Sooraj Pancholi Quotes

  1. I do cardio everyday, which involves a 25-minute run or jog besides 45-minute-long weight training. I don’t lift heavy weights. As far as my diet is concerned, I have seven small meals a day.
  2. I was a complete mama’s boy but now that I’ve grown up, I have started sharing a great rapport with dad… He doesn’t give me any big advice and instead asks me to listen to mum.
  3. I am a clean slate and am willing to learn and explore every possible genre that comes my way.
  4. I really like Roberto Cavalli shoes so, I buy a lot of them. I have more gym shoes than formal shoes because I train a lot.
  5. I think God is watching and Inshallah I will have a good future ahead.
  6. I only want the truth to come out and the media cannot give me that. Media can’t get me justice, only the court can give me that. So, I have been waiting for the court to take the decision and a lot of time has elapsed.
  7. I worked from a very young age as an assistant director.
  8. Looking at the fact, that there will be no one except your family during your not so good times, I have realiszed that family comes first.
  9. My mom is a lioness. From bringing us up to getting work done, she has everything sorted for the family. If it wasn’t for my mother, I don’t think our family could have stuck by each other.
  10. My mom is 60. She has been in the industry for over 30 years and till date, she auditions for movies. It’s a myth that star kids don’t have to give auditions.
  11. I cannot defend myself during a trial if there is no charge.
  12. I don’t mind being talked about where my life, work or even link-ups are concerned.
  13. Fitness is essential, and so is diet, but sleep is the most important of them all. It helps our body to recover from all the wear and tear.
  14. Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Bipasha Basu have yoga DVDs, but no one has come up with a fitness app. My app is targetted more at boys, because I believe that male and female genetics are different.
  15. That love for sports comes from my dad but despite all my naughtiness, I was one of the teachers’ favourites.
  16. The bond that a mother and son have is stronger than any other bond in the world.
  17. See, no matter how hard you work, perception is something that rules this industry. Talent comes much later. That’s why I am cautious about what I say and whom I meet.
  18. We in general life make promises but we never stick to them.
  19. I always wanted my partner to be a simple person. She can do what she wants, wear what she wants, work wherever she wants.
  20. I feel disappointed with humanity, because they have made people’s lives into talking points. People have stopped caring about people’s feelings and emotions.
  21. I walked out of a restaurant with my sister Sana and the next day it was all over the media, ‘Sooraj seen with a mystery girl’. That mystery girl was my sister. It’s not fair. They should have some protocol.
  22. Both my parents are very emotional. My mom is not expressive, my father is more, and he speaks out more.
  23. I heard a lot of scripts after ‘Hero’ but did not get that wow feel. It was more of a package comprising four songs, four action sequences etc. I did not want to do that because I was looking for a story in a real kind of space.
  24. It took me 12 years to understand my body, and honestly, I don’t need a lot of protein. I had a weak back and very strong chest so I worked on my back twice a week. I tend to focus on weak body parts two times a week.
  25. I am more like my mother, but I have my father’s last name and I cannot do anything about it.
  26. I like Shane and Falguni Peacock. I keep telling girls that if I marry them, I’ll buy them wedding trousseau from Peacock.
  27. It feels like it’s me against the world.
  28. I used to stay with my grandparents in Juhu from the beginning and my sister lived with my parents. They both died five years back and so, since the age of 16, I live alone with my four dogs.
  29. People change their partners like they are changing clothes. It’s very common now.
  30. I have spent most of my time with my grandparents.
  31. I was put in the Anda cell at the Arthur Road jail which is the most secluded cell. You have no contact with anyone and you don’t even get newspapers. I was completely numb.
  32. I would never finish my home work but I was good at drawing and craft.
  33. I don’t want to mix my work and personal life. They should be kept separate.
  34. In my family, my mom is the strongest and the things I can share with my mom I can’t talk about them with my sister or my dad. I would not say that she is my best friend because she isn’t. But I get the maximum comfort from her.
  35. I never wore a pink T-shirt before. Blue is my favourite colour and gives me good energy. I like doing my blues with different colours.
  36. The first film always chooses you, but you choose the second one.
  37. I don’t like skinny jeans though I can manage with slim fits. I don’t like wearing a tie with a suit and it falls wrong sometimes.
  38. I had tears when the first look from ‘Hero’ was released.
  39. I am a person who never talks about my problems with anyone. I don’t discuss them with my dad because he gets hyper. So I choose not to.
  40. When I was young, I was a huge Michael Jackson fan, but I would dance only in front of the mirror, alone in my room.
  41. Unless you go to trial, you don’t know what the truth is.
  42. I train until I fall on my knees. If I don’t do that, I don’t feel good.
  43. As a child, I was very good at sports. I have been training since I was 14. I fell in love with the idea of transforming my body.
  44. I think nowadays creating videos is a totally different industry and different career all together. Music videos are doing 100-plus, which is a lot.
  45. If I’ve decided to be a celebrity, I know that it comes at a cost. But people should understand where to draw the line. I don’t like it when my family is dragged into things.
  46. I want to prove to my mom that I’m an amazing dancer.
  47. My first dance class was with Shiamak Davar when I was seven-eight years old. My mom insisted that I start learning to dance early because she’s a trained classical dancer.
  48. I personally am more interested in romantic films and don’t like a lot of action.

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