Zico Quotes

  1. The history of Brazil goes from Pele to Garrincha, Didi, Tostao, Gerson, then to all of us who followed them.
  2. Maradona is among the best five players I’ve ever seen: Garrincha, Pele, Diego, Cruijff and Beckenbauer.
  3. When Brazil take part in any competition they must always play to win.
  4. When I can, I always like coming to Italy to have some nice wine.
  5. I believe that soccer can be an example of understanding and peace between countries and between peoples.
  6. When God built Pele, he put everything that a player needs in him. He knew how to shoot, how to dribble, how to head, be physical. He had everything that a football player needs to have. It’s difficult for someone to achieve what he has in football.
  7. I liked it when people relied on me… because then I knew I had something different to offer.
  8. Football never surpises me.
  9. I don’t believe in luck.
  10. I traveled to many countries when I played. But wherever I went, it was a journey between an airport, a hotel, a stadium and a railway station or a bus terminal and I didn’t have a chance to experience these places properly.
  11. I’ve learned that showing your emotions can work against you and that you need to have a business-like attitude to observe things with a cool head.
  12. I remember Arsene Wenger very well from our time in Japan. I like the way his teams play, with an offensive mentality – it is a philosophy I share. I think he gets the best out of the players he has, and this is the key to his success.
  13. I prefer to win a game and lose other 2 rather than draw 3 games. Both cases you get 3 points.
  14. My grandfather is a musician, my son is a musician and a singer. My mother played the piano too.
  15. Maradona, if the ball came from his right, he would turn and would use his left foot, because he did not use his right. But he did use his right hand.
  16. Ozil is a great player. He’s the brain of the German national team.
  17. I want my players to go win and don’t play bad football.
  18. I was born close to soccer, and I’ve been living and working in soccer since I was small.
  19. Honestly speaking, I was not really interested in a managerial job when my playing career ended.
  20. A lot of people talk about what the 1982 team did on the pitch but that side was so dear to Brazilian fans also because it featured players that supporters would see in flesh and bone on a regular basis, either at games or even on the streets. Now they basically only see the Selecao on the TV.
  21. I am not White Pele. I am simply Zico.
  22. I am a Brazilian and only support our team.
  23. You can’t win the World Cup without playing the big boys.
  24. If you want to try new challenges you have to adapt.
  25. Football always has pressure.
  26. Brazilian football has always been very much admired in Japan and, of course, after my participation and so many other Brazilians, it was like they created a new style of play in homage to Brazilian football.
  27. In life we always have to learn something, I learn everything daily.
  28. Sometimes a team plays very well but doesn’t manage to score, while another team comes and scores. But then, that’s how football is.
  29. I don’t know why everyone refers to me as White Pele. I don’t like it.
  30. I might have made mistakes but I have always been honest.
  31. I will never give up on football that is played well.
  32. Football is a collective game, not an individual game.
  33. India has a population of over 1 billion people. There is place for all sports and for sure there is space for football.
  34. I hope that all the Indian football players who will be with me under my coaching will show their talent and come out with great success.
  35. A great player can win, but cannot claim titles alone. You need to have a great team who are close and able to support you.
  36. It is always good to keep learning. Every day things change and we should recycle ourselves every day.
  37. I’ve been through everything in soccer.
  38. There is nothing wrong in losing with dignity, it is a part of the game.
  39. It’s so important to be chosen for the national team. For the Copa America, for the World Cup, or just friendly matches, it’s such an honour to reach that stage and be chosen for the team. People expect players to wear Brazil’s shirt, win the title with pride, and keep winning. You have to have the mental strength to get over this pressure.
  40. Sometimes I make mistakes in my lineup. I don’t make any mistakes to harm someone.
  41. Maradona has done a lot for his clubs, as Messi does, and for the Argentina national team.
  42. I am not a magician of football.
  43. In Brazil, U.S., Japan and some other countries, there are many sports being played and I hope that will be the case in India as well. Sports is good for the country.
  44. I will never do as a coach the things I hated people doing to me when I was a player.
  45. I’ve always done everything with love and dedication, thinking of the best for the club and the fans.
  46. Everyone has the right to make mistakes.
  47. I want to win all the time; even in a dice game I want to win.
  48. I have always said that to manage Brazil I would have to be managing in Brazil first.
  49. Considering Messi’s quality and everything he represents, I don’t think I’ve seen him playing with a guy following him around the pitch the entire time with the sole purpose of not letting him play.
  50. I don’t believe that politics has to be part of the sporting world.
  51. It’s bad when there are internal problems at the club – when people have doubts about you internally.
  52. Others are others, Pele is Pele, he is totally different.
  53. For me dialogue is as essential in football as in life. I like to talk to my players and I never impose anything, I always give them the chance to make their own choices.
  54. I am thankful to Fenerbahce for the opportunity that they gave me and I believe that I repaid their faith with good work on the pitch.
  55. I think the difference with Japan was that they didn’t bring in too many foreign players. In my opinion at the ISL it’s not too good to have too many foreigners playing. The minimum of five Indian players is too less in my opinion. Since it’s the ISL, we have to encourage more Indian football.
  56. My philosophy is always to play forward because goal is the reason of football.
  57. I always play players who are fit – even if it means playing out of position.
  58. I would like to work in England. I find that place very interesting.
  59. With respect to Qatar as a country that wants to grow, you can’t have a World Cup in a country that doesn’t have football.
  60. When you hear cheers at the moment you need a bit of a push, players can react to that and perform at their best.
  61. I am not afraid to say what I feel.
  62. I don’t think Pele was the ultimate hero for our generation, he is the ultimate hero of every generation of Brazilians.
  63. Difficulty is when you go to a place where the people don’t like you, they put a burden on you like what happened to me in Olympiakos.
  64. I’ve always seen football as a game. You lose or win.
  65. In Japan, football has grown but it doesn’t mean that baseball has regressed. Baseball also has grown with football.
  66. My only dream was to wear the number ten shirt of Flamengo. Since then I have just taken things as they have come to me.
  67. An athlete needs to maintain a proper diet.
  68. In football, everything is possible.
  69. For me, the 1982 Brazil squad was the best, although we could not win the World Cup.
  70. In Japan, when I went there, there was no professionalism at all. But the biggest advantage was that everyone was united and wanted to progress from amateur football to professional.
  71. Profit and fame will not develop Indian football. Professionals, technique development, legacy specialists, and experts in football business, will develop India as football country.
  72. You need to always try to find new challenges.
  73. During practice sessions I try and bring every inch of my experience to show the players what to expect, what can happen, what to avoid so that the team can focus on what they have learnt during training sessions.
  74. Pele has all the qualities and characteristic that a football player has to have.
  75. Legacy is an issue, in my opinion. People in the ISL seemed very much more worried about winning, than in creating a legacy.
  76. Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are two players that, the way I see it, can have a spot amongst the best of all time.
  77. Being a soccer coach is just like being a general who has the responsibility of guiding his troops into battle. If a coach acts too emotionally on the bench, his players cannot focus on their game on the field.
  78. Everything Maradona did, he did with a guy hanging on his neck during 90 minutes.
  79. In my days, players were only thinking about publicity during holiday and on rest days.
  80. When I went to Japan, I was with Kashima Antlers. Very good results were produced with that team as I aimed to develop Japanese football.
  81. Sometimes you decide games, but you can’t decide a competition. So, Messi’s merit is not undone because he hasn’t won a World Cup.
  82. My philosophy is always to play for a win.
  83. Rivaldo was fundamental for me accepting the challenge in Bunyodkor.
  84. Neymar and Balotelli have the same problem. They spend too much time on their activities off the pitch.
  85. Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi never ever stop playing for the team. If I were young today, they are players on which I would mirror myself. Players of this level, play for the team. Players that are the best because they prepared themselves to bet You don’t see these players going out, on social media, skipping training to be in parties.
  86. It’s hard for me to get to grips with how much players have changed since I retired. There are too many annoying habits; the kids are getting rich earlier and earlier, which brings a weird sense of entitlement.
  87. My father taught me to love Flamengo, which has always been my second home.
  88. Every great player is more outstanding in the victory, but has more pressure in defeats.
  89. In my career I always tried to improve to become one of the great players, because I felt I had received a gift from God and I had to make good use of it, to become worthy of having received this talent.
  90. I wish I could help in a more substantial way, the football in India in a more global, national way.
  91. I respect the rules of the game.
  92. Everything you can imagine from a player, Pele has done it.
  93. Losing a game at home is never good.
  94. Brazilian boys as young as 14 and 15 are now based in Europe. They spend their best years in Europe and come back to Brazil when they are past their prime. This has destroyed local clubs and championships.
  95. When I was a kid, my big hero was the number 10 of Flamengo and not the number 10 of Santos. His name was Dida. We didn’t have much knowledge about the championship in Sao Paolo or in the south of Brazil. We just knew about the championship in Rio because I am from there. But Pele played for the national team and was a hero.
  96. Football is a collective sport and many times it doesn’t depend on you playing well. It depends if the team is playing well.
  97. The ISL brought together many football cultures such as Italians, Dutch, French, English and Spanish. There were no Brazilians! I brought something from Brazil, a team of professionals that changed something.
  98. Tactically, technically, physically, mentally he was the best. A lot of things that I learnt was from Pele’s sticker albums: how to head, how to shoot the ball. It was like a step-by-step guide. I learnt from Pele as a kid.
  99. I remember winning the Asian Cup in 2004 in China, coming through so much adversity including a final against the hosts. We won 3-1 and it was a wonderful competition, which we won by playing great football.
  100. Arsene Wenger’s mentality has been to bring together footballers who bring happiness in our sport, the type of players I like to watch. I’ve followed him since he was in Japan, and he always was a guardian of the art of football – football with happiness and football played well.

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