Spencer Dinwiddie Quotes

  1. Everything is a process.
  2. I thought going to Colorado gave me the best chance to get to the league, and I wanted to play in the Pac-12.
  3. I don’t know anybody that takes less than market value to stay on a team that wants to be traded. That would be bad for business, right? That would kind of be really dumb.
  4. I want Brooklyn to be a championship-caliber team.
  5. I’m a California guy, but in my opinion I think Biggie is the best rapper.
  6. My job is to help the team win games to the best of my ability.
  7. My grandmother and, and her father actually started a scholarship program in our church, you know, obviously, before I was born. And then my mom also owns a preschool, so, you know, education and giving back are just kind of in, in the genes, in a sense.
  8. I basically started to adopt the mentality of, I’m going to say what I’m going to say. I’m not going to apologize about it. At the very least, y’all are going to know what I’m thinking.
  9. You try to do the best you can in every situation that you’re in.
  10. It’s fun to be tasked with making plays and being allowed that freedom. It’s everything I really dreamed of in the NBA.
  11. I like things that make sense in my head.
  12. I feel like it’s never too early to start planning your future and learning about business off the court.
  13. Look at it like this: I won the Skills Challenge and didn’t get invited back.
  14. The NBA is a job. Just like any other job complaining about opportunity doesn’t solve anything. The only thing you can do is control what you can control, and when you are at peace with the work you put in then you don’t have any regrets and that’s truly the main thing about this journey.
  15. Transparency and liquidity make sense in my head, so that’s why I have an affinity for blockchain as a whole.
  16. I feel like a lot of guys, they establish a lifestyle that’s unsustainable once they’re out of the NBA or any league really.
  17. You just feel good when you know you’ve got something nice on, something special.
  18. I try to be pragmatic.
  19. If I hit a game-winning shot, right, and I run back down the court and shake my teammates hands, it’s because I expected to make it. Because I’ve practiced or I feel I’ve worked harder than everybody else. So why would I then go nuts, go crazy if I expected to do that? People don’t understand that part about me.
  20. People may not like what I have to say – obviously, I get the sarcastic nickname of ‘Siri,’ because they say I know things.
  21. I’m definitely not an expert on public health.
  22. When you’re out there and you finally get to play extended minutes and you do well, it reaffirms your confidence.
  23. My role is my role.
  24. I don’t really search for typical or more traditional validation because of the role that I’ve had and understanding what that kind of means in the scope of things.
  25. At the end of the day, it’s about winning.
  26. If I had been healthy and projected in the top 20 and then fell into the second round I’d have been hurt. But I knew that possibility was likely and I was ready.
  27. If you really want to go after something, you have to keep hammering at the stone whether or not the first hit or the 100th hit breaks the stone. You’ve got to believe that the stone is going to break.
  28. I finally feel like I have an NBA home in Brooklyn.
  29. My dream was always to be a great PG and lead my team to an NBA title. So that’s what I’m fighting for and pursuing.
  30. My decisions are my own.
  31. My son is the most important person on the planet to me.
  32. Nobody gets to the league and is awful. Some people are more built to be good in this than others, right, but at the end of the day, when people are like, ‘Yo, you got great overnight,’ I’m like, ‘That doesn’t really make too much sense.’
  33. I’m motivated for every single game.
  34. Shoe companies and endorsers influence team decisions all the time.
  35. I like blockchain, I like cooking food and slow roasting a prime rib for Thanksgiving, and whatever else that you might find awkward or weird or whatever, then I’m me.
  36. I’m passionate about blockchain as a whole, decentralized finance as a whole.
  37. I am free to use my money the way I see fit.
  38. When you get to a point of stop trying to not mess up and just playing basketball, you’ve got that base of comfortability.
  39. Even if I’m the worst player in the NBA, I’m one of the best players in the world.
  40. These close losses, when they stack up, two, three, four, five in a row, they change the tenor of a season.
  41. You have those times where you bump heads with your parents because they want you to do this, or you want to do that, or whatever it is, and that’s just kind of life. She was just always like that safe place, and obviously she was the matriarch of the family, my mom’s best friend.
  42. I used to draw shoes as a kid.
  43. We need more flexibility and ownership over the value we bring to the league.
  44. Super Saiyan’ is a term from ‘Dragonball Z,’ the most important TV show ever. The main character, Goku, is a member of the alien race known as Saiyans. When Saiyans train to a certain level – and get really angry – they transform into what’s known as a Super Saiyan: their hair gets all spiky and they get crazy, crazy strong.
  45. I’m a real mellow guy, for the most part – yeah, no, not with Kobe. By far my favorite player of all time. His career was basically my childhood.
  46. My belief in myself never wavered.
  47. They gave me my chance, and I’m forever indebted to Brooklyn.
  48. The most powerful thing billionaires have isn’t their voice. It’s earth-shattering, continent-moving, war-starting amounts of money.
  49. Steve Blake is a great vet, but when I’m sitting behind him it’s just like, c’mon, guys.’
  50. Indeed, there’s little question that mustaches are the ultimate facial accessory.
  51. So basically my, my foundation does this thing called gap coverage for, you know, students that apply for our scholarship program. What it means, it’s not like quote, unquote ‘full scholarship.’ They apply for financial aid and, and FAFSA and things like that. Then whatever’s not covered, my foundation covers.
  52. I’m my own man. I can do what I want.
  53. If I can reach a half-million people with the click of a button, that’s more powerful than finding half of a million people to give a dollar to.
  54. I’ve worn a lot of different roles for this team – off the bench, starting, closer, point, off the ball, whatever it may be. So, that’s kind of how I view myself – the multi-purpose utility guy who helps keep the guys together, trying to make the sacrifice plays to help the team win.
  55. I think there’s a difference between internal confidence and situational confidence and understanding.
  56. I stand up for what I believe in and what I believe is right.
  57. Just like basketball, MMA is all about taking what you’re given and exploiting it as much as possible. Strength and stamina are important, but a clear mind might be your biggest asset. Of course, keeping a clear mind while someone twists your arm behind your head isn’t all that easy.
  58. When you have people telling you they believe in you, it helps.
  59. With Kyrie and KD, if you’re telling me I get to come out here and pass to two phenomenal scorers and get 10 assists a game and maybe be in second gear a lot of times with my scoring, I’m fine.
  60. I wanted to have a shoe as a professional, and that sparked that creativity and thought process of what that could be like if I could have my own.
  61. All the cliche stuff that everybody says but doesn’t necessarily take to heart, that’s honestly all you can do. All you have to do is put your best foot forward every time you get on the floor and stay ready and hopefully have the blessing of staying healthy and take advantage of the opportunities when you get them.
  62. It was fun playing for my country.
  63. I almost went to UCLA, they were my third choice. But they only sort of wanted me.
  64. I never got in this to be a 3rd PG, or a backup. Nor did I get into this for money.
  65. The top 100 guys overseas could play in the NBA, right? But a lot of times, it’s about that opportunity, about that fit.
  66. Iron Man is my favorite superhero.
  67. I just can identify with that mentality of feeling that you should be the best, putting in the work, and then kind of being that backup or being that second guy and being like, nah, this isn’t good enough for me, I’m going to be the best.
  68. I’ve had my differences with the NBA in terms of cryptocurrency and contractual things.
  69. Sometimes, you just need hobbies.
  70. People still find themselves four or five years out of the league and needing money, and that’s because you establish a lifestyle you can’t keep up with. Guys don’t want to decrease to a $10,000 a month lifestyle when they’ve been used to $75,000.
  71. I was fortunate enough to set myself up financially and do business things.
  72. Having a kid, it really puts a lot of things in perspective, and really kind of shows you what love is, and what it should be and what impact it should have on your life.
  73. I experienced the G League in two forms: one as an assignment player, and then one of actually being in the G League after I got cut by the Bulls. Obviously, both situations are different. You actually sort of still get treated like an NBA player when you’re on assignment. When you’re in G League on contract, you’re down there for real.
  74. Obviously white privilege is a thing, 1000%.
  75. I’m really just a dude that cooks, plays with his son and thinks about stuff in his spare time outside of dedicating about six hours or so to basketball stuff.
  76. What we’re going for is the future of engagement. That’s what Calaxy is designed to do. It’s a complete paradigm shift.
  77. I’ve pretty much been in every situation in terms of the roster… like roster spot 1-15.
  78. You have to know yourself so well and be able to put it on whatever display you want to put it on and be confident in that and be fine with it.
  79. There have been ups and downs obviously. But my bright spots have been bright enough for me to believe that I belong. And what I do day to day in practice, I have confidence from that work ethic.
  80. The player option allows me to, hopefully, sign a lucrative deal in my prime, before retirement. If you’re in a situation where you’ve played to a level where you can make more money, then you opt out and you make more money. And if you play really poorly, then you opt in and take the money that’s scheduled to be on that piece of paper.
  81. My brand is about self-expression and doing things authentic to me and not to make money.
  82. I tore my MCL and medial and lateral meniscus, too. All in one play and the first time I was really injured.
  83. Look at KD and Kyrie, and they’re going to be ball-dominant. You’ve got to really recognize that and get the ball where it needs to go.
  84. Being in New York as a whole, Brooklyn as well, you can do anything you want. That’s by far the best part about New York, besides just the hustle and grit and grind of Brooklyn specifically, but the best food. Anybody you want to get in contact with, odds are if they don’t live in New York, they’re passing through New York at some point in time.
  85. I was 6-4, about 155 at the end of high school and averaged like 11, 12 points and nine assists a game.
  86. To feel forgotten about after averaging 20 points a game is an interesting experience. But it’s a lot better than feeling forgotten about and averaging four points a game.
  87. I just think in this life, you’re always gonna have people telling you what you can’t do.
  88. First, I’m a basketball player and I try to have the most well-rounded game possible. But people forget when I was recruited out of high school, I was recruited as a passer.
  89. If you misquote me, I’ll come out and be like, they misquoted me. This is what I said. This is exactly how I meant it. Whether you believe me or not, don’t really care.
  90. Nobody’s going to be able to do every single thing better than everybody. Not even LeBron does everything better than everybody else. It’s all about using your advantages.
  91. You know, been on non-guaranteed deals, been a second round pick, been kinda, sorta viewed as a first round pick.
  92. When you venture out on your own, you know you may make more money, you may make less money.
  93. I grew 3 inches every year of my high school career. I went from 5-7 to 5-10 to 6-1 to 6-4, so I was really small.
  94. My little brother’s 5-9 and doesn’t play basketball at all, but if he was 7-foot and one of the most talented people in the world, then I would assume he would be Jarrett Allen.
  95. Traditional solutions as they stand are designed to aid the centralized party. That’s how it always has been. It will continue to be for the near future. As we evolve and we continue to gain more power and understanding, centralized bodies die down because there’s more power to the individual.
  96. Taking something less than market value to be somewhere you don’t want to be? Bad for business.
  97. Turning cash flows from contracts of professional athletes into securities is now possible through the power of blockchain.
  98. My family has a history in philanthropy, and I want to continue that legacy.
  99. I’m in the mode of acquiring knowledge and relationships on the business side and it’s paramount that you learn as much as you can and have the best resources.
  100. You have to kind of embrace the duality of every moment.

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