Suzanne De Passe Quotes

  1. I’ve always said that the greatest racism in Hollywood has to do with what color ink you produce: Black or red.
  2. There’s often a big difference between business considerations as opposed to the business of the heart.
  3. Berry Gordy discovered more superstars than anyone I know. I grew up in that environment, and I know you can develop talent and market it.
  4. I think Berry Gordy is a genius, I really do, and it’s not a word I throw around lightly. But with all that comes the idiosyncratic behavior of a self-made, talented, creative person, and that’s not easy to come up against.
  5. Motown wasn’t just pioneering a sound but a cultural dynamic.
  6. I am the greatest Angela Bassett fan. She is such a fine human being and so steady.
  7. I think, at some level, if we concentrate on problems as opposed to solutions, then you just create more problems.
  8. I consider myself a product of Berry Gordy, but not a clone… He and I are always friends and colleagues, and I will always revere him as a mentor and boss. Though, of course, I’m always struggling for more equal footing.

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