Suhasini Maniratnam Quotes

  1. We women want to take the easy way out. I appreciate men because they take risks.
  2. When I’m acting, I’m a woman but when I am directing, I am an animal because I am very demanding.
  3. Kannada was easy for me to learn because it’s casual and easy; no frills, unlike Tamil.
  4. Raja Ravi Varma was one of the few Indians who not only understood women but also represented them exquisitely in a single dimension within four frames, infusing each painting with life through the use of color.
  5. I only like non-fiction. After 30 pages of fiction, I think: what nonsense are they trying to write.
  6. The business of looking good is very difficult. This has often made me consider retirement from films.
  7. ‘Hasini Pesum Padam’ was about reviewing Tamil movies that released every week. I felt it is more of an international platform and hence used trendy trousers and different kinds of tops.
  8. I have a great sense of humour. I am teasing, taunting and authoritative.
  9. I don’t get bored of life. I always find things that excite me.
  10. Often our onscreen personas are different from who we are. Actors like Kamal Haasan, who is such a genius, has never played a role close to what he is in real life.
  11. Direction gives me happiness and acting gives me peace.
  12. Though the first day of college was scary, I gradually adjusted to the environment and started enjoying myself with friends, lecturers, sports, and college day functions.
  13. In a film festival, people come to watch because they are interested in cinema. It’s not like watching a premiere show or being in any cinema hall, where you are not with like-minded people.
  14. I got a Best Actress award from the Kerala government when I was 24, and I got another one when I was 42. I was more thrilled when I got it for the second time.
  15. My love is music… I do not give too much importance to love and romance.
  16. With summer in Chennai, I am struggling with my long hair. I do my own hair-dos which are comfortable.
  17. I have a long time association with Prince jewellery and the only piece of jewellery I wore for my wedding was designed by them.
  18. I would like to give one message: Live life light with a smile.
  19. My parents and their well-being comes before my work.
  20. I do things normal event managers cannot do, thanks to my years in the film industry.
  21. Though I read and speak Malayalam, Malayalis won’t accept outsiders speaking their language.
  22. Films are a fantastic medium and the huge impact they have cannot be denied.
  23. I love the food of Karnataka and all the side dishes I make at home are recipes I learnt here.
  24. An actor is a thinking person.
  25. I am not into the mother sentiment, really. My heart is not into this ideal mother role; it does not work for me.
  26. I was born in a part of Tamil Nadu notorious for eliminating the girl child. I was the third daughter born to my parents and I have my mother to thank for deciding that I was not an unwanted child.
  27. If you are making a film for the first time, you have all the problems and fears. Yet, you have the freedom that you will never get in life.
  28. I think if an actor is not able to pronounce their own dialogues, no matter what language, you are not an actor.
  29. Technology has definitely changed a lot, and it has made the medium of cinema very accessible for aspirants.
  30. I stay in Chennai but my heart is beating for Kannada films.
  31. I think as film actors we are comfortable on stage because we know what the audience expects. The only tricky part is to remember the lines and that body language is key, which is something we tend to forget after years of acting in front of a camera.
  32. After 40, women forget they are women. There’s a certain liberation and we get to know ourselves.
  33. Men directors somehow think it’s great to show heroes all unkempt and ungroomed. You’d be able to smell the hero’s aftershave lotion if a woman directed him.
  34. Cinema by itself is a language.
  35. In fact my first film ran for about 400 days. It all depends on hype, marketing and publicity, which are actually more expensive than the actual film.
  36. I come from a family with many dancers, my aunts learnt dance, so did Kamal Haasan and, as a child I learnt it, too.
  37. People who are close me know I have a funny side.
  38. Actors should be writers. While a writer puts the story on paper, an actor puts it on screen.
  39. I don’t think too seriously about anything, neither does my husband and my son. When we are home, we are constantly laughing over some trivial matters.
  40. After 40, every day is a bonus. We should know how to live our lives to the fullest.
  41. I don’t think women are being sidelined or ignored. If they are talented enough, they will get films. But they need to be more ambitious.
  42. Every language will have different nuances. But language cannot be the basis for discrimination or exclusion.
  43. Unless we get out of these mindless comedies and a good-for-nothing fellow trying to win over the heroine kind of films, Tamil cinema will not be taken seriously.
  44. Chennai has amazing talent, but in terms of organization… not so much.
  45. I will reunite with Ananth Nag onscreen after a while for a cameo in Vijayalakshmi Singh’s ‘Yaanaa,’ which sees her launching her daughters.
  46. It is difficult to accept failure when you are a student. It is also difficult to succeed because everyone is so competitive!
  47. I stopped seeing mainstream films 15 years ago. They are absolutely unbearable.
  48. The stories are being written by men, and it’s men who are directing it. As long as that continues, you won’t be seeing much change in the way women are portrayed in cinema.
  49. I prefer to work behind the camera.
  50. Throughout school I studied in Tamil medium schools but it was only when I got to college that I realized that not learning English was a great disadvantage as I didn’t understand even the simplest of sentences.
  51. For people to understand, you can’t speak ‘cinema.’ Cinema doesn’t have alphabets, so you have to go to the local language. Even in England, if they make a movie in London they have to make it in the Cockney accent, they can’t make a film with the English spoken in the BBC. So cinema has to be realistic to the area that it is set in.
  52. I don’t believe in multitasking. I rather believe in doing one thing at a time.
  53. I’m very happy that Kathryn Bigelow has become the first woman in the 82-year history of the Oscars to earn Hollywood’s top prize for filmmakers.
  54. Women should be able to come out and narrate stories from their point of view.
  55. There are about 250 curators in the world who keep their eyes open to choose films from around the globe for festivals. I am one of them.
  56. You need to understand the meaning of the dialogue to be able to convey it right. You need to know it to understand the nuances of the scene.
  57. In 1983, when I did ‘Sindhu Bhairavi’ and played the other woman, many men came up to me and said it opened up a lot to them. The film showed that a man and woman could have an intellectual and artistic relationship.
  58. My husband won’t remake films and won’t allow anyone to remake his films. It’s like making your child study like your neighbour’s child.
  59. Hasn’t everyone written a leave letter while at school? Or sent a text message? There is a writer in all of us.
  60. Yes, my uncle wanted me to be a cinematographer and he was disappointed when I gave up that dream to become an actress.
  61. The economic freedom has come to a lot of us who are lucky, but many women are still beaten up by husbands, even when they are breadwinners.
  62. Anant Nag and Vishuvardhan sir are two of the best actors with whom I have worked.
  63. Just like only qualified people should work in films, only qualified people should review the film.
  64. When there is growth economically and in industry, I think there should be growth in information also.
  65. Not many people know that I turned down my husband’s first directorial, the Kannada film ‘Pallavi Anupallavi,’ something he still hasn’t forgiven me for.
  66. The more women grow economically, there will be more allegations against them. If they don’t grow, if they are quiet, nobody is going to find fault with them.
  67. I don’t really like event managing – I don’t even manage my house.
  68. We south Indians are clannish and comfortable about our languages.
  69. I have been acting for more than 25 years and have worked in all the four Southern languages. But it is in the Kannada films that I got huge recognition and variety of roles.
  70. When I am at home, I am there and when I’m shooting or doing any other thing, I concentrate on that.
  71. In the digital world, we have forgotten the meaning of ‘persistence of vision’. Art is something we have to hold on to.
  72. How can anyone say no to be a part in a film like ‘Ramanujan?’
  73. All art cinema is not great; some of the films can put you to sleep.
  74. We know of instances of stage plays being made into films. But I really think that all Tamil films can be staged; I’d like to take up K. Balachander’s films and do that.
  75. For me, going to the gym for an hour is important not because I appear on screen, but because I am healthy.
  76. There are few teachers from the film industry to guide newcomers. One can see a gap between the film industry and those teaching at film schools.
  77. Mani laughs every time he hears someone ask me, ‘Don’t you miss acting?’ Because he sees me with make-up on every morning and leaving for the studios.
  78. I have been hooked to cinema since childhood. I am like a typical Indian villager who had no other source of entertainment while growing up.
  79. In Queen Mary’s, which was an all-girls’ college, I learned discipline, hard work and to be competitive. But at Madras Film Institute, I learned about the world, being free and knowledgeable, and thinking beyond oneself.
  80. I was 13 or 14 when I was brought from Paramakudi to Chennai by my uncle Kamal Haasan, and I lived under the care of my uncle and my grandparents.
  81. In Chennai, I do film reviews for a local channel. Every second movie I review is by a debutant. There is so much passion and freshness in those films; that makes them special.
  82. Those who respect the intelligence of the common man have always been masters.
  83. I have seen a lot of people who are affected by HIV. When I see that there is industrial growth on one side but there is not awareness on the other side, it breaks my heart.
  84. I have got lot of appreciation for my performances in many Kannada films. In fact, I got the best roles of my career in Kannada films.
  85. I wish more women would come into films and give it the respectability it deserves.
  86. Most people don’t even know that I have another side to me. They only know me as an actor. But I keep doing different kinds of things.
  87. When I see poverty around, it churns my heart.
  88. On the first day of my shoot for ‘School Master,’ I was feeling a little uneasy because I had to travel a lot. I was feeling a little sleepy too. After the completion of each shot, I would go for a small nap.
  89. College education teaches you humility.
  90. I hate myself seconds after I’ve gotten angry but it’s too late by then. I start defending my actions after that. It’s shameful.
  91. When my son Nandan was in middle school, I had a fun way of doing his maths homework. I bought another set of mathematics books and both of us would sit side by side and start solving problems.
  92. The Indian film industry has a condescending attitude towards its fans without actually intending to. They want to explain everything, leaving very little to the filmgoers’ imagination.
  93. I am a humble speaker, I speak very well.
  94. Vittorio De Sica’s ‘Bicycle Thieves’ changed my very idea of cinema.
  95. I don’t believe in God, in prayer, in going to temples begging God to give me and my family happiness. I am not asking everyone to be an atheist, but good thoughts are not spent in a temple.
  96. I took up special yoga and a diet from Sreenath Vishnu. And amazingly, I lost 5.5 kgs in 20 days and my husband Mani shed six kilos in a month.
  97. Bengalureans have a heart of gold.

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