Taylor Louderman Quotes

  1. Any time you have a platform or any influence, it’s really important to use and make the most of it.
  2. I’m from Bourbon, Missouri, where spirits are high and where the cattle population exceeds the human population.
  3. The Whole30 Diet has made a huge difference for me with my sweet tooth. The best part was it taught me that I can still be satisfied without having a ton of sugar in my diet.
  4. I keep 10-pound dumbbells in my dressing room. It’s nice to do before a show to get your muscles to wake up.
  5. I wasn’t a cheerleader in high school, but I was the leader of my soccer team.
  6. I would sing every chance I got – in the car, before bed – I even remember memorizing my address to songs.
  7. I try to pride myself on being nice to everyone and not letting egos get in the way.
  8. When you rehearse a Broadway show, you get two months of rehearsal, while in TV, it’s a much shorter process.
  9. I hone my craft. I keep going. I light a little fire under myself. I look around for roles that will challenge me. And I’m grateful for all the ones I get.
  10. I encourage people to be floaters: don’t stay in one group for too long.
  11. When you’re young, it’s hard to see the reality behind such a demanding career, but I loved it, and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. So in my mind, from the minute I had to seriously start thinking about my future, I knew musical theatre was it for me.
  12. I went to the University of Michigan for two years, and I auditioned for ‘Bring It On’ during my sophomore year, so I got to finish my sophomore year, and then I joined the cast – the touring cast.
  13. When I was little, my mom made all of my costumes.
  14. ‘Peter Pan’ is tried and true – it’s a story that everybody knows.
  15. I was definitely a part of a clique, and we all had our friend groups, but I tried really hard to branch out and be friends with a lot of people.
  16. I’m sure I tried being mean at one point, and I don’t think it worked. It’s too much work.
  17. I was actually born in Madison, Wisconsin, but raised in urban Missouri.
  18. My high school experience – and I think a lot of people feel this way – was complicated and intense, and I learned a lot about female relationships during that time.
  19. It was strange to go off the path that everyone takes and not finish college, but it’s been a great adventure.
  20. I grew up playing sports, and being athletic was just something I have always hung on to.
  21. Love me some Tom Kitt; he’s awesome in every way.
  22. I transferred schools in high school, so I’ve been the new girl on the block.
  23. I really just love dumb humor. I watch a lot of SNL.
  24. I think I always told myself I would audition for the top musical theater schools, and if I didn’t get into one of my top five schools, that would be my sign.
  25. I watched ‘Rugrats’ and ‘Spongebob’ because my dad liked ‘Spongebob’ too, so I loved having that on.
  26. When I was ten, I did my first show. It was ‘Annie.’
  27. I missed my homecoming for a rehearsal.
  28. I’m not going to lie: I miss the grass and the trees… I miss home. On a Sunday morning, you could chill on the deck and listen to people mowing their lawns. It was very serene.
  29. I’m a huge, huge Rachel McAdams fan.
  30. I had trouble in high school, and it has really pushed me to do something big and make a difference.
  31. Growing up, I watched a lot of Shirley Temple movies.
  32. I am from a really small town where theater wasn’t super-cool, I would say. Maybe undervalued? So, I would drive into St. Louis, where it was cool. I would go to these all-boy schools where they needed girls in their shows, and I would do my shows there.
  33. I remember watching the Tony Awards as a young girl, thinking I would never get that far but, in my heart, wanting so badly to perform on Broadway and defy the expectations of my small town.
  34. I think my best memory was taking my baby sisters trick-or-treating for the first time.
  35. It may seem like I’ve gone from one show to the next, but it’s been a roller coaster. I’ve had my share of lows.
  36. I was so young in ‘Bring It On!’ I didn’t know what I didn’t know.
  37. I have twin sisters who are 12 years younger than me, so watching them grow up has been a big highlight.
  38. You never know what will happen. But that’s the life of an actress. And it’s exciting.
  39. It’s fun to cast away concerns you might have about what other people think about you.
  40. I was sort of a floater in high school; I feel like I tried my hand at all the different stereotypes or cliques. I’m grateful for the experience to walk in all those different shoes.
  41. The whole college process for musical theatre majors is much different than others. The school sort of chooses you! Everyone knows which schools are the top schools and what tier each one is in. So if you get into a good school, you put it on your resume, and you already have a great reputation when you get to New York.
  42. Any time you take a movie to stage, you can’t do the same thing; it’s not gonna work.
  43. I do think, in any industry, when you put too much pressure on the source of your happiness coming from your work, you’re going to run into a wall. It’s easy to think that once you have success, then happiness will just hit like a wave over you. I don’t think that’s the case, or at least, when I achieved my first dream, that wasn’t the case.
  44. I remember thinking, ‘If I can make Tina Fey laugh, I can die happy.’
  45. When I was in ‘Kinky Boots,’ nobody really cared what shape I was in, and so I remember, like, fans would send me cookies to the theater, and I would be like, ‘Okay, I guess I’ll have another cookie!’
  46. I fall more on the insecure side of things.
  47. With ‘Bring It On,’ I really have to give most of the credit to the people who lifted me up. In cheerleading, a lot of the work is from the guys lifting you, and my body would just have to stay straight or firm or tight.
  48. There is power in having a friend group because you have this bond that helps you navigate girl world, and it creates safety and self-esteem. But if you speak up to the leader, you risk that social isolation or not having a group and feeling really left out.
  49. The most important thing is sleep. My mom can survive on four hours of sleep; I cannot. I need a solid eight.
  50. I like country music!
  51. I was valedictorian of my class until I switched to a neighboring high school, but I maintained the grades and involvement. Switching schools was tough.
  52. Growing up, my father coached my basketball team, and my mother drove me into St. Louis for various rehearsals between musical productions and Radio Disney.
  53. More and more, I find that I love doing comedies; that instant gratification that you get on stage when they laugh at you feels really good.

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