Steve Carr Quotes

  1. I express myself through my art.
  2. There are a lot of films that come out for kids, and the parents have to suffer through it.
  3. I always felt a little bit on the outside.
  4. One of the important things to look at is kids who aren’t cheerleaders or aren’t the student-body presidents. In ‘Daddy Day Care,’ one of the kids would only communicate in Klingon. I get that kind of a kid.
  5. There are a lot of action movies with very little comedy.
  6. ‘City Is Mine’ was a real big video for me and a good opportunity to learn how to play out a scene.
  7. What I’ve always loved are movies like ‘When Harry Met Sally’… and ‘The Sure Thing.’
  8. I’ve done hip-hop videos, family comedies, a quirky comedy.
  9. It’s easy to scare people. It’s easy to shock them. But making people laugh and making them feel is a big challenge.
  10. Mine has been a pretty strange path.
  11. I learned how to tell stories with Jay-Z on ‘City Is Mine.’ I learned how to film and choreograph dancing on ‘Can I Get A…,’ and I got to kind of be a documentary filmmaker with ‘Hard Knock Life.’
  12. My sketchbook became everything to me.
  13. I’ve worked on a set before, know something about cameras, and done some editing.
  14. I wanted to do something raw and raucous and R-rated. But then ‘Middle School: the Worst Years of My Life’ came to me. One reason I took this movie on is because I saw it as a really great opportunity to revisit my own past through this character.
  15. I remember when ‘Daddy Day Care’ came out, I saw fathers and their sons and daughters walking out of the theater and talking about the movie. That’s the neatest thing.
  16. I didn’t go to film school; I studied fine art – I learned how to be a filmmaker on everybody else’s money.

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