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  1. I’m a pessimist by nature, so I don’t believe something until someone has kind of punched me over the head with it.
  2. There were times I when I’d go out and have some fun, but I wouldn’t say I was a ‘playa.’
  3. Inherently, I’m not a huge extrovert, so I actually find interviews and all the glamour to be a bit challenging sometimes.
  4. Read more. Read every time you go to bed; read in the day – because at least, reading a book, you can’t be distracted by anything else.
  5. ‘Divergent’ is a story about people who don’t fit into a category – that is a big part of the message – but it’s also about conformity and forcing people into these simple archetypes. At the end of the day, humans don’t exist like that. We’re multifaceted.
  6. I was in the school plays, I did a lot of music. I carried on through university for short films and loads of plays.
  7. Let’s see… I have a thing for pretty legs. But most importantly, I like confident women.
  8. I want diversity in what I do, as that’s what helps you in the long term. It’s more fulfilling, and you’ll have a longer shelf life as an actor.
  9. I did my share of kid acting, like lots of us do. I even played King Herod when I was 6, but when I got to the end of my school period, that was it.
  10. New York cops are very specific in terms of the way they talk and the way they handle themselves. All these cliches that, as an Englishman, I thought were from a bygone era or were a bit of poetic license with cop shows – the more you hang out with them, the more you realize how real that jargon is.
  11. I’ve had some strange notes from fans and a few weird gifts.
  12. I was thinking recently, I’ve always loved the ocean. If I could do it all again, I might do an oceanography degree. You can do ocean archaeology, and I thought that might be fascinating to do – man-made structures, where the sea has risen above the structures.
  13. I watched ‘The Shield.’ That was a big show for me.
  14. My obsession is plastic packaging. It makes me sick, all the waste. Everything about it disappoints me.
  15. I try to use public transport, always.
  16. In Britain, you do your job. When you do an American TV show, there is a sense of being one with the crew, and there is a leadership element, which was a learning curve for me because it is very different culturally. In Britain, you just do it, leave and say, ‘Thanks.’
  17. Sometimes the best parts are the leading men. But the little parts can be similarly gratifying.
  18. I know that everyone wants to know about ‘Downton Abbey,’ but the truth is that it was only a few days out of my life. Still, you play a distinctive part on a hit series, and everyone suddenly knows who you are. Isn’t it crazy how this business works?
  19. New York cops are very specific in terms of the way they talk and the way they handle themselves.
  20. I find sharing intimate details with people that you don’t know an interesting concept. I like to keep some things to myself.
  21. While I find my job as an actor challenging, I also think that there’s fun in that challenge.
  22. You know what actors are like. You can sometimes be like, ‘Darling, darling, we love each other,’ but you don’t really know them.
  23. I think the best way to become a character is by osmosis as opposed to thinking directly about stuff.
  24. Everybody has a bit of body armor they wear to protect themselves, and love is about trying to break it down. You have to see who a person really is and connect with her to break that armor.
  25. You question, as anybody should, the overarching worth of your profession, right? So that’s a question I’ve often asked myself.
  26. I know I often get a job because of how I look. I hope that I keep the job because of how I act.
  27. I was in New Zealand and met this girl. Her sister dared me to bungee jump, so I did! It was a spur-of-the-moment decision – I wanted to impress the girl, and it worked! We were in a relationship after that.
  28. One of my fears would be getting torn apart by a great white shark. I love the ocean, but I always have this deep fear of getting torn apart by a great whitey.
  29. What I like about the ‘Underworld’ thing is that it’s a mix of cool genres, as well as creating its own message.
  30. I just like being present.
  31. People say that New Yorkers aren’t friendly, but I think they’re more friendly than Londoners. Here there is a front-footed nature of Americans. You can go out on a night out and meet 10 random people and stay in touch with them, whereas that’s not going to happen in the same way in London.
  32. If you don’t finish a day of stunts with a lot of bruises, you feel like you haven’t done it right.
  33. I’ve been part of five different bands in my time.
  34. British shows, especially on a first commission, don’t get the cash that the U.S. shows get.
  35. I’m a bit of a dude. I like meat. But I am buying it more responsibly, where it’s more sourced responsibly.
  36. I have the same friends I’ve had for years and the same family. Unless you love rock n’ roll and Hollywood parties and having your photo taken, I don’t think necessarily things need to change too much.
  37. Diving into Internet speculation is like playing with the devil. It’s tempting, of course.
  38. I’d love to do something where I played a musician.
  39. What is interesting, as well, is how much power homicide detectives have and how much respect. They are kind of rock stars, especially in New York. There are not that many of them.
  40. I know there’s Brooklyn and all the boroughs, but Manhattan specifically is so condensed that the energy is very vibrant. Everywhere you look there is something happening.
  41. Sprinting for a full day in Atlanta in midsummer proved very challenging. That humidity is crazy. Georgia is a beautiful state, but the weather is intense. I was warned, but for some reason I thought it would be like L.A. in the summer. The reality? No.
  42. Working with Woody Allen was extremely gratifying. He has such a vast catalog of great work that doing one of his films was somewhat unreal.
  43. I’m definitely a joker.
  44. To me, the difference between New York and London is that things are boring and staid in London.
  45. We’re in a world where masculinity, especially with these big spectacle movies, is often pushed by rippling six packs and forcing an image down someone’s throat trying to prove masculinity. Whereas I think true masculinity comes from having a strong sense of self.
  46. I’ve got two brothers and two sisters, so there’s five of us and we’re all very close, which is cool.
  47. It’s frustrating we still don’t see more movies featuring strong women.
  48. Sometimes the nature of a big movie, the nature of the material, the scene doesn’t have the richness that you’d want it to.
  49. I did some British TV and bits and bobs here and there. I’ve been lucky.
  50. I think you can tell when a New York show isn’t shot in the city. It’s so iconic and has such a specific energy.
  51. I had a pretty steep learning curve in film – as I’m still learning.
  52. I always think that you finish one movie, you start a new one, and you think, ‘OK. I did that last one. Now I’ve learned. I know how this works.’ Then by the end of the movie, you think, ‘No, I don’t, really.’
  53. I saw ‘Captain America’ in 3D. It’s cool. I liked the beginning. It’s a really good setup.
  54. Every time I come, I’m still amazed at the breadth California has. Big Sur, Yosemite, the desert… I love it.
  55. Naturally, obviously, nudity is a part of life.
  56. I don’t think I believe in ghosts, per se. But, my nearest experience was when I went on a weekend away and was in a bar in England, years ago, with an ex-girlfriend. I heard this scratching. I was about to go to bed and I was thinking, ‘It’s an old ghost.’ I could hear this noise, but I couldn’t work out where it was coming from.

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