Suraj Venjaramood Quotes

  1. It is at programmes organised on the sidelines of temple festivals that you get to see raw audiences who will let you know immediately whether the act has clicked or not. It was those audiences who taught me how to strike a rapport with the audience.
  2. Humans share a special bond with their vehicles.
  3. After winning the National Award for Perariyathavar, I started getting a lot of good roles such as the one in ‘Action Hero Biju.’
  4. My job is to act.
  5. When I used to return in the early morning after late-night programmes, the first people I see on the roads at the break of dawn are sweepers, newspaper vendors and milkmen. Since they were all from my hometown, I would stop to talk to them before going home. So I am quite used to their lifestyle and work.
  6. I feel that if my work excites me and makes me deliver my best, then it should, hopefully, entertain viewers as well.
  7. Comedy films never die, all they need is a good script instead of merely relying on humour. That said, I would love to portray more characters like the one I play in ‘Perariyathavar.’
  8. What matters to me is being part of good films and doing meaty roles.
  9. It is important to understand that there is no distinction between comedians and actors. All are actors.
  10. Initially my father was not very happy with the mimicry stuff, but when he saw that it was giving me direction he had no problems.
  11. I grew up not watching but hearing cinema.
  12. I love comedy and I’ll never give it up.
  13. I wanted to do more and not be stereotyped. The roles coming my way were getting repetitive.
  14. Comedy is my music and my life and always will be.
  15. 2019 was a distinctive year in my career. While I was lucky to get a variety of roles, one that I found interesting to do was ‘Android Kunjappan Version 5.25.’
  16. There are so many stars who are very good at comedy acts.

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