Sushmita Sen Quotes

  1. As a kid, I wanted to do so many different things; I saw my aunt as an air hostess, and then I wanted to be an air hostess. I found it very glamorous, but when I flew for the first time in my life, and I saw how air hostesses have to slog and how they have to work with everybody going ‘ting-ting’ and how they have to keep on running up and down.
  2. ‘Vaastu Shastra’ has no shadow of ‘Bhoot’ at all. If ‘Bhoot’ was a 100 on 100, this is 300 on 100. It’s that scary!
  3. For a woman who didn’t want to be an actress, who is too tall, lanky, shy, and who didn’t fit into a Hindi conventional heroine, I am overwhelmed that my audiences have accepted me in India and the world.
  4. There has always been a softer side to Sushmita Sen. You might never see it, but there is one. And you will never see the ‘real’ Sushmita on screen.
  5. I believe in everything. I believe that everything is an illusion, and everything is there to be believed in.
  6. I don’t want to bore people with things that don’t matter to them. I want to share parts of my life that are universally true with other people.
  7. The Maldives is truly a paradise on Earth.
  8. Life’s all about choices. Everyone’s destination is the same; only the paths are different.
  9. I have this very simple logic about life that it should not be taken too seriously.
  10. I always dreamt of being famous, and dreams do come true.
  11. Even the slightest deja vu are supernatural incidents.
  12. People who try to tackle failure attract failure. The more you indulge in analysis, it gets tougher. So just keep making mistakes and learn.
  13. ‘Sholay’ can be given so many interpretations. I have seen this film so many times since the time I was a kid that I think that there could be 50 lovely interpretations to this film. Different filmmakers can give it so many interpretations, as it’s a lovely film.
  14. I am proud to be an Indian.
  15. I’m pretty Net-savvy. My surfing time is precious.
  16. It is my childhood dream to have a Christian-style wedding, just like the fairy tales.
  17. I am from a middle-class family, and everything I have achieved in life I have only appreciated. I have never gone overboard because I have seen the other side of life. When you have seen the other side of life, you appreciate what you have.
  18. RGV, as a filmmaker, is very smart.
  19. Being in love is all about the ability to give rather than take. It is not easy, but if you can accept this, then you will experience love.
  20. Everything about the Net is wonderful.
  21. Kids have a way of letting you know if they like something or not. If a child of five says she doesn’t like something, it means there is a problem.
  22. India is my mother.
  23. I truly believe children learn by examples much more than what you can teach them verbally.
  24. I am proud of the fact that, despite all the disparities that do come up often in our country, we are still Indians, and I am proud of that.
  25. When you have love in your life and respect what you do, you get up and do things. Yes, definitely I do feel tired, but when I look around and see how privileged I am, I get going.
  26. Celebrities are under pressure to perform all the time. You are in front of a camera all the time, and it is difficult to lead a life in the world of glamour.
  27. Kolkata is home.
  28. Life becomes easier when we stop aping people. Which is on all fronts, be it looks, body shape, or anything.
  29. I am really glad to be a part of Srijit Mukherji’s ‘Nirbaak.’
  30. There is a very pensive and intense side to me that even I did not know someone could capture.
  31. I’ve always been an adventurer, an explorer.
  32. I am pretty decent-looking.
  33. When my face starts to feel chubby, I know there is an issue with my weight.
  34. There’s no mantra for bringing up a kid.
  35. Every celebrity has his or her own personal life. When they go home, they have problems and issues, too.
  36. I try and feel good, and the only way to do it is to see myself in the mirror and to know that I’m still a single piece.
  37. I was born to two people who helped me imbibe feelings of nationhood in my heart and love for the country.
  38. I have tried different things as an actor and have always believed in experimenting.
  39. Unfortunately, we all go through bad phases.
  40. I have always felt that acting in a film is very challenging in itself. But when it comes to performing live, I think that is more challenging.
  41. I had earlier done a few paintings on Durga because I am fascinated by her.
  42. If something really gave me immense happiness, I will remember it for the rest of my life in vivid detail. But if something bothered me, or I regretted it deeply, I will move ahead from it and forget.
  43. I am a Tintin girl and grew up on Archie comics. Then I was introduced to Mr. Bean.
  44. During my time, fortunately or unfortunately, I had no idea what Miss Universe was supposed to be like because nobody from India had won the title before me.
  45. Yes, it is possible to love more than once. Every time you give of yourself, the intensity grows.
  46. With the amount of flops that I have seen in my career, one would think that my career would have been over long back. But it has sustained. And I truly believe it did because I lived life on my own terms.
  47. I didn’t get out of India till I was 15 years old, and I went to Malaysia with my father for an exhibition. And after that international visit, the next time I stepped on foreign shores was for the Miss Universe pageant at the age of 18.
  48. I want to learn skiing and parallel bar gymnastics.
  49. As a performer, we look for applause.
  50. Everybody knows that I’m not the most beautiful woman in the world.
  51. I believe unexplored territories and taking on new ventures is the natural progression all human beings must experience.
  52. I definitely have to know every detail of a script and analyse its potential before I think further because if the director is the captain, then the script is the ship.
  53. I thrive in places where there are different kinds of people and energies that can go into creating a very cosmopolitan kind of space.
  54. I usually don’t include sugar in my meals.
  55. Sometimes, I check out film sites if a friend sends me the URL.
  56. I have always been a mother. When I was kid, I mothered my younger brother. I mothered my parents and even my boyfriends.
  57. I am very spoilt and want my travel to be smooth and peaceful. I don’t like to rough it out, and I certainly do not fancy the idea of backpacking.
  58. Everything is an opportunity for me.
  59. What I do gorge on is sushi. This is the only dish I don’t mind overindulging in.
  60. I put on weight easily and lose it equally fast.
  61. Everything that has come my way has moulded me as an actor and as a person.
  62. When you see ‘MHN,’ you will see that the film is based on relationships which are serious, but there is a sense of humour to it, too.
  63. To bring up a child well, all a parent needs to do is be extremely honest with the child.
  64. Like a bathroom singer, I am a closet artist, but you need time to paint.
  65. I don’t talk about things like women power and this and that. Because I believe fighting for it is saying we are weaker. I don’t believe in that concept. For me, there is no fighting for women.
  66. I Am She is an institution that reflects and personifies the grace, charm, and elegance of an Indian woman.
  67. I love parasailing, taking strolls, indulging in water sports, hanging out in touristy places – especially night markets.
  68. The image is never created by you. It’s created by the media, by the people around you. In my real-life self, I would be without make up and in jeans and a T-shirt. But when I’m outside, I’m dressed up. It’s not because I enjoy doing it.
  69. The Indian television industry has catapulted into a huge business. Films, however, have not lost one shred of charisma or commercial lucrativity.
  70. I used to touch up my pictures on the computer and send them to friends. I would change colours, the design, and stuff like that.
  71. When I am on a set and I am working, I am almost near-obsessive about it. I love the process.
  72. You don’t want to watch a film for two hours that depresses you or makes you think so much it evokes a negative reaction.
  73. I don’t believe what I do outside my profession is anybody’s’ business. And that includes a personal thing like pregnancy or even marriage.
  74. I didn’t think of my job as wanting roles I want to do but roles that suit me.
  75. I celebrate my life, whether it’s being a single mother, wearing diamonds, or holidaying in exotic places.
  76. What I really appreciate in my friends is that they really respect me.
  77. Comedy has always been my favourite genre, and I always wanted to be a part of a process which makes people happy. The genre has always been lucky for me.
  78. I always imagine myself as a bride who will wear a gown, with a long train and veil.
  79. I have succeeded at times and failed at others, but I am here to do good cinema.
  80. Every baby step India takes in achieving anything towards its betterment enhances my identity and personality because I love my country.
  81. My time is really important to me, and where I put it has to be of tremendous value.
  82. I started modelling from the age of 16, and within three years, I was bored and decided to shift to films. But I love modelling because it gave me independence.
  83. Life comes as a full circle. It feels good when you become someone’s idol.
  84. I will definitely get married, but it is not that it has to happen at a certain age.
  85. Wasim Akram is a splendid human being and a thorough gentleman.
  86. I don’t have any favourites, but I like situational comedies, not forced ones.
  87. People who believe in science have a hard time believing in ghosts and the supernatural.
  88. There was a time when everybody was busy doing, ‘What is she wearing? How is she looking?’ I am happy that is changing now.
  89. I believe people, especially women, have become more accepting of who they are.
  90. If you don’t believe I’m a professional, do not sign me. And if you’ve signed me on a certain belief, don’t question my integrity.
  91. As roles go, very rarely do you get a role written for you or a director who wants you and only you for the part.
  92. ‘Marmayogi’ has a budget of Rs 110 crore, and I think only a gifted person like Kamal Haasan can do justice to such a film.
  93. In ‘Biwi No 1,’ I made you laugh. In ‘Sirf Tum,’ I made you cry. In ‘Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai,’ I am going to make you dream.
  94. Ask a celebrity what social cause he or she wants to take up, and many would say utopic things. For me, however, the decision is very clear… I want to do something for children, a category of people I am genuinely fond of.
  95. You have to be honest, even when you are upset with your child. Your intentions must be clear. You must never lie to your child.
  96. If you want to convey a message, you must do so in an enjoyable format.
  97. I am proud of Aishwarya. She has given every Indian a reason to be proud.
  98. I don’t work more than 8 hours a day. At times, people get angry with me because of this, but I can’t work more than that.
  99. I used to find going to the gym torturous.
  100. I find the idea of walking down the aisle and then being handed to the groom by the father very romantic.

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