Soon-Yi Previn Quotes

  1. I was never interested in writing a ‘Mommie Dearest,’ getting even with Mia – none of that.
  2. To think that Woody was in any way a father or stepfather to me is laughable.
  3. Woody says I can make jokes, but I don’t get them – I’m always looking deeper for the meanings.
  4. There is no question I owe Mia a great deal for adopting me. For that gesture, I still love her.
  5. I fought for my survival since infancy.
  6. I was always mature for my age.
  7. When I first got friendly with Woody, he and Mia were finished with their romance and were just friends. I think Mia would have been just as angry if he had taken up with another actress or his secretary.
  8. I have a terrific relationship with Woody and realize it’s full of dramatic overtones, but it’s really quite simple. It revolves around conversations, film talk, sports talk, books, and art.
  9. I came to America when I was 7.
  10. Please don’t try and dramatize my relationship with Woody Allen. He was never any kind of father figure to me.
  11. I don’t think Mia should go on adopting children, and I think that all her adoptions should have been a warning signal to Woody when he met her.
  12. My parents are Andre Previn and Mia, but obviously, they’re not even my real parents.

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