Sonja Morgan Quotes

  1. I have had many friends and colleagues for decades, and for better or worse they know they can count on my word and that I say what I do and do what I say.
  2. It is a sign of respect when one shows up to an occasion dressed to the nines.
  3. Anyone who knows Harry Dubin would never feel it an issue to speak of him openly because the minute you meet him you know he’s a bon vivant and an internationally loved – for lack of better words – playboy. You can’t change a tiger’s stripes.
  4. Money cannot give a life back; a child or a parent. I try to cherish every moment for this reason.
  5. I am just an incorrigible flirt!
  6. I am a terrible flirt!
  7. What a tangle marriage can be!
  8. Anyone who owns a few houses, put their own cold cash in them, and has money in the bank will tell you going through a divorce can be a full-time job of trying to hang on to what you worked your whole life for.
  9. People assume a lot about me and it gets me down at times, but I continue to give back, see the best in people, and hope for the best.
  10. I tend to hoard, and hate to shop unless it’s a blow out sale, or a sample sale.
  11. Anyone who knows me knows I’m geographically challenged.
  12. I love any excuse to celebrate love and life.
  13. I have fallen off many horses.
  14. Even once Warren Beatty found his Annette Benning, he remained a legend with the women and a best friend to many men.
  15. I think people feel jealous when they feel they may be left behind by those they have relationships with or can’t keep up with people they actually admire.
  16. I like to be the peacekeeper.
  17. It’s nice to have a friend who is also a gracious hostess and who reciprocates.
  18. Take care of those who take care of you.
  19. My ex and I were devastated in 2004 when I miscarried my second. It was the first of many disappointments to come for me after a life so blessed.
  20. If I can share something that is helpful, enlightening, make someone laugh, and maybe even make someone laugh at themselves, then I am happy.
  21. Everyone is entitled to love their body just the way it is. Art is art.
  22. I always look for opportunities to support the arts.
  23. I am sure everyone out there knows what it feels like to have people use them, give nothing back, or worse be ‘on the take.’
  24. I’ve done a lot of wine tastings!
  25. One’s heritage and roots is something to be proud of and cherished.
  26. I can be a lot to take at times.
  27. I believe in myself and the goodness in others, and I think anyone who rolls the dice with me has good odds.
  28. I have always been a hard worker and pull my own weight in my relationships.
  29. Jealousy is a natural feeling, even when your happy for the person and you love them.
  30. The people I spend time with are the most important to me at the end of the week.
  31. Roberta Tavasolli is a very intuitive medium. She has advised and inspired me to be me for many years.
  32. As public as I seem with all my charity parties and entertaining, I actually spend a lot time in solitude and need it!
  33. I love London, and London loves me! I adore the dry sense of humor there, and the way they live like there is no tomorrow.
  34. I pay my credit cards in full every month – as well as all my bills and mortgages.
  35. I always run around in gym clothes, great excuse and you never know when you can catch a yoga class.
  36. Divorce and moving are on the top ten stress list.
  37. I have made a living for myself from my networking by endorsing restaurants, resorts, artists, films, assorted venture capital deals, because some people say I have good taste and know how to live.
  38. Lord knows one can use a distraction during divorce, and it’s great to feel you are again successful on your own, with your own identity.
  39. I truly did deal with postpartum depression and no one pointed it out to me, and when you are in it you don’t know. I figured it out later on my own.
  40. I have learned as a child of a single mother who worked and supported four young children to take things in stride, enjoy the moment and the people around you who are helping you get through the day the best you can and helping you to building a future that you can be proud of.
  41. I am very self-conscious about seeing myself on television but I do feel people relate to me so it’s worth it.
  42. I never put swimsuits or delicates in the washer.
  43. Luxury and elegance can be affordable, and I think a MUST!
  44. My recipes are simple, easy to do, but elegant. I have no time to fuss around with measuring cups.
  45. Divorce is no joke and is painful for whatever reason it breaks down.
  46. I’m Chicken Little and always imagine the worse.
  47. A 150 foot yacht quickly becomes very small when you are out to sea and someone goes bonkers, for whatever reason.
  48. I am used to jealousy and people putting me in a box and labeling me without really knowing me.
  49. I adore creating a wonderful environment for people who have an aesthetic sense along with wholesome family values.
  50. I have been setting up businesses since my early 20s.
  51. My obvious happiness and open, sharing nature made me vulnerable to people with ulterior motives.
  52. I love my gay posse of dear friends who for decades know, love and support me as I am. God bless them!
  53. Sometimes siblings do not get along, so there is no guarantee that having another baby is good for the first one.
  54. I admit I like drama, but more in the form of glamour and passion.
  55. Nothing makes me happier than putting people or deals together and matchmaking – taking the weight off peoples shoulders for a few moments.
  56. It is not respectful to dance with people you don’t know when invited to someone else’s home.
  57. I have always put my daughter, and our time together, first.
  58. I like to laugh at myself and sometimes I put my foot in my mouth, but I don’t mean any harm.
  59. The men in Europe, in general, dress so elegantly. I really enjoy that!
  60. I really am a housewife.
  61. Enjoy the people you’re with in life.
  62. It’s hard to take off the rose colored glasses because I like to enjoy my life to the fullest with a light heart and believe everyone is kind.
  63. Not everyone gets a reservation in the hot restaurant. You must pay your dues. Like it or not there is a pecking order.
  64. I like to see the best in everyone but not everyone wants the best for me.
  65. Real Housewives of N.Y.C.’ is the best of the franchise because we EVOLVE!
  66. I can’t tell you how indispensable a bidet is. I have them in all my homes.
  67. Sometimes I feel I’m too ‘busy’ around my daughter. It bothers me. I consciously plan ‘mommy and me time’ for this reason. Just her and I and no phone, emails, or other people. Even if it’s just being together doing nothing but being together.
  68. Morocco is a very tolerant country, and the people are open and welcoming. As in any country, one must still be careful, especially in the more touristy areas and when transporting.
  69. I don’t care how much I sweat, I am never doing that operation to kill the sweat glands.
  70. My years living and working abroad have instilled in me a passion for fine food, wine, theme parties, and enjoying life to the fullest.
  71. I love working out at the Equinox.
  72. I am friends with the Rothschilds.
  73. With real friends I trust, I speak my mind right at the moment, feelings are exchanged and we move on.
  74. No one’s time is more important than anyone else’s.
  75. I think it’s important to teach kids to entertain themselves and to be entertaining.
  76. I love my body! I cherish it.
  77. Health is everything.
  78. I like fashion, but I don’t like shopping.
  79. I talk and talk and talk. Boy, do I like to talk. I am a Sagittarius.
  80. Supermodels can be intimidating.
  81. Cesar Gaviria is easy to spend time with and easy to look at!
  82. Interns can be hard on me and I’m hard on them. They have no experience and I have little patience when they don’t know how to address an envelope or can’t put a date in the calendar properly (I mean literally, like with the right floor number or proper cross streets).
  83. When you’re dating a rock star, it’s not about commitment and marriage.
  84. I meet people to like them. If they prove otherwise, so be it.
  85. I meet people to like them, but some are onions to peel and others just blow up like a bomb!
  86. No one is perfect and we all have our quirks.
  87. Me time is so important!
  88. I lost my second pregnancy.
  89. I try to see the best in everyone.
  90. When I feel jealous, I try to understand where it is coming from and how to better myself where I feel I am lacking.
  91. I certainly am NOT lazy. I am ACTIVE.
  92. I grew up with a brother racing dirt bikes and me riding my pony around, trying to see what the boys were up to.
  93. I am a health nut who juices daily, takes vitamins, stays active, works out, does yoga, goes to sweat lodges, eats healthy and reads up on nutrition and spirituality.
  94. As far as being a parent, my view is no one is perfect, and what is important is that your children know you are there for them when they need you.
  95. I always try to emulate those I admire. Pamela Harriman, Coco Chanel, Wallis Simpson, Jean Harlow, Diana Vreeland.
  96. I look to role models to get through tough times and to reach my own lofty goals.
  97. Live each day as if you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  98. Film for long enough and you are bound to see good friends have a tiff!
  99. Pinot grigio is a great Italian table wine.
  100. If I were to be stuck in New York, I would be miserable. I love N.Y.C. but it’s not enough.

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