestic cricket. That gap needs to be lessened. Our domestic circuit needs to step up.
  47. The other thing I like is spending time with my family. I keep helping mom with cooking. I guess washing utensils has become part of my daily routine and I love troubling my brother as well. It’s my favourite pastime.
  48. It’s funny, because earlier, I used to have questions about how you coped with the seniors in the team, and now I get questions about how you’re guiding these juniors.
  49. The loss in the final of the 2017 World Cup really inspired me to do a lot better. I worked a lot on my batting as I didn’t want to go back to that phase again.
  50. It really feels good that I am in both the ODI and T20 teams. My first aim is to perform for India. And when that gets appreciated, it is a validation that you have done well.
  51. I am professional. If I am on the field, I am 100 per cent focused on that. Off the field, I switch off.

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