Zhao Wei Quotes

  1. I’ve been so busy these years that I’ve sacrificed too much time with my family.
  2. All parents want their children to have respectable jobs that pay well. However, my parents are both open-minded and they respect the choice I made.
  3. I wouldn’t want people to laugh at me. That’s why I have to give all that I can, and at least produce something that I will be proud of.
  4. For a film to be excellent, everybody working on it must also be excellent.
  5. People say that I should never turn my hobby into a career, but I think you need to be passionate enough to do a good job.
  6. I was very young when I began acting and I really got by on enthusiasm and love of the profession.
  7. On the surface, different generations may look at youth in a different way, but inside it is the same. When they love, they are courageous, and willing to do anything, including stupid things. When they get heartbroken, they cry as hard as they can.
  8. I won’t say I will direct it. I am not sure I am the most suitable to do so, as I also hope that it would look good. It would be a lot of pressure. After all, the generation that watched ‘My Fair Princess’ has a certain fondness about the series. But if it’s necessary for me to help, then I will do it!
  9. Whenever I’m in Singapore, I definitely have to eat some of the local food.
  10. I guess I never took my fame as a teen idol too seriously.
  11. Nobody knows how hard I work!
  12. I hope my fans can learn who the real Zhao Wei is and get rid of all the misunderstandings there were before.
  13. China’s baijiu is too strong, I can’t handle it.
  14. Without a doubt, my daughter loves daddy more, because he pampers her way too much.
  15. When I was a child, I longed to leave my parents and just roam about.
  16. They say I am ‘a winner in life,’ but I really am not. Life is never static. There are no such things as winners.
  17. The pressure of trying to survive is so heavy in China.
  18. If I want to pursue something, I will go after it bravely.
  19. I want to make Chateau Monlot a grand wine, emblematic of the Bordeaux vineyards.
  20. Although I often give in to my daughter, she is fully aware that I am the only one at home who will discipline her if she is naughty.
  21. You can find fine dining in Singapore but there’s also a wide spread of local dishes available. In Singapore, I prefer to try the local bites.
  22. I am a simple and good person.
  23. I enrolled my daughter for piano lessons, but she quit after just two lessons, citing a lack of interest.
  24. I feel like I’m walking into the illustrated pages of a fairy tale when I go to the vineyard. It draws you to nature and cleanses your soul, and you just don’t want to leave.
  25. My tip is to work hard, be diligent and dedicated.
  26. It is great to share wine with friends, it is something I do all the time.
  27. Having stayed in Singapore for a period of time, I’ve seen how parents here have high expectations of their children because they want their kids to do well.
  28. I thought that studying the performing arts and becoming an actress would give me a reason to leave home at a younger age.
  29. Because we in the mainland didn’t have a youth. We were all busy being hard-working in our youthful years. We were studying hard, working hard, getting married and buying a flat, and striving to give the best education to our children.
  30. Those media reporters who know me well and my friends know what my real personality is. Those who read newspapers and watch TV don’t know what my real personality is.
  31. Wine is getting more important in the Chinese lifestyle.
  32. I started drinking red wine after I stopped drinking sake and whiskey, because it’s better for your heart – it’s about the only thing I drink now.
  33. My daughter’s position in our household is definitely higher than mine. I listen to her a lot. I guess you can say that’s my parenting style.
  34. It’s strange because pandan cake isn’t hard to make but yet it can only be bought in Singapore.
  35. Both Peter Chan and Wong Kar Wai are directors that I respect very much.

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