Terry O'Quinn Quotes

  1. When I find a golf course or a restaurant or a market that I like, that’s pretty much exclusively where I go.
  2. I know ‘Lost’ used to drive people mad trying to anticipate what was happening or what something meant.
  3. I was raised in the country. I haven’t spent any time in the cities that people say are the best. I haven’t spent much time in Chicago or San Francisco.
  4. I don’t like Type-A actors, and I don’t like Type-A golfers. I like people who relax into what they do and who enjoy it for the process.
  5. When I was growing up, it was a bad time to be in the military. It was the time of Vietnam, but I was never called up.
  6. I so rarely turned down a role, that I can’t say I have any regrets in that regard. There were many roles that I would rather not have done, but having a home and family requires that we sometimes do things we would rather not.
  7. I found my faith to be more about my belief, my spirituality, about nature.
  8. There’s no advice for when you’re out of money, and there’s none coming in, and nobody’s going to give you any.
  9. The reality is that most of us actors have to take work that we would rather not at some time.
  10. Really, I think of fame as distracting; it’s something you have to get around.
  11. ‘Heaven’s Gate’ I remember, because it was the first movie I ever was cast in.
  12. It’s amazing how you cross paths with people. You work intimately, and then you never see them again the rest of your life, or even speak.
  13. I understand what ‘Lost’ was, and I count my blessings. I’m usually happy to talk to people. I don’t think I’ve ever had anybody say anything negative to me about it except, ‘I didn’t get the ending. What the hell was that all about?’ And I’m like, ‘Talk to Damon Lindelof!’
  14. I spend a lot of time in Los Angeles, but I probably wouldn’t say it’s my favorite city.
  15. People ask me, ‘Are you worried you’re going to be typecast as a John Locke type of guy?’ I say he’s the perfect guy to be typecast as! He’s vulnerable and ambitious and sort of unstable. It was a good actor’s role.
  16. I developed more as an actor in the course of ‘Lost’ than I had in any period in my career before because they trusted me and allowed me to use the tools that I finally brought out. And quite honestly, it’s only been since ‘Lost’ that I’ve had any sort of financial stability.
  17. It’s funny to be discovered by a lot of people who didn’t know you before. People always used to say, ‘Do you shop at Home Depot?’ or ‘Does your kid go to such and such school?’ They want to know why they know me, even if they don’t know my name. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, by the way; I think it’s nice to be kind of anonymously famous.
  18. There’s no particular formula for ‘Lost.’ I mean, I think there were a few attempts to follow it and copy it, but it’s a one-off, you know?
  19. ‘The Stepfather’ was the first time I sort of carried a film, or led in a film, and doing it was fun, and I felt very special. Afterwards, though, I was terrified. I just thought, ‘Wow, this is basically going to be about me. If this film is a success or a failure, a lot of it’s on me!’
  20. I’d rather not be a roofer.
  21. The normal state of an actor is unemployed.
  22. Don’t pick the wrong target when you’re angry, and don’t hurt the ones you love or the ones who love you, because if you keep a good attitude and are prepared to do your work, you just might get an opportunity out of the blue.
  23. It’s amazing to me – what is this love affair we have with bad guys? With the bad boy in high school, with the anti-hero, et cetera, et cetera? Because I was always just a very nice boy. I didn’t get it.
  24. I don’t think I could play a character that I couldn’t relate to somehow. I’m not unfamiliar with frustration, anger, shame, helplessness and a load of other emotions that make up our psycho-soup. I try to focus on that frustration, that sense of unfairness, and multiply it.
  25. Yeah, I like working in television, a lot. I really enjoyed my time on ‘Lost.’ I like developing that hint of family with people. I mean, if you’re on a happy set. If you’re on a set where there’s some sour apples, then I don’t like working in television.
  26. I don’t know much about cities. When I go places, I usually stay in the country.
  27. I can’t start a fire with two sticks or hunt rabbits or anything like that.
  28. I don’t live in L.A. or in New York. I live in Virginia by the ocean.
  29. I have done a few roles that I’ve never watched, and if I happen to be flicking through channels and one pops up, I quickly move on. It’s hard enough to sustain some self confidence without being reminded of things we’d rather not revisit but, in the end, it comes with the territory.
  30. I’m always looking for work. There are only two states of being an actor, so if I’m not working, I’m looking for employment.
  31. Things like Facebook and Twitter, all that stuff, are about, ‘I’m here! Here I am! I’m somebody special!’
  32. When I was in high school, I fell in love with Olivia Hussey in ‘Romeo And Juliet.’
  33. I think when you get to a certain age, older people become more emotional than younger people.
  34. I like New York in the spring and in the fall. It’s one of the best cities to walk that I’ve ever been in.
  35. I have two concerns with my work: having good things to act, and getting paid. In that order. Although if you’re not getting paid well, that order can change. But that’s what I’m concerned about. Good scenes. Decent money.
  36. I can relate to somebody wanting to have something to believe in.
  37. I’ll watch golf while I work out. I’m your average golf fan.

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