Stipe Miocic Quotes

  1. I understand it’s promotion, but no one ever gave me a chance. No one ever thought I’d be the champ, and look where I’m at now.
  2. I’m always the underdog, but I don’t mind that.
  3. I love baseball and love the Indians and all the teams here.
  4. Werdum’s the champ for a reason. He’s good at jiu jitsu; like he says, he’s gotten better on his feet.
  5. It would be a dream if I was able to fight in Croatia.
  6. Cro Cop is one of the best in the world and such a great guy. It was awesome to train with him. There’s nothing better than working with him, and it was a great experience.
  7. I’m hungrier than all of them. They didn’t put in the effort that I did to get the title. So I don’t care what it takes – I’m not giving up that title. I worked too hard to get it, and I’m not going to lose it.
  8. I lived with my mom my whole life; her work ethic was ridiculous, and it hasn’t changed.
  9. I trained for about a year before I had my first amateur fight. I won by knockout, and then, for my second fight, the guy didn’t even show up.
  10. I am always going to be the same guy. The fireman that lives in Cleveland.
  11. You can look at it and say I’m doing this better or that better, but the bottom line is, I just learned to be mentally tougher.
  12. I fell for my own hype. I had too many people saying I couldn’t be beat, and I actually fell for it.
  13. When I do become the champion, I’ll still be a fire fighter.
  14. Saving people, helping people, is just something I always wanted to do.
  15. I like being the underdog. I like turning around and shutting people up when they tell me I can’t.
  16. I like helping people.
  17. I’ve got power. I don’t throw hard every time. I just throw shots.
  18. I love fighting. I love what I do.
  19. Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson hits hard. You gotta watch out for him. He’s got hammers as fists.
  20. I love Cleveland; I’ll always want to fight there. But there’s a lot going on in New York. I’d like to go somewhere I’m not known as well.
  21. I’ve wrestled my whole life, and when I got done with college, I went back to school to become a firefighter. I liked MMA, but I didn’t really know if I wanted to get punched in the face!
  22. I told you I’m the best in the world.
  23. DC is good all round. He pushes the pace, makes you think what you’re doing, makes you uncomfortable.
  24. It’s nice to see different places and different parts of the world. It’s pretty cool, though I hate flying!
  25. Every fight’s like that. You try to break the guy’s will.
  26. People don’t want to give me credit, which is fine.
  27. I traded my 2002 Silverado in for the Trailblazer, and after my second fight, I got a win bonus. It was the knockout-of-the-night bonus, $50,000, and I paid the rest of my car off, and I gave it to my mother because I had a sponsorship with a Chevy dealership.
  28. All you can do is the same as any other fight: whoever they put in front of you, you go in there and try to get the W.
  29. I think I train too hard.
  30. You’re always nervous before a fight.
  31. Of course, fighting’s first. That’s what I do; that’s what pays my bills, you know.
  32. The Hendricks/Lawler fights, those were just epic. Both were non-stop. I couldn’t stop watching, and it was hard to look away. I watch those as a fan, and to see two guys fighting like that for 25 minutes is crazy.
  33. MMA was like wrestling; I love competition.
  34. I’m from Cleveland. I love this place. I’m never going to leave.
  35. Honestly, I don’t talk; I just like to fight. I’m not a good talker.
  36. One guy might be ranked higher, but it doesn’t mean anything. Where these fights go, lots of things can happen.
  37. I think everyone has knockout power. I mean, it’s the heavyweight division.
  38. I’m just happy the city has something to be proud of. The Cavs, the Indians, the Monsters. It just shows that we are the land of champions.
  39. I just want to work hard and have good fights.
  40. It’s the heavyweight division, man: there’s a bunch of big guys, so anything can happen when they hit you. But I have plans, and feel I get better every fight.
  41. Cleveland, we’ve got a champion, baby!
  42. Listen, anyone in the heavyweight division in the top ten, there is no easy fight. I don’t care what you say.
  43. I’m just a normal dude.
  44. Everyone has 4 ounce gloves on, and they’re big boys, and they can throw hard.
  45. There is still so much room for me to get better. Everyone in this sport evolves so quickly. You could take six months off and come back to a totally different game. That’s why I’m always in the gym working. Even if I don’t have a fight lined up, I’m still in there working to improve my overall game.
  46. When I become champion, you know, I’ll never stop being a firefighter.
  47. I’ve got the best coaches in the world. I’ve got confidence in them, and they’ve got confidence in me.
  48. People have always worn Cleveland shirts and supported Cleveland no matter how bad the teams were or how close we were. It didn’t matter. That’s really all about the city. We’re just hardworking people that love the city and don’t care how the teams do.
  49. Someone sent me a picture of Werdum on the ground after I hit him… There was 2:16 left, and the area code for Cleveland is 216. They played ‘Believeland’ that night, and the next day it snowed, and everyone said Hell froze over because the curse was broken.
  50. I’m going to be the champion for a long time.
  51. I had to work hard to keep up with my mom. That’s where I learned it from. She’s a freak.
  52. I want you to tell me how bad I suck and how I’m going to get knocked out and how I’ve been lucky my whole career. That’s fine. All day.
  53. Listen, I’m the champ, and I’m not going to pick and choose who I fight.
  54. Whoever they want me to fight, I’m going to fight. So I really don’t care.
  55. I’m a Cleveland guy, man. I love this city.
  56. I’m actually pretty frugal with my money.
  57. I’m the best in the division. I know I am.
  58. Music-wise, I like anything with a beat to it. With walkout songs, I pick something to keep me going and to rile me up.
  59. I love watching ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ and I play video games, like ‘Call of Duty.’
  60. I’ve fought the best guys in the world, and I’ve beat the best guys in the world.
  61. In the fight with Hunt, all I can say is it was a good night for me. I’m happy to get out of there without taking too much damage, and I’d take that every time.
  62. The sport wouldn’t be what it is without the fans, and at UFC 189, watching the Irish fans screaming ‘Ole Ole Ole’ was pretty amazing.
  63. I do miss the Avalanche. That’s the my favorite car of all time, but that Dodge Ram Rebel has overtaken the Avalanche; I just love that truck. It’s got good vents in the hood; there’s no running boards underneath, so I can go Baja-ing if I want to, off-roading.
  64. Cleveland people are crazy; that’s why I live here.
  65. What makes me so confident is my coaches, my team: they are the best in the world, and if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here.
  66. I’m going to do what I want to do. If he wants to go to the ground, that’s fine. I’m a wrestler.
  67. I’ve got a great team around me. They keep me working hard; they keep me focused.
  68. I love this city. There’s Cleveland pride in it for me. Everyone has each other’s backs here.
  69. During a night shift, I’ll work out twice during the day. If I have to work during the day, I usually have guys at the station who will work out with me. Then at night, I’ll go train.
  70. It’s up to the UFC. Whoever they put in front of me, I’ll fight.
  71. At the end of the day, it’s a fight, and anything can happen.
  72. Cleveland’s a great city. I love the city. The people here are awesome. They’re loyal and hard-working, and they’re loyal to our sports scene, and things are changing here.
  73. I’m not scared to go to the ground. I’ve been wrestling my whole life. I’ve done a lot of jiu jitsu, but I like standing up, and every fight starts there.
  74. When you train as hard as we do, bad things happen sometimes. It’s just part of the sport.
  75. I like winning, and I worked too hard to get where am at now. I’m not giving it up.
  76. When my wife was getting a lease for her Jeep Cherokee, and I saw a Dodge Ram Sport, I thought, ‘Oh wow, it’s amazing.’
  77. I make no excuses. Stefan Struve was the man that night. He earned his win fair and square.
  78. I’ve done things that weren’t good, you know, but I made up for my mistakes.
  79. It’s amazing to come here. I’m so happy that UFC is finally here. We’ve been starving for it in Cleveland.
  80. Listen man, Andrei Arlovski is a tough guy, but he hasn’t fought the caliber of opponents I’ve been fighting.
  81. My day job keeps me grounded. When I show up to work, I’m not some star fighter or anything, I’m just Stipe. I’m going to keep working in my hometown as long as I can.
  82. I’ll always be a firefighter, no matter what.
  83. I just want to fight. That’s all I want.
  84. Fabio Maldonado jumped up to heavyweight for our fight, and while he wasn’t ranked, he is a super-tough dude and had never been knocked out before.
  85. I love what I do, both aspects – fighting and being a firefighter and paramedic.
  86. I like winning, so every time I win, it’s a better feeling every time.
  87. You are a role model to people. You gotta make sure you’re doing the right thing.
  88. I never thought I would get so much support, and it means the world to me. Nothing could ever get better than that.
  89. I just work hard at everything I do. If there’s something I need to learn, I stick to it, I learn it and put everything I have toward it.
  90. I don’t care about history; all I care about is winning.
  91. I wouldn’t want my corner throwing in the towel no matter what. I wouldn’t want my corner to do that.
  92. I think any fight you get into, you’ve got to shine and show that you deserve to be up there.
  93. The UFC has a great plan for us. I’m just happy I’m employed by them and can pay my house bills and everything.
  94. Junior Dos Santos is one of the best heavyweight fighters of all time, and he has proven it by being a champion. That is something that I want to be in my career, and I understand to achieve that, I have to beat guys like him.
  95. I’m not going to throw haymakers the whole fight; I’ll gas out.
  96. I do my days at the station and then get my training in.
  97. I’m the world champ! I’m the world champ!
  98. I practice going backward all the time.
  99. I’m never going to change who I am for the UFC.

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