Teemu Pukki Quotes

  1. Both of my parents sacrificed a lot. My dad, Tero, would drive me to training every single day. My mum, Teija, came to Seville to help me. She did everything for me. It was such a big place to go at 17. Even if you can speak English, it doesn’t matter there. It was all Spanish. They don’t do English.
  2. I just live life and I do not think about what will happen.
  3. Since I was a young boy, it was about playing football, always as a striker, never another position.
  4. I didn’t really adapt to Scottish football well, but I enjoyed my time there. The physical nature and the pace of the game was a big thing, and many of the teams defended really deep against Celtic so there was not so much space to run in behind. That’s a big part of my game, so that was one thing as well.
  5. I wanted to go somewhere I could be more part of the team and where the coach really trusts me. At Schalke it wasn’t really like that.
  6. Scottish football doesn’t suit me perfectly, how I want to play football.
  7. Of course, I can’t be like Gary Hooper or anyone else because I’m me.
  8. As a young guy I was really shy, more shy than I am now.
  9. Growing up in Finland, ice hockey was the main sport. But I never played that. I went with footy. I never had any other hobbies.
  10. If I have a bad game I go home and see my daughter and I don’t think about the bad game anymore.
  11. Physically I was not strong enough to play at Celtic and I know myself it was not my best time as a football player, for sure.
  12. It was not so easy for me in Scotland in general.
  13. When I played in Germany there was also a good atmosphere in the games but this is better at Celtic.
  14. It is hard when you think you can do better, but things just aren’t working out.
  15. I haven’t made any targets of how many goals I want to score, because I just want to help the team.
  16. I always try not to read anything of people talking about me, but of course you can still feel pressure at the stadium, during the games, if you don’t play well.
  17. If I walked down a street back home people would recognise me, but they wouldn’t approach me.
  18. If I see someone that’s too arrogant, that’s not how I was raised.
  19. I will always keep my feet on the ground.
  20. When I was a little boy, my dream was to play in Spanish football, which I’ve done, and then it was the Premier League, so it’s all worked out OK.
  21. It’s not easy to be a footballer.
  22. I got used to the physical play in Scotland and it taught me about some stuff for sure.
  23. When I moved to Schalke it took me a few months to settle.
  24. It is always nice to get your first goal of the season.
  25. I got the call, ‘Celtic want you.’ And I knew Celtic were a top, top team. I thought it would be much easier than it was. It was quicker than I thought. When you got the ball, there was always a defender at you.
  26. The Scottish game is not easy – far from it.You don’t have so much time on the ball. There are aggressive defenders but it is good. Every opponent likes to mark closely so it is not so easy to score. In Germany there was more space to run into other areas of the pitch.
  27. To live abroad you have to grow up quickly.
  28. Those years in Denmark changed my game and how I played football.
  29. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is one of the best goalscorers in the world and even watching him in training and in games you can learn from him.
  30. You never know what’s going to happen in football.
  31. Neil Lennon was a great manager; he really got your team in the mood and wanting to play for him.
  32. A lot of Finnish people are laid-back and quiet and that’s how I am. I’ve never seen any reason to change myself.
  33. I like it in Denmark. The league is very good and all the teams are of a similar standard.
  34. Celtic are a great, traditional club.
  35. A lot of my family follow Liverpool, including my dad Tero and my uncle. In Finland I would say Liverpool is the biggest team, it started in the 1980s with the games on the TV. And then obviously they have had two Finland legends in Jari Litmanen and Sami Hyypia.
  36. I played in Germany which is quite a physical league.
  37. Football is getting bigger but ice hockey is still the biggest sport back home.
  38. My favourite team was always Barcelona. When I was young, I went to see them, my first ever big game. Jari Litmanen was playing there at the time. In Finland, Litmanen is a big hero for all of us.
  39. I have great memories of playing in the Champions League at Celtic Park. That was something I will never forget, and of course we won a championship and that’s something no-one can take away from me.
  40. It took me some time to get used to the game in Scotland because it was very different. The game is quicker and more physical. You don’t get much time on the ball, that’s for sure. It is probably better than I thought as well.
  41. Even if you have a contract you can be sold.
  42. Daniel Farke is so good, a man-manager – he is calm but he can shout if he thinks I’m not working.
  43. I had four seasons with Brondby in Denmark and they were crucial, mentally. The first two seasons there, I score nine goals, then nine goals. Then we get a new coach, Alexander Zorniger. A German guy. The next two seasons, I score 20 then 17.
  44. When I do defensive work well it always helps my offensive game.
  45. I’m not the type who gets stressed about something.

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