The D.O.C. Quotes

  1. Black people have been marginalized and kept away from the economics of this country. I think people are starting to understand that and are trying to figure out how we can change that and allow everybody to join in this game of capitalism.
  2. When I first got to Los Angeles, hip-hop music was a scary thing not only to white America but to middle-class black America.
  3. When I wrote for Eazy, I wrote for the character. Everybody knew Eazy loved girls, so I would make him funny, even though it was somewhat misogynistic.
  4. When I was young, I had a beautiful singing voice.
  5. That was my first real connection with Dre – that we both liked to drink.
  6. When you write for somebody else, you’ve got to write from their standpoint. You can’t really write from your own point of view.
  7. Racism is just the symptom, but the fight is economic.
  8. If you are spiritual and faithful about your situation, you’ll make it through it. And my life is a testimony to that.
  9. Gangsta to me is the Black Panther Party.
  10. I am a blessed individual.
  11. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but ‘toot-toot.’ I’m a lyricist f’real.
  12. Snoop Dogg has always held me up. He’s always held me above the fray, and that keeps me relevant. Wherever he goes, he takes my name with him when he does interviews. He’s talking about me. He keeps me alive, and that feeds my spirit.
  13. I don’t have the need to be the greatest of all-time anymore, ’cause I’m just a speck of the greatest energy to ever exist.
  14. I was Eazy’s pen, because he couldn’t write lyrics.
  15. The only thing wrong with my voice is the way it sounds.
  16. He didn’t have to worry about the music, because he wasn’t doing any of it. Eazy was a blessed dude.
  17. You have to understand what it is you want, create a plan for what you want, and don’t allow them to give you any less than what it is you want, and that’s it.
  18. I never really felt apprehensive because of my voice because after a while I’d gotten used to it, so I figured it would only be a matter of time before everybody else got used to it.
  19. In the hip-hop world, Eazy-E was the personification of evil. He paid my hospital bill, about $60,000, but he made me pay him back, which is cool, except that I later found out that he paid the bill out of my share of a publishing deal he made for me.
  20. When Dre and I started making the ‘Straight Outta Compton’ record, every day on our way to the studio, we would listen to the ‘It Takes A Nation’ album.
  21. People can’t learn from mistakes if they don’t see them.
  22. Dre is one of those guys that doesn’t mind fighting at the drop of a hat.
  23. I love and have respect and admiration for everybody in my past. I don’t have any animosity toward anybody.
  24. When I use my vocal cords, it kind of feels like what it feels like when you put your shoes on the wrong foot.
  25. When ‘G’ Thang’ was created, I was living in Agoura Hills, and Snoop and Warren G were living with me.
  26. Music is about depth. Music is about harmony. Music is about notes and tones.
  27. If there’s one thing that I have in this business, it’s respect.
  28. There’s a synergy with Dre and me.
  29. I didn’t come from the West Coast experience, I came from Dallas and I was an introvert and a nerd.
  30. I was an introvert really. I spent a lot of time in the crib reading books. Staying out of trouble.

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