Sophie Hawley-Weld Quotes

  1. On stage, I wear my ‘uniform’ – my all white and flowy suit. It makes me feel ‘in-my-body’ and sensual.
  2. I have no idea how to dress for the winter. I tend to end up wearing tracksuits and a beanie most of the time.
  3. I grew up in an international school community my whole life, and my national identity is very confused, so I grew up listening to music from all around the world.
  4. The world is becoming more global, and our music is reflecting that.
  5. I have an American passport, but I don’t always remember I’m an American citizen.
  6. I spent grade nine and ten going to school in Victoria. My parents lived there for 10 years.
  7. Dancing and moving and singing and making music has always made sense to me as a way of being. I didn’t know whether it was a viable career path, but I tend to be idealistic.
  8. I like to wear something I can move in, and light colors because of the stage lights.
  9. Sofi Tukker is truly Sophie and Tucker.
  10. I like to wear bodysuits and things that make me feel really active and athletic and also really sensual.
  11. I was born in Germany and grew up immersed in international school communities. I was in the German bilingual track, spent a few years in rural Canada, and then went to the United World College of the Adriatic in Italy.
  12. High heels. I respect people who love them; they’re just not for me!
  13. Inspiration comes from everywhere. Obviously, my lyrics are what I most care about in the moment and what I feel like I need to say.
  14. Making dance music is a spiritual thing. It’s about being completely absorbed by rhythm and vibration, so much so that the petty stuff of life stops mattering.
  15. I was playing acoustic bossa nova music in a trio, and Tucker was the DJ that night. He came early and saw what we were doing and ended up remixing one of my songs on the spot… We have been working together ever since!
  16. We want people to hear all the things we care about.
  17. By repeating sounds over and over again, I lose sense of time, space, and ego, and I get to just vibrate.
  18. At Brown, I trained in West African dance and drumming.
  19. I don’t know much about pop music, and we sample music from all different cultures. I was trained in West African dance, so my sense of rhythm when I move is obviously informed by that, and I obviously sing in Portuguese.
  20. My music wasn’t accessible. I used to make music that was slow.
  21. I used to be really into Kundalini yoga, and all the teachers show up, and they always wear white because they say it expands their aura by several feet, so I thought, ‘If it works for them…’

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