Tucker Halpern Quotes

  1. I’ve been inconsistent by my standards, but I always set high goals for myself.
  2. Basketball is my first love. If my health had permitted me, I would still be playing, but I am glad in retrospect that everything happened the way it did.
  3. My on-stage uniform is basically my life uniform, also. But sometimes I go a lil’ flashier on stage.
  4. Sophie does more of the writing, lyrical stuff; I do more of the sitting at the computer and the board stuff. But it blurs. If we’re both really feeling it, then we’ll keep going with the song.
  5. Criticism doesn’t affect me much now.
  6. I’m meeting people I never would have met at Brown and doing things I couldn’t do because of basketball.
  7. Sophie is so free-spirited, open-minded, and intelligent. She brings the sensuality. The soft connection. She can look people in the eye and make them feel something.
  8. I dedicated most of my life to basketball, and that was my plan until my junior year of college when I got ill and was bed-ridden for eight months. In those months, I wanted to be productive, and I taught myself how to produce music on my computer. When I went back to school, I started taking all my classes in music and DJing a lot.
  9. Pregnant Beyonce was kind of crazy to see. She’s like a god.
  10. I don’t have any connection to Portuguese, but I listened to a lot of music in other languages because I was really into house music; there are all sorts of languages that are featured in house.
  11. I get the same rush being on stage DJing that I did on the court.
  12. My hair – that’s, like, really my statement piece.
  13. We are so excited about life and about every song.
  14. Like a lot of us, I went through some phases on the way to finding what I felt comfortable in as myself.
  15. Sometimes, we’ve made songs where we’re angry and yelling, and then there are some songs where we’re just having fun and dancing and happy.
  16. Everyone in the industry really sort of welcomed us with open arms – at least the people we’ve come across so far and the other artists.
  17. If it feels good, feels different, and falls in the middle of both of our wildly different tastes, then we know it’s a Sofi Tukker song.
  18. I learned that being sort of legitimately recognized by a legitimate and traditional recording academy, it made people look at us a bit differently. Not everyone, but some people.
  19. Every few weeks, I’d really be worn down. The doctor said just take time off, but it became apparent that the exercise you need to be a top-level athlete brought the symptoms on.
  20. Some people have their problems with the Grammys, and it doesn’t recognize so many great artists.
  21. I grew up drumming but had to put it on the back burner because of basketball.
  22. I always loved music, but it was a passion that I had put to the side for my whole life.
  23. Thankfully, I found a doctor at Presbyterian Hospital in New York, Scott Hammer, who diagnosed my chronic fatigue as the Epstein-Barr virus, and the medication I took either helped jump-start my immune system or made the virus dormant. I was very lucky.

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