Zara Larsson Quotes

  1. People say, ‘Oh you’re so good, and you’re so young!’ It’s like, ‘No. I’m good. Period!’
  2. I’m still so young, so I feel like people have wanted to keep me in a ‘no-makeup’ fresh type of look – sometimes artists are a little afraid of really putting the makeup on me.
  3. Everybody wants attention, more or less. I just want a lot.
  4. I don’t really have a type. I don’t want to be a cliche. But personality is a big thing for me. You can find cute guys all over. But he’s got to have some sort of sense of humor, which is so hard to find in a guy. He’s got to be a bit smart.
  5. I think she’s so cool, but I personally don’t think I sound like Rihanna! But when I first released my music, I did get that comparison a lot. I never really thought about that, but it’s a good thing. She’s awesome.
  6. Literally, when I go to the vocal coach, I’m like, ‘You are teaching me nothing.’ You know?
  7. If it weren’t for singing, I don’t know what else I would do with myself.
  8. If you love attention and have a pretty decent voice, that’s a pretty good combination.
  9. I’m not even close to where I want to be; it’s just a little mini step on the way. This is only the beginning.
  10. We’re here for a little, little bit of time, and I just wanna make the most out of it.
  11. It could be interesting doing something with Kanye.
  12. History is important but… I just wanna sing Beyonce songs all day long in front of a mirror.
  13. I love to have a band, but dancers are my priority because I really want a show, you know?
  14. I, personally, do not consider myself to be some kind of Holy Mary of feminism.
  15. I’m just being me on Instagram, and that’s what I love about it. It’s definitely personal, and it’s, like, no one in my team would ever get my password for my Instagram. Like, that’s a no-no.
  16. I’d like to sell out worldwide stadium tours. That’d be something. Or to have sixty number ones on Billboard.
  17. I do pop, so pop is very broad. It could be anything from the Weeknd to Taylor Swift to Beyonce to whatever is on the radio, basically.
  18. In America, you can’t say to your family, ‘Hey, I’m off to L.A. to make it as a songwriter; sorry I can’t pay for the dentist.’
  19. Beyonce’s the only contemporary artist that I really, really idolize.
  20. The only person I’d cry if I met would be Beyonce.
  21. I think whatever you love the most is where you should spend your money.
  22. For me, it’s actually really hard to write about my real experience. Like to do a Taylor Swift. You know what I mean? It’s so brave to actually write about things that happened and things you wanna get off your chest, but I’m not really there yet.
  23. I’ve always known that singing was some sort of calling for me. It comes naturally.
  24. That’s absolutely one of my main goals, to have a number one on Billboard. That’s a big thing for me. That means people are buying and listening to your music.
  25. My dream is to have a bed of my own in Los Angeles and one in Sweden.
  26. When I was little, I had concerts on the subway, and old ladies came up to me like, ‘You are so good!’
  27. I think my thing is that… I don’t know. And that’s why I don’t wanna sing about ‘This is me, this is who I am’ because, like, even the question, ‘Tell me about yourself’ – what are you supposed to say? ‘Ooh, I’m a happy girl, but I’m sad, too’? People are so complex.
  28. Sweden will always be my home, since my childhood there was like a fairytale, so I’ll always go back to it.
  29. That’s a beautiful thing. The more successful you are, the more people are going to come and be a part of music.
  30. I always sang after every dinner or when we had people over or when we had a show in school. I just loved to be on stage and sing in front of people.
  31. If it’s a good song, it’s a good song. I’ll take it.
  32. I wear jewellery that I never take off. I have a ring and two necklaces. I always have them on and get scared when I have to take them off for photo shoots. The ring is my mum’s mum’s mum’s, and she gave it to me for my 18th birthday. The necklace is the same one that my sister has. She’s called Hannah, and the name is the chain.
  33. I like to spend as much time with my friends and family as possible.
  34. Some people can’t sing – like honestly – but they’re famous anyway, and they might be famous for being an artist, which is completely different from being a singer.
  35. The Monsters & Strangerz, I love them so much.
  36. I work so hard, but… everything just goes my way! It’s insane!
  37. I have some friends, and they’re super-hipster. And they’re like, ‘All I wanna do is sing in a jazz bar and to just make it to pay for the rent.’ And I’m like, ‘Cool… That’s not what I wanna do. I want as many people as possible to go to my concert.’
  38. I’m just waiting for the day when my songs aren’t flying. Because I kind of believe in Murphy’s law – if something can go wrong, it eventually will.
  39. In my personal life, I would just feel like, I will always be cool with everyone.
  40. A lot of my friends send me Snapchats of when they’re in the club, and they’re like, ‘It’s your song!’
  41. ‘Never Forget You’ was the first song I co-wrote.
  42. If I have a day off, I’ll get up at three in the afternoon and make some noodles. I fix my makeup and then party until 5 A.M.
  43. It really is a dream coming true, being on Billboard.
  44. My dream is to stand in front of 60,000 people in an arena and know that everyone came because they wanted to make memories with me.
  45. When I look at my streams on Spotify, and I just see it’s hundreds of millions of streams, I think, ‘Wow, that’s amazing.’ But you don’t really get it. Once you see people in front of you singing along to your songs, it’s real.
  46. Mostly, I just write about feelings that people can relate to. Because, yeah, I don’t know who I am, and this is not my sound forever… I’m a human, so hopefully, I will always develop.
  47. I’ve always just wanted people to look at me.
  48. I think life is a chain of events.
  49. When I was about nine or 10, I was on a few random talent shows in shopping malls.
  50. I’ve always loved to perform in front of people, but it became pretty serious when I participated in ‘Sweden’s Got Talent.’ I thought it would be a fun thing to do, and I was just like, ‘OK, why not?’ And Mom was like, ‘OK, sure, sure, do this!’ So I did, and I won it!
  51. It’s very, very important to wash off makeup. Like, really wash it off – I used to be really bad and leave some on when I would go to bed, but it’s so important to get it all off.
  52. Of course, I consider myself a feminist, but I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist genius or anything.
  53. In the car on my way to the studio, I was listening to ‘Where Are U Now’ with Justin Bieber and Jack U, so I was like, ‘Wow, this is such a banger.’ I loved the thought of having a ballad at the beginning and then just a massive drop.
  54. I love eyebrows, so brow pencils and brow shadow are really important to me.
  55. I love to go all out – once I start doing my makeup, I kind of tend to do a lot of it. So like foundation, contour, highlight, eyeliner, shadow, lashes, lipstick – everything! But I really, really love my contours.
  56. We have a history of great producers – ABBA and Max Martin – we have proof of people being successful from Sweden.
  57. I would say that the majority of the people I work with are Swedish, very unknown producers and writers but so talented.
  58. I’ve always wanted to be a singer.
  59. Could you imagine being from Siberia? Like, a small part of Russia, where it’s like, ‘When was the last time Russia was having a super big international pop star in the U.S.?’ I don’t know, but I can name a few from Sweden. I think that gives us a lot of confidence in being pop stars because we’re like, ‘Oh, we actually can. We know we can.’

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